Sunday 20 September 2009

One reason why I blog..,,

I can tell you my story.

The disgust probably peaked right before PRU 12 when I decided to do something.

I am close to 40 years old before PRU 12 but have never voted before. Was not even registered. But I stumbled upon Malaysia Today and the Khairy Chronicles and what I read made my blood boil.

I promptly got myself registered and 'forced' my wife also to register.

Our voting district was in Klang and Kota Alam Shah.

All this while I was a 'passive' reader, just reading the blogs and political sites without commenting much, much less do something active.

On voting day, drove my wife there and our state seat was Manoharan punya, the DAP fella who stood even as he was detained under ISA.

So happen, we met his wife and spent a quick 1-minute talking to her.

After that incident, I am more active, and I am doing the following now: -

1) Got myself registered with PKR, DAP doesn’t need me, another chink. :)

2) Donate to all the by-election campaign funds!

3) Participate in as much blogs as possible.

4) Participate in as much offline events as possible, the type don’t have to show 'face'. I.e. those wear black days for e.g.

I haven’t yet taken the final step i.e. to show 'face' at the candlelight vigils, the protests etc etc etc.

That I think is the final step.

But Hussein, to answer your point, it takes time.

The very fact that 49% of the population still votes BeeEnd in PRU 12 despite all the shit they have done while in govt shows u the size of our task at hand.

But one thing I can safely say, without sites like Malaysia Today or blogs like yourself, I can confirm to you my wife and me, both of us will still be unregistered voters today.

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