Thursday 24 September 2009

cakap cakap.....

Just received this comment - thought I should share:

"I always wonder why BN rules the country the way it does, aimless, reckless, morally deficient and without real intelligences. It is absolutely true and worth repeating "Power corrupts,absolute power corrupts absolutely".

It is also true as the Chinese saying goes, after 3 generations a business can come undone. The grandfather started the business, the father prosper it and finally the son ruins it.Tunku,Tan Cheng Lock,Sambanthan and gang had genuine and sincere motives for the country. Razak,Ismail,Tan Siew Sin, Hussien Onn steadied and improved the ship.In came Dr.M, Samy and a slew of MCA towkays to slow but surely ruin the nation". 

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