Wednesday 23 September 2009

The audacity of hope!

Hope is not all that we have. We have Anwar. We have Karpal, Kit Siang. Guan Eng, Tok Guru….we have many that will be with us in our fight against the people that continue to destroy the very foundations of our country through their greed, their inability to put country before self and in their quest to stay in power. Make no mistakes this is a war. It is the Rakyat that will fight this war. It is the Rakyat that will be in the front line. Pakatan Rakyat will be with us.
Many will have themselves physically bashed and hammered by the authorities in demonstrations and confrontations with the powers that be. Many will be unfairly prosecuted by courts staffed by a Judiciary with a CJ that takes instructions form his political masters. Many will have their livelihood taken from them and their many years of hard work and sacrifice gone because they chose to be with us and many will find the going impossible. Some will be incarcerated under the ISA. Some will die. ….
The days of pretending that UMNO will allow the democratic process to run its course is over. After many many months of waiting what has Najib to say to those parents whose children have died while in PDRM’s custody – and to Kugan and Teoh Beng Hock’s parents as to why their children died like animals?
Why do Malaysian continue to be beaten senseless by the authorities – not for criminal acts but for their beliefs. We are waiting for the time when the Army will be called upon to unleash their weapons when the PDRM are done with their excesses. Like they have done in the May 13 of 1969…and please do not say that they did so in order to go after the Chinese and the Indians. On 19th November 1985 the then Home Minister, Musa Hitam sent in 200 Policemen into a Malay kampong in Memali near Baling Kedah – killing 14 Malay villages and arresting thirty-six under the ISA. UMNO does not tolerate anybody that stands in their way. Race is not a consideration.
In the past there has always been more then enough in the war chest for UMNO to fight their wars at elections and by-elections and still keep enough for their own greed. Now times are not so good. They have to make a choice – take for themselves or spend for UMNO? Remember the choice – take for themselves or spend for UMNO – never the country. Even if a war chest is to be found their goals are unclear. There is little clarity in what they want to do, what they have to do and what they should do. Do they want to win the battle at Bagan Pinang and stop the relentless momentum of Pakatan Rakyat or is taking the high moral ground now the thing to do so that hopefully that could win them the war in the long run? Is the war winnable for UMNO?
The real question is whether the war against its own Rakyat, against Pakatan Rakyat can be won with money alone? I can tell them that the answer is “NO!” But for UMNO facing the truth is impossible because they lack the ability to think through any given situation without political opportunism being uppermost in their mind. The factions within UMNO are circling each other like sharks in a feeding frenzy....only  this time they will be feeding upon each other.
The appalling corrupt practices of our Barisan leaders are no longer a state secret. That Mahathir, Pak Lah and Najib presided over one of the most corrupt government in Asia is a fait accompali – recognized and acknowledged by its own leaders who no longer hesitatingly raise their hands to say “we are guilt” like school kids caught with their hands in the cookie jars – but do proclaim to all that would listen to them “WE ARE GULTY OF MONEY POLITICS”….and yet they still rule over us?
Are we too forgiving a nation? Have not the Barisan Government failed those who trusted them and those who are vulnerable to their excesses? Disgracefully the Judiciary and almost all the instruments of state are not there to protect its own people.
So what should we do now? Every check and balance procedure to maintain a level playing field are stacked against us, against Pakatan Rakyat. The election commission is stacked against Pakatan Rakyat. All meaningful access to the national media is denied. Barisan turns a blind eye to PKFZ, to Bakun to anything they chose to turn a blind eye to…and where they cannot turn a blind eye they close one eye and shut the other! The odds are greatly against us.
And yet there is hope! Until the last election it looked impossible that Pakatan Rakayat would ever gain a foothold in Malaysia Politics. That the rule of law, good governance and the welfare of its people would take precedence over the rape and pillage of our country. But suddenly the impossible happened. Not only did it take a foothold but over 50% of the people voted for Pakatan Rakyat. This is not an acknowledgement that Pakatan Rakyat had something to offer the people of Malaysia – but a resounding announcement by the people to Barisan Nasional that its days of greed, deceit and unbridled arrogance in thinking that our country is theirs to do as they like - is over.
Now UMNO grows nervous. They hide behind bombastic threats: “If there are people out there who are a threat to security, I will fill Kamunting to the brim,” Behind irrelevant slogans “1Malaysia” and behind vague promises of “Ketuanan Melayu” in ther relentless attempts to divide and rule the Rakyat.
I know this. We must fight the good fight. Each and every day we must erode whatever support whatever strength Barisan might still have. A loss at Bagan Pinang will begin the collapse in their confidence -  leaving us, leaving Pakatan Rakyat more of a chance of victory in all the fights to come. They might cling to power but it is just conceivable that with victory in Bagan Pinang we will surge towards the next GE and leave Barisan and UMNO shattered. 
The Rakyat deserves the truth. Our country is on the brink of a brand new beginning. A black hole of greed, corruption and self-interest or the promise of Pakatan Rakyat who would be our brave architects for our better future. We the Rakyat should go to war now, battle with these unworthy opponents from Barisan for we would not want to settle for anything less that what is possible with Pakatan Rakyat.


  1. Bro. HH,

    A good write up. We expect more of this to freshen and remind the rakyat.

    Lets not just hope but strive to achieve it!

  2. Spot on!
    YES, WE CAN!
    It's a clear sign UMNO is collapsing bcos UMNO has no credible leaders to lead! The RAHMAN theory is being fulfilled!

