Tuesday 29 September 2009


I make no apology for the following article but I would sincerely caution that the images of Kugan that follows are quite disturbing – disturbing maybe but we need to be reminded that this is a human being that we are talking about – and we need to see what has been done to one of our own by PDRM.

This was the headline in The Malaysian Insider today.

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 29 – The increase in death toll in the 20th Ops Sikap, which ended last Sunday, does not reflect the failure of the operation.
The police would prefer the grim figure be seen as a “wake-up call” to road users in the country.

My friend two words for the Traffic Police Chief. The first letter of the first word is F. He tells us that PDRM would prefer the grim figure be seen as a:
“wake-up call” !!!
Hey Chief what if we want PDRM to take the grim figure of people dying in PDRM’s custody as a “WAKE UP CALL too?” Look at this image. It is of KUGAN. Dead murdered by PDRM.

Look at his face. How he must have suffered! What would posses the Police to beat a man like an animal…no even animals are treated better! You must have made his last few days, his last few hours…his last few minutes on this earth to be one of much physical and mental pain…or is it true what they say that when your thresh hold of pain is arrived at…the mind switches off and your body waits for death? If that is so I am sure that Kugan must have switched off many times because of the injuries that he sustained not one of them would have been enough to cause instant death – instead he was taken onto a lingering and painful journey over a period of time…five days of suffering…always towards death. PDRM must have driven him insane with pain.

Torture in Police custody? Why? Do these torturers act without fear of prosecution because of the lack of judicial punishment and the shortcomings in our criminal justice system? Do corruption, official acquiescence and a lack of adequate human rights training for these mata mata means that torture is routine in our Police Station? The place where we go to seek protection and help in times of our trouble? Or does our government choose torture of its Rakyats as the most efficient means to control and to terrorize its own Rakyat into passivity and submission! Again let us look at Kugan here. Do not turn away my friends. If it hard for us to look as it was hard for me – just think what he had to go through in his last days on this earth – in that Petaling Jaya Police Station! So that we know that we are talking about a fellow human being here. Look and remember.

There is a clear link between discrimination and torture in PDRM.Those most at risk are the Indians – because they are the poorest and most marginalized of our Rakyats. They are our ethnic minority who face discrimination everywhere – especially so with PDRM. What are the effects of torture? Serious injury, emotional scars, destroyed mind, paralyses…and in Kugan’s case DEATH! Look again here and you will see that he is no more with us. He has left us, he has left his family and he has left this world, as we know it.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its Article 5, proclaims that "no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment"….no one understand. No one! Does it not matter to our government that all forms of inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment  - TOTURE – are absolutely and universally illegal? Not really - Malaysia is not one of the signatory to the UN General Assembly (Resolution 39/46)  Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT). This Convention, which entered into force on 26 June 1987, obliges States to make torture a crime and to prosecute and punish those guilty of it. It notes explicitly that neither higher orders nor exceptional circumstances can justify torture but in Malaysia we have government-sanctioned torture!

This Tan Sri of an AG classified Kugan’s case as murder but it has taken eight months until now – SEPTEMBER  - for PDRM to announce that the policemen involved in Kugan’s murder will be facing charges this week – how many policemen facing what charges is still to be announced. Let me put in my two cents worth. I have seen how the Police interrogate their suspects. There will be at least three to four policemen in the same room. They do not have the guts to make it a one on one situation. Cowards only find courage in large groups. They would all together have hammered Kugan into submission…into unconsciousness with their fists, kick his body and kick his head when he was down and lying on the floor. They would have used whatever weapons or batons or rubber hoses available to do the job. Then when Kugan lies on the floor unconsciousness the most sadistic of them (and there are many!) would continue hitting Kugan while the others go take a coffee break with some goreng pisang and curry puffs…maybe even nasi lemak if they are really hungry! How can they do this without any remorse for their victims of torture? They can do this because this is what they do with regularity – hitting and hammering suspect into submission is par for the course for these policemen.
So please do not charge just one policeman…we are not stupid idiots. The IGP is not a stupid idiot. The AG is not a stupid idiot. Do the right thing.


  1. When Noordin Top, who mastermind the killing hundreds of human beings, dead our minister expressed regret for not given the change to rehabilitate him.
    When Kugan was detained as a suspect only why our minister did not press the police to rehabilitate him?

    Something is very wrong in Malaysia.

  2. sorry

    "expressed regret for not given the change to rehabilitate him."

    should be

    "expressed regret for not given the chance to rehabilitate him."

  3. The IGP and the entire police force should be ashame of themselves for having among them a group of government paid murderers.
    If blood is already in their hands, there is nothing to stop them from killing many more.

  4. Actually yes, the IGP and the entire PDUM (Polis Di UMNO Malaysia) is to blame also but you know what.

    The biggest culprits is the entire citizenry of Malaysia. We just stand by and do nothing. Nothing.

    We think so long as it doesnt impact us directly, we just voice our disgusts online, take a moral high ground but nothing else.

    6 months from now, we would have forgotten Kugan till the next death occurs.

    Pray such a thing doesnt happen to your loved ones. You will be weeping ALONE!

    Malaysians mudah lupa.


  5. I've came across some people who said he deserves it. So, I asked if he happen to be your loves one, how would you feel or do ? The response ... ya lah, not fair ah.

    Going by this, there are many who only think for themselves. Yep, a criminal is a criminal but the state must provide them with legal representation. Otherwise, there's no difference between state law enforcement agencies and vigilante.

    In this case, the law enforcement agencies had step beyond their boundries. Even so, the crime rate that is fatal is escalating. Those who can afford, engage private security services for their homes. But who takes care of the average people on the street. Soon, it will not even safe walking in a mall.

    It all fall back to our national leaders. Those elected leaders continue living in cloud nine. They have our law enforcement agencies guarding their home and moving around with tax payer money. So, they don't feel the pinch.

    We just have to make that change by first changing the elected leaders and Bagan Pinang is a good start.

  6. toyol : ' ...bodoh macam lembu ! '

  7. i hope u lose a car one day... then you can come back and champion "pencuri kereta" and suspected rapist mcm kugan...

  8. Hei Anonymous,
    You said something about, 'I hope you lose your car...." and one day champion the...
    Well, I hope one of your loved ones, son, brother etc is caught as a suspect, yes, SUSPECT by the PDUM, then beaten to death. We will see you stand alone and cry. Is that ok with you.
    My friend even soldiers at war when captured are given rights,and the same goes to suspects aand criminals. There are laws that are made in Parliment that are supposed to be not barbaric so as to give everyone an equal chance under the law to prove their innocence.

  9. The uniformed gangsters are endorsed by their leader, who in turn is endorsed by the PM by extending his "good service". What more is there to say? An evil regime shall be brought to justice. The day of reckoning is near. A lot of hungry ghosts have been created over the last couple of years. Some older ghosts are also rising, as we were not aware because there were no blogs then.

  10. With a pink-lipped crime minister and his sorceress spouse - neither of whom has yet been cleared of complicity in cold-blooded and gruesome murder - firmly entrenched in power, the entire country has now earned itself the status of a rogue nation. When Musa Hassan's contract as IGP was extended yet again on 13 September, it became perfectly obvious that all our suspicions (and RPK's extremely serious allegations) are entirely well founded.

  11. indian polis will be charged for interrogating & beating kugan BUT
    ....but ...but NOT 'murdering' him !!
    ONLY one Indian polis has to be sacrificed ....why ...WHY ?????