Saturday 19 September 2009

cakap cakap....

I find it hard to come to terms with people who find cause to celebrate the death of another human being. Whether that human being is a terrorist who was killed in an attack they made on an ‘infidel’ outpost, a soldier fighting in wars in places far from me, a tyrant that has been assassinated or a killer executed by lethal injection. Any death deliberate or accidental is to me a cause for sorrow. Of course the oft-repeated rejoinder that ask you “What if the one killed is your love one – do you not want the killer to pay for what he has done? An eye for an eye?” I cannot answer that with any clarity because these are things that normally happened to other people – at least you hope that it would.
But this I know. Death is final. Once you kill or execute someone you cannot undo it. Take Saddam Hussein. I watched as they took him up the stairs to his execution. He did not flinch. He was resolute in meeting his end. Now we know that America invaded Iraq under false pretense. Now what of Saddam? There are many that will say he deserve to die for the excesses of his regime. If you believe in God then why not let God punish him – in this life or the afterlife? You are doing the work of God when you take a life and surely there is no one on this earth that is qualified to that? Not the USA, not any State.
There will be endless debate on this and I do not want to add or be a part of it. All I know is this – when I see a man who is facing certain death under whatever circumstances  - I know that I would never wish anyone to be under those circumstances. Go to the Internet and you will see images of these people as they wait out those last few minutes of their life. Every time I see these people I still cannot comprehend the need for us to kill our own. Animals do it. So I guess in the final analysis we are no better then them. 

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  1. The debate is endless i agree.

    But I differ with you on this, sorry.

    For me, once you have taken the life of another human whether directly or indirectly involved, to me, its fully justified and fair that you open up yourself to the possibility that your life can also be taken forcibly from you.

    I am 110% a death penalty proponent.