Wednesday 23 September 2009

The audacity of hope...a comment.

I have never received these numbers of e-mails, comments or reactions for anything that I have written before. “The audacity of hope” was written early this morning and it was done in one sitting. The thought entered my mind and it was easy for me to put it on paper. When I started getting all these reactions from you all – my friends – I went back to the article a few minutes ago and read it again. Was it me who wrote that article – I asked myself? I read it again and could still not convince me that it was me….but then there was no one else but me around. Sorry friends I just wanted to share my happiness at having you all read what I write – and enjoying it. I really get a kick out of it. Merdeka!    


  1. looks like u were possessed ... by good spirits. keep the steam roller going! we are getting addicted ... sort of. :)

  2. Thank You for your good posting. Enjoyed reading them.

  3. Your articles are a joy to read. I make sure I go to your blog several times daily to check for new postings.

  4. HH,

    Told you so. Your article appeared in Din Merican, MT, Malaysiakini and many others.

    You never know your potentiality until you tap to its fullest.

    May I suggest you re-arrange your blogsite features to make it more reader-friendly and pleasing. Infomercials and advertisers will start knocking at your door!


  5. Can someone please tell me how I can arrange my site to be more user friendly? Would appreciate any help on this. Tqs.

  6. Sir, keep it up . good writing. Enjoyed your "the audacity of hope". I want more!.

    I always wonder why BN rules the country the way it does, aimless, reckless, morally deficient and without real intelligences.

    It is absolutely true and worth repeating "Power corrupts,absolute power corrupts absolutely".

    It is also true as the Chinese saying goes ,after 3 generations a business can come undone. The grandfather started the business ,the father prosper it and finally the son ruins it.Tunku,Tan Cheng Lock,Sambanthan and gang had genuine and sincere motives for the country. Razak,Ismail,Tan Siew Sin ,Hussien Onn steadied and improved the ship.In came Dr.M, Samy and a slew of MCA towkays to slow but surely ruining the nation.

    Malaysia achieved many firsts but meaningless firsts. It is more style then substance.

  7. Hi...good enough to share with everybody! So posted it on the front page...tqs.