  3. I hope ur right and PAS pulls off the mother of all upsets at Bagan Pinang but still even if UMNO wins, I will also b happy with a drastically reduced majority at Bagan Pinang, say nothing more than 500 votes.

    Sometimes I dont understand UMNO, why do they NOT want to change? I mean, really change, if they want to remain in power?

    Is it so soooooo difficult to abolish the ISA once and for all?

    Is it so difficult to sack Musa Hassan publicy?

    Is it so difficult to promote good judges and once and for all, leave the Judiciary to decide on its own, lose the cases u'r supposed to lose !

    is it so difficult to suspend immediately all the officers in MACC Selangor?

    Is it really asking too much , the above? Are what we are really asking above too much?? In what way does the above affect them and their ketuanan Melayu ?????

    Imagine the groundswell of goodwill UMNO will get if they just do the above!

    Instead, they turn and go the opposite, its like the more we demand, the more they go into the opposite.


  4. Wow!, like the 'Crocodile Dundee' movie, your blogsite will be getting more and more popular.

    Even MT is publishing your articles more and more regularly.

    Keep on rolling and sock it to us, brother!

  5. Dear Sir,
    We may have DSAI, Tok Guru, ZI, LKS, LGE, Khalid Samad, and many more people of reason and rationale but at the end of the day, it is our Malay brothers and sisters that can save our nation.
    It is the Malays in civil service, the pdrm, the army that must awaken to realize that the excesses of umnoputraism must stop before our nation becomes another zimbabwe. All must awaken to justice, truth and fairness.
    And even when we manage to overcome the umnoputraism and set our nation on its right course, we will have to contend with the excesses of a consitutionalized religion before our nation is truly free.
    To iterate, it is our Malay brothers and sisters that can save our nation when they stop the hijack of their identity by opportunists who will enslave them under race and religion.

  6. We have all good people on one side all right, yet powerless if each on their own. PR must act as one if they want to take on BN. And that includes supporters as well. PR must focus all energy to fight BN and not fighting each other...

  7. Thank you for the great article.
    Do keep on writing.

    Thank you.

  8. Such a good and motivating read, Sir. I have bookmarked your site and you might be one of my Friday Guest Blogger. Cheers Sir for such refreshing and impactful insights.

  9. UMNO has the likes of Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, RTM, TV3, etc to spread their propaganda. We need more of this kind of articles in Bahasa Malaysia to wake up the Malays who are still supporting UMNO.

  10. Bro,
    Please translate what you have written into Bahasa Malaysia for the benefit of those who cannot read or understand it in english. By doing so, you will also be enlightening those who are still in the dark as to the goings on in our government of the day. Thanks for telling the truth and keep up the good work.

  11. HH, this type of fantastic, powerful, gripping writing stirs the passion not only of hope but also the passion for justice and peace. Please keep up this kind of fiery messages of hope and awakening for the Rakyat; the starting of a new Malaysia for all under the sun!
    PR must stop their 'excesses' of extremes and of open public feuds among themselves; but be united and ready to unseat the unworthy UMNO rulers from destroying the Malaysia we all love. This flame of awakening must be passed on to the right-minded public servants in the civil services: all Govt servants including the police, the army, the courts and the judiciary and all the other government agencies of MACC, religious department,etc.. All must join hands to fight this war against the corridor of power of UMNO and BN! When ALL of us begin to unit in on accord, only then can the Rakyat win this war!

  12. The battle cry is loud and clear. Good!
    The purpose of this change of government is even clearer.
    Ok let's do it and do it the soonest possible.

    And never forget that with 52 years BN in power it has now reached a level of absolute power concentrated in the hands of just a few plus a lineage of grandfather, father and now the son. Remember also John Acton expression; Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. All can see that corruption in our country has gone out of control. It is really absolute corruption.

    The absolute power achieved by BN is due to the many sinister manipulations of the laws. Because of the two-third majority in Parliament up to March 2008 the grip on the absolute power was too strong for any good governance to be dispensed in helping the rakyat. The painful grip of absolute power was made more painful by UMNO's lackeys, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP etc.

    We do not need them to further damage our country any longer. So let us come together to vote PR to power for a better future for all.

  13. Good write up....Encik Hussein! Keep it up!!!
    Wishing you & family: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin...!! May Allah bless you & Family.......!!

  14. Have this nibbling tinker in my head - why dont PR simply hijack 1Malaysia and claim tactical ownership via clever sloganeering maneuvering. And see how they would react - my guess is it will be the way Petronas has to revised their corporate logo because some jackass mp complained the circle resembled apolitical party.

  15. Go and ask any rich kids, after having more than 50years of good life, sucking the nation wealth, who want to give up.

    Especially KHIR TOYO, migrant know how to suck the nation.

  16. Hello, to all responders & bloggers, pls spread the words around that this Steadyaku47 is another blogger to watch and must read fella,

    So little respond not enough la...

    Dear Sir,

    Malaysian need read your write up out loud....then we can sink BN in style

  17. Setuju!!! We need the middle class malay to save our beloved country. This will be the main thrust to remove Umnoputras, the kelapa Lembu, kepala babi type and build a loving prosperous Nation for all races, youth and old, rich and poor and all religion as dreamt by our founders.

  18. I have never voted for BN all my life. And come the next GE, I will vote for the Opposition no matter what.