Wednesday 23 September 2009

cakap cakap....."Ain't he ugly?"

 I first became aware of George Bush ability to make an ass of himself from watching David Letterman. Each week he would have a segment on his show titled “Great Moments  in Presidential Speeches”  where he would highlight Bush’s ability to make an ass of himself. I have read about Bush in the media but when you are confronted with a visual – then you start asking yourself how the people of the US of A could elect someone like Bush to be their President.
And then I got that ‘oh oh’ moment! We elected UMNO to govern us for the last twelve elections! Well eleven actually…the last one reminded me of that fight where Sugar Ray Leonard was so fed up with Roberto Duran’s constant claim of having “Fist of Stone” that he beat Roberto Duran into submission and Duran pleaded “No mas, no mas” (No more no more!) – well we did not really pleaded with UMNO – we just voted them out of four state! Just like that – kicked them out lock stock and barrel! (ok lah they took back Perak…only temporary ma!) Since that last election we have been going after UMNO and Barisan just like the then Cassius Clay went after Sonny Liston – the big bad bear!
Remember Clay stalking Sonny Liston wherever he went…and Sonny Liston was widely regarded as being invincible. Remember what Clay said?
“Ain’t he ugly? He is too ugly to be the world’s champ”….and the classic “I’m too fast! I’m the King! I am so fast that when I switch off the lights to go to bed, I get into the bed before the light goes out”.
Okay guys I am not comparing myself to The Greatest! Not even now!...but ain’t UMNO ugly? I can just picture Najib and his cohorts trying to figure out what to do to get people to vote for them in Bagan Pinang, in any other by elections – and in the mother of all elections – THE GENERAL ELECTION – coming to a state near you in a few years time!
They can brain storm all they like but they will never be able to work out a solution – not now, not tomorrow not ever. How can they if it means that they have to stop their lying, their cheating and their taking? Cannot lah…so they brain storm again to find another way of staying in power without the lying, the cheating and the taking! How can they not see the elephant in their living room? ….but UMNO can…. Ajaib tapi benar (strange but true). 

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