Tuesday 22 September 2009

cakap cakap....stupid idiot !!

UMNO is not as bad as people make them out to be. They are much worse. Consider the latest Hishamuddin threat “If there are people out there who are a threat to security, I will fill Kamunting to the brim,” …has he any idea what that will do to UMNO as of today? You all know that a new car loses 25% of its value as soon as it is driven out of the showroom? Well UMNO lost a hell of a lot of votes…no no…Pakatan Rakyat got a lot of votes…as soon as those words came out of his mouth. What stupid idiot would say something like that?

Does he think he is flexing his muscles as a Minister of Home Affairs? Does he think that all those potential ISA detainees are going to be scared shitless by this threat to fill Kamunting to the brim? This guy would not be out of place as Idi Amin machai or the head of Papa Doc Ton Ton Mocoutes….if ever I go for a brain transplant I would like to have his brain. It is not because he is a genius  - I just want a brain that has never been used! 


  1. Mostly children produced by great parents will also be as great.

    But this person is truly an exception because he is very very far from great.

    Because he looks cruel, acts stupid and talks idiotically, implying that if any Malaysians who are a threat to UMNO will be sent to Kamunting.

    Sorry, I have to change your title of "cakap cakap.... stupid idiot!!" to "benar benar .... stupid idiot!!"

  2. He is really stupid to have passed that remarks. Voters in JB should take note of this silly minister who thinks with his arse.

    Ppl please vote him out in the next GE.

  3. This guy worked in the law firm Lee Hishamuddin before.

    I wonder if his current racist and extremist tendencies was apparent when he was a young kiddo then.


  4. This is a problem with Umnoputras and ketuanan melayu, they think they own the country and nation owe them.

    Kepala lembu is ok if there is Kepala Babi. 2 wrong doesn't make it right and we have this idiot to be our home minister. Is there no smarter malay in UmNO to run the home ministry?

    Or probably we need to check his DNA for abnormal.

  5. I think this guy was adopted. He can't have the genes of Husein Onn unless as HH said, it has skipped a generation or two.

    He should charge me under the Official Secret Act for making known he is a MORON.

  6. Aisehman ...why you say that he is adopted?...would anybody want to adopt him? Tell me ? Who would want to adopt him???

  7. not sure who's more entertaining ... shit hamid or kerisMOOdin ... both are good at dispensing stupidity ... real cartoon!

  8. No lah, definitely not adopted, otherwise his adoptive parents would have left him at the closest tip! Aiyah, what to do, as the Chinese say, every family has a "prayer/mantra that is difficult to chant" (akin to every family has a skeleton in the closet). Hishamuddin might well be this mantra...

  9. He always uses his arse to speak and think. We can't blame him for his flaws. Sometimes his arse gets smarter than his brain.

  10. For a long while I dont see anymore in miracles the way it happened in those ancient days but not until I witnessed all the great leaders in the current regime and one of the miracles is that-.

    Even a cow can hit the ceiling-

  11. Zewt...I have been meaning to drop you a line ever since one of my friends told me to visit your site. I did and you know what blew me away?...I only knew that you are NOT a Malay towards the end of your first page!!! Man I mesti tabek you lah! Better Bahasa then me, better grammer...better everything in Bahasa. Let us hope that at least I am better looking then you...if not how to tahan! Regards.


  12. ...sori, 'than' is NOT = 'then' ...ok ?