Tuesday 29 September 2009

The GENERAL...Bentong!

Anybody got pictures of the "General" from Bentong?...if possible with him riding his staff car (bicycle) with flag fluttering in the breeze...and of course his sunglasses....if possible standing outside his headquarters by the Bentong Kuantan trunk road (at that time no Highway lah!)...I did remember that the General never stood at attention..always stood with legs apart - I would love to be able to post those pictures in steadyaku47. Please go look in your parents old photos and see if you can find a few...if there is one with him and Sultan Abu Bakar that would be fantastic!  


  1. I'm from Bentong and when I read about the general - old memories just come to my mind. I was still in primary school then. If I happen to meet with the general's relatives, I'll ask them if they have the picture of him. Pray to God. Salam

  2. Well, it will be a difficult task because in those day we were young and not everyone afford to own a camera....Anyhow wlll ask around.

    If HH cares to pay a visit back to Bentong to meet old friends, definately you could find some interesting old photos.

  3. Hard to visit Bentong as I now live in adelaide...if I go back to KL now - the Special branch people might not let me return to Adelaide!

  4. We know of him. I remember some officers taking pictures whilst we were in active operations there. We also had an analogy that if an officer did not make tactical sense in an arguement -"Don't be like General Bentong".

  5. Perhaps Mr Ted C Miles, formerly of Bentong Methodist English School can be of help...question is how to locate him now. His last post was the Principal of Cyma College, if I am not wrong.

    I am from Bentong too but have been living in KL since 1967 and the name of my father's shop was Peng Fong Store. I used to attend to this 'General' whenever he cycled to my dad's shop just to browse through the magazines.