Wednesday 30 September 2009

Cakap cakap.........AP's revisited...

AP’s the cost to the Nation

The only way you can bring a completely assembled car into Malaysia is with an Approved Permit–known as AP’s.The rationale behind the issuing of this AP is to allow participation by Bumiputra in the auto retail business. Of course there are terms and conditions before you are issued with AP’s. You must have a showroom or a sales and service centre.

In lieu of a showroom or a sales and service centre  - being related to Rafidah helps, being a favored UMNO member helps. To quote Mahathir “almost everyone working in the headquarters (PWTC) had 10 APs each and was making RM8K a month selling them” So anyway you look at if you can get your hands on one AP - close one eye and shut the other – and before you can say Chan Mali Chan…that’s $8K in your hand.

Commercially on average an AP is worth RM30K to the company that “uruskan” the transaction. When you do not want to “uruskan” the transaction then you make RM8K.

The government issues on average 50,000 AP’s annually. With the kind of money that one AP makes – helping the Bumiputra factor becomes secondary to making billions for companies related to Ministers and their cronies – it becomes a means of becoming immensely rich and wealthy if you are favored this way year after year. Naza is a case in point – in 1997 alone the late Tans Sri Nasimuddin received 8925 AP’s – do the sum. That makes him a very very rich man.  A few favored UMNO Bumiputra companies are given the bulk of the 50,000 APs and Bumiputra businessmen in the motor retail business are forgotten. Former MITI officers have also got into the act -  Syed Azman and Mohd Haniff, both former MITI officers have been two of the biggest recipients.

Simply put – 50,000 AP's at RM30K each means the Nation is deprived of an income of ….…you do the sums…all this makes me sick to my stomach at the greed of these UMNO politicians....and they have the audacity to say that their National Car Policy is to help Bumiputras? 


  1. Hello HH,

    "and they have the audacity to say that their National Car Policy is to help Bumiputras?"

    Yes, a lot of poor Bumiputras are paying through their nose to a small group of UMNOputras so that they can become millionaires.


  2. The photo of Rafidah crying must be because she has just lost her job as Minister of International Trade, and with it the issuance of AP's to her cronies. Well, with her out, that does not stop the cycle of the issuance of AP's. Another UMNO Minister takes over the job and the recycle begins.

  3. steadyku,

    Maybe this is the only country in the world where robbing the rakyat is institutionalized.

  4. APs on the roll
    The legal way to reward cronies
    Rushing them to become millionaires
    The people welfare keep it under wraps

    It is the legal way
    Find it hard to charge
    It is above board
    Only cronies or related companies benefit

    The people are fed
    The way Bee Anne thinks
    Pull them by the noses
    Like the obedient cows
    Mooing all the way to the field

    And Bee Anne leaders say
    'Now graze your grass
    See the green be happy
    We bring developments
    The rakyat benefits”

    But the rolling waves
    Leaving its debris along the coast
    The dirty line eyes see it plenty
    Bee Anne thinks we like it....

    APs only a few
    Smiling to the banks
    Enriching cronies
    And Bee Anne says
    “We help the Malays
    To bridge the gap with the Non-Malays”

    Now the secrets out
    It is time we look for change
    The country's wealth must be for the people
    To enjoy and live economically happy

  5. Is long overdue, we must change government comes next GE ! For those who have yet to register as voters, PLEASE go to any post office and register. All voters out there, if YOU want CHANGE, only YOU can do so by voting Pakatan Rakyat in the 13th GE !

  6. I knew one of the beneficiary and he's filty rich. My guess of his wealth is by the the size of the house, the number and type of cars park in the porch. On top of that, he even fork rm100 "duit raya" to my grand nephew on the recent aidil fitri.

    Thats with the wealth. He claims he's in the auto business but he did not have any retail outlet or service center. So, the AP policy do make some bumi really wealthy as I'm not sure if he is affiliated to UMNO. Only the government loss the bigger chunk of the revenue ... it's not tax evasion but legitimate robbery.

    Unfortunately, not all bumi are lucky as this guy.

    May be, if I have the opportunity, I'll just capture a picture of this guy house with geo tag and post so everyone can view through google map ... but then, it will be an invasion of privacy.

    In summary, what HH wrote has it basis. Thank for putting it in perspective that I've couldn't do.

  7. (Quote HH)and they have the audacity to say that their National Car Policy is to help Bumiputras? (Unquote)

    Well HH, technically, they are correct, they just didnt say how MANY Bumiputras they were helping. :)


  8. ok lah...if you want to get technical what can I say!!!

  9. What about the AP requirement to import good quality motorcycle helmets into the country ...
    Hey even Malaysians' heads are sold by BN !

    No wonder there're so many fatalities in RTAs involving bikes as the helmets are costing few hundred ringgit and some in the thousands beyond most middle- income reach.

    i say this country is shoved proper left right center bottom and now from on top !

    Rafidah's crying face picture could be put at one's front door and used to thwart evil spirits from entering the house's freakish

  10. hey ! where's her photo ah ????

  11. If one dapat APs won't say NO of cos.And one will be living in Damansara Heights driving fancy cars,holidaying in the hot spots of the world etc without any regrets or guilt.

    Govt principles is very "murni"..bagi AP so that Bumi can have a kickstart in the auto industry.But the concept is flawed cos of the "easy money" aspect.

    Now the govt imposing that APs to be given only to those with big premises i.e workshops,retail centres etc>>this means that those like Naza,Mofaz etc will have an even more solid stranglehold in the industry?

    Habis lah kita yang berkebolehan dan ingin menceburi diri dlm perniagaan automotif tapi tak ada modal.Orang kaya lg kaya..tapi tak perlah..asal orang kita.


  12. You have just revealed the best well known secret.

    Many came before you bearing the same secrets and they were burnt in the deserts of frustration.

    and many more will be bearers of the same secret;hoping their message will be heard and bring changes to the community.

    Alas,the music has to go on and on and on...until we all perish in poverty whilst the select few parties in Monaco.

  13. tks, her crying foto is back !