Tuesday 29 September 2009

cakap cakap....Kuala Lipis

There are two memories of my time in Kuala Lipis (in the early 60’s) that will not leave me ever! No it is not of the Rakit people – and only those who are familiar with Lipis will know what I mean…that will be another story to be talked over coffee with old friends. Now back to my memories…the first one has to do with the only theatre in town – PARADISE – ahhh what a name. If I remembered correctly it was an afternoon show and the film was “Five Branded Women”. Me and my friends were seated and waiting for the film to start…when the manager…well he was almost the manager – actually I think he was the manager cum usher…well he came over to us and informed us that as we were the only five people in the theatre they would have to cancel the afternoon matinee…not enough customers! What do you do? To laugh or to get upset? I cannot really remember what we did in lieu of the film show…possibly took a walk down to the Rakit.

We were staying in one of those colonial bunglows on top on the hill behind the rest house. I remember that there were what resembled a small jungle in which our house was located. The gardener of the house next door – where a bunch of Americans with the Peace Corps lived – one day discovered the tracks of a tiger beside the road to our house. A lot of excitement. A lot of noise from the Indian Gardener. We all gathered at where the Tiger print was….no I was not scared…I was terrified. Did not ever leave the house unless I was in a car for at least three days! Then life got back to normal.

What else do I remember about Lipis? Nothing really. But it is good when you meet another guy who have lived there…who can say…Lipih…or something that sounds like that…then you have a bond straight away. Who cares if you have been to KL, or if you are from KL or you live in KL? Everybody comes from KL….but Kuala Lipis….same as Hutan Melintang, Batang Berjuntai, Yong Peng….we are different…though I suspect that outsiders do view us with just a little bit of pity and indulge us while we bask in the warmth of having stayed in ‘Lipih’.


  1. I grew up in Lipis.

    When I was in primary school, there was a Malay gentleman who occasionally rode a horse to town past the post office. I was fascinated and used to wait for this across at the watch shop, Kwan Cheong.

    Tiger tracks? There were one or two occasions when we had news that a tiger had been sighted (by whom, only God knew) and we were prohibited from straying too far away from home.

    I used to catch tadpoles in the drain that ran across the golf course.

  2. ooo bayi...did you know Balwant Singh who use to work at the Post Office - that handsome guy?..that was around my time then.

  3. I was born in Lipis....only visited the place much later.

    My grandparents used to run a hardware shop next to the bicycle shop in Benta which also long gone after the 'bandar baru'.

    Recently, went 'home' for my grandmother's funeral.

  4. Bro,

    When was the last time you went to Lipih? When my father was based in Kuantan in late 60's upto mid 70's he use to go round the various districts....Temerloh, Bentong, Raub, K. Lipis and Jerantut. Did follow-him on a few ocassions.

    From Raub to Lipih, there is this place called Ulu Dong. That was where one of his friends, the late Datuk Mazlan was murdered. You know....the Mona Fandy case. I hope UMNO politicians now don't resort to bomohs anymore!

    Anyway, I last visited Lipis March, 2008, just after the GE. Nothing much has changed though. The resthouse, the railway station, Clifford school, the padang and the row of colonial days shophouses are still there.

  5. Hei Man,
    I love reading your blog. It's kind of interesting and when you talk about events happening in Lipih, it makes the bond grow stronger. Exactly, I am not from Lipih or Lepeh but have strong sentimental feelings for this wonderful town.
    Way back then,working for the force,we used to travel to Lepeh for 'operations' against the CT ( communist terrorist )supporters who hail from all the chinese villages around Lipih. It was fun with the rakit's main attraction in Lipih although we were too young to indulge in the activities that plagued the area.We were just bystanders who just like to see the fun going on the rakits.
    Talking about the CT's, I pity those chinese village occupants. They were innocent people who were forced to some how or rather to support the CT's otherwise they would be forced out of their rubber land at the jungle fringes. The CT's motto was like, 'You wanna tap rubber here, you guys got to support us by giving us what we need'.So, these poor villages would be sandwiched in between the govt and CT's. So, they support them CT's and get into trouble with the law. Sooner or later, these supporters would be identified and picked up by us for rehabilitation at the Kamunting camp, which now houses the opposition members who run against the AMENO guys. So this is why, people are up against the ISA.Kamunting should have been closed long time ago and it should because there are enough laws that can book anybody who kind of break the law. I am against Mahathir's thinking that ISA should be maintained. He's the father of Ops Lalang 1987. Thats enough to prove who Mahathir really is. Phew, I guess, its enough for today. Rockydeenwallah.

  6. Has anybody got any pictures of the General? ..please forward them to me if you do...then we can share our memories of him with the others...

  7. Rockydenwallah...if you were in the forces then you know that Lipeh was the administrative HQ of the Police at that was moved to Kuantan later...was it also for the Forces?

    Have not been to Lipeh for a long time...the nearest I got was Bentong....and who does not know of Ulu Dong...again we have UMNO politicians to thank for that!

  8. Some 30 years back, my favorite weekend past time was driving around the country roads in NS and Melaka. I remember stopping in Kuala Pilah once and was introduced to Durian Susu by one the the roadside durian seller. Is this variety of durian still around ?

  9. HH, I think I remember Balwant,

    You remember Fan Yew Teng used to frequent the Post Office to mengorat an Indian damsel there? Fan was a teacher then!

    Were you a Cliffordian? What a question! Of course, right? Which year?

  10. HH

    Would like to stay in touch with you if you think likewise. Email me at Thanks, bro.

  11. salam tuan,

    rindu lepih?

    masuk blog saya


  12. I am proud my primary school was Clifford school and my house was the railway quarters where my father was a station master. Paradise theatre was next to my home 1954 to 1962. I saw many movies there the best was The Lone Ranger.