Sunday 13 September 2009

News headline MALAYSIA.

Here are some Newspaper headlines revisited for the past one week. It does say a lot of what is wrong with our country:

Mirzan says San Miguel stake is just business
All the president's men: Samy Vellu shows who's boss at MIC elections
Money politics did me in: Subra
Now Kg Tanjung Tokong residents face eviction
85,000 hit by water shortage in Labuan
Warga Bangladesh maut dihempap karung beras
Hisham explains his role in the affair
New film guidelines soon
NGOs: Cops insensitive to plight of Penan rape victims
Selcat inquiry: ADO took 1 minute to approve mountain of applications
Najib: Umno is an islamic party
Coroner to deliver finding in Sujatha inquest on Sept 29
PKFZ: TI urges govt to act without fear or favour
Pos Malaysia to probe undelivered MB's cards
THE TEOH BENG HOCK INQUEST: ‘Mystery witness’ interrupts
‘Cow head’ protesters charged

It makes me wonder what the future will hold for us. Those whom the Gods would destroy he first makes mad....has he decided to destroy our country?

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  1. ... sad, sad story ....what a shame to be a malaysian!!!