Tuesday 22 September 2009

cakap cakap...another comment from our circle of friends.

Lee sent you a message.

Re: Inspired by what you wrote.

Malaysia needs more fair-minded Malays like you. I read the book written very long ago by Dr. M "The Malay dilemma" . In that book he could identify many of the problems faced by Malays and even went on to suggest solutions for those problems.He also wrote very critically of the government on the inefficiency, rampant corruption, abuse of power etc, etc. That was what he wrote before he was elevated to be our PM. However, after 22 years as PM he did very little to address those Malay problems  and improve the governance of the country.One thing I remember is his catchy slogan "Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah" . But after 22 year this slogan remains only as an empty rhetorical slogan without a carry through to harvest the fruits of the slogan. According to my own measure, I should say that his slogan will only be true if he were to have a prefix of  "Tak" in front of all the three. i. e. "Tak Bersih , Tak Cekap dan Tak