Friday 25 September 2009

pinsysu has left a new comment on your post "Cakap cakap.....Bagan Pinang":

u throw a pebble into a mirror lake and then u watch how far the ripples travel ... u can never figure out how much or how little ur efforts are going to impact ppl's lives. have faith and  believe in watever u r doing. i never thought dat it was possible to change the BN gomen until GE12 and until i read wat happen to tis cute bald guy with the initial RPK. i know i can never do wat he and other righteous Msians are doing but watever little effort dat each of us, who were touched by their sacrifices, will eventually adds up. fighting against injustice in watever way is not an option, it's a calling that u cannot refuse.

steadyaku47 comment: ....i don't know about RPK being cute but if you say so ok lah!

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