Sunday 20 September 2009

Cakap cakap.....Bagan Pinang

All this talk about people wanting UMNO out. That the majority of Malays wants UMNO out. The Chinese have had enough of MCA and that the MCA no longer speaks for the majority of the Chinese. For the Indians MIC is no longer relevant. Is that all it is? Just talk?  Right now I feel myself very involved with this because of my blog. I write about it, I read what I can about it and and I am constantly ‘talking’ to others on the net about this. Today I ask myself to take five. On average about 1000 people visit my blog a day. Let us say that on average each one of them talk about what they read on steadyaku47 to another – a friend, wife, husband or family member. That makes 2000 that knows of what I write. Be generous to me and add another 50%  - that makes a total or 3000.  That is the number of shoppers that Suria KLCC gets in 15 minutes. 3000 is nothing.

Malaysia Today gets over a million hits a day. So between me and Malaysia Today are we doing our bit about making right what we perceive to be wrong in our country?  Or is all this just bluster and no substance. That people come on to our site – read and after a few minutes are on their way to another site – seeking something else to read. Do what we write, what we say lingers in their minds long enough to make a difference to whether UMNO/Barisan will continue to be with us after the next GE – or are we deluding ourselves that we do make some dent in the scheme of things?

I am beginning to have my doubts. I know that if 1000 people read my blog they do so without its contents affecting them much – not enough to write a few lines of comments. When my articles are posted on steadyaku47 invariably I will probably get between 5 to 10 comments - but on Lim Kit Siang site the same posting can get as many as 30 hits. Of course it is because many many more read LKS’s blog. So where is the relevance of steadyaku47?

But consider this. Even on Malaysia today where there are over a million hits a day – when my articles are posted there at most I will get about 20 comments.

What does that say about our readers – about our people? That they will read and listen to what we have to say – but they are not prepared to act. If they agree with what we say what will they do to help us do our work? I think nothing!  A short discussion with the average Malaysian will confirm this trait of ‘doing nothing”. This will not do if we are to effect change at the next General Election. So what do we need to do to make them realize that doing nothing will give UMNO life again and will kill Pakatan Rakyat. I really cannot  say.

Najib knows that he can make the people forget about virtually anything negative about UMNO – given time. This is one of our weaknesses. Our people forget with time. If UMNO spins enough stories and time their campaigns to peak during election time – Pakatan Rakyat will lose. We need our people to be more proactive. Show your displeasure. Your discontent. Your disgust. Your contempt to what they do to us. They do enough to deserve our disgust and contempt – but because the majority of us keep silent they will continue to do so. We must have the critical mass to flow from now towards the next election and the flow must be with Pakatan Rakyat.

This Bagan Pinang by-election – how many of you would be prepared to do something about it. Do not ask what you can do. Think of something and just go and do it to make that difference to Pakatan Rakyat winning. God knows they need our help there. Go do something. They need money to help out with the costs of running a good campaign. They need volunteers to run the campaign – every little thing helps. Go and help - then when Pakatan Rakyat wins we will know that it is OUR victory.


  1. Dear Haris,
    For me, I don't write comment coz I have quite made up my mind already. I forward the address of your blog to others, coz the content is thought provoking. So don't get disheartened, K? Not all of us can write as well as some of you on the blog. Thanks.

  2. I can tell you my story.

    The disgust probably peaked right before PRU 12 when I decided to do something.

    I am close to 40 years old before PRU 12 but have never voted before. Was not even registered. But I stumbled upon MalaysiaToday and the Khairy Chronicles and what I read made my blood boil.

    I promptly got myself registered and 'forced' my wife also to reigster.

    Our voting district was in Klang and Kota Alam Shah.

    All this while I was a 'passive' reader, just reading the blogs and poltiical sites without commenting much, much less do something active.

    On voting day, drove my wife there and our state seat was Manoharan punya, the DAP fella who stood even as he was detained under ISA.

    So happen, we met his wife and spent a quick 1 minute talking to her.

    After that incident, i am more active, and i am doinig teh following now :-

    1) Got myself registered with PKR, DAP doesnt need me, another chink. :)

    2) Donate to all the byelection campaign funds!

    3) Participate in as much blogs as possible.

    4) Particpate in as much offline events as possible, the type dont have to show 'face'. Ie those wear black days for eg.

    I havent yet taken the final step ie to show 'face' at the candlelight vigils, the protests etc etc etc.

    That I think is the final step.

    But Hussein, to answer your point, it takes time.

    The very fact that 49% of the population still votes BeeEnd in PRU 12 despite all the shit they have done while in govt shows u the size of our task at hand.

    But one thing I can safely say, without sites like MalaysiaToday or blogs like yourself, I can confirm to you me and my wife, both of us will still be unregistered voters today.

  3. Dear harris,

    Happy to tell you that i, people like me, might be not as active as others in giving comments, but, fyi, we, me personally, really inspired by peoples like you, rpk, or other bloggers.

    I am in my middle 30's at age now, but, i was disgusted by bn even in my school time, to the extend, i did told my schoolmates, one of my best friend, that my ambition at that time is to pull out sarawak from Malaysia Federation.

    As for us sarawakian, i think you know what really make us disgusted.

    And, interesting enough to tell you, i guess, that i was study in kuantan sometime beetween 1980s to early 90s, in one and only science school at kuantan.

    But then, seeing what was happened, before and after the pru12, i am really still in doubtfull about sarawak myself. PKR really need to put an extra ordinary effort to win Sarawak, for the bn in sarawak really know how to 'tying up' the voters hand especially, the rural peoples

  4. u throw a pebble into a mirror lake & then u watch how far the ripples travel ... u can never figure out how much or how little ur efforts are going to impact ppl's lives. have faith & believe in watever u r doing. i never thought dat it was possible to change the BN gomen until GE12 & until i read wat happen to tis cute bald guy with the initial RPK. i know i can never do wat he & other righteous Msians are doing but watever little effort dat each of us, who were touched by their sacrifices, will eventually adds up. fighting against injustice in watever way is not an option, it's a calling that u can refuse.

  5. Hi HH,

    Only 20 comments does not mean 20 responded. There are probably thousands if not hundred thousands are reading and keeping inform. Some like to comment (the hardcore ones) others may want to remain silent.
    I for one remain silent most times. But I am doing the minimal I can like getting the youngs to register com 21years old and making them aware of the corruptions - past, present and the future - committed by the present BN/UMNO govt. Making them more aware and not afraid to cast their votes to the right parties or their future will not be as easy as ours. We had abundance of resources which could sustain last 22 years of corruptions. But the plundering cannot go on forever like there's no bottom. The evilness of UMNO has reared its ugly head but the ugliest has yet to come. Many signs are pointing in that direction. History lessons are one we cannot ignore. The future generations should go through the absolute sufferings and oppressions under tyrant rule before they demand change.

    Cheers! Keep up the good writing. We need a lot more people like you who could express so well in writing. In this era information flow is a must. Internet has been the most powerful tool thus far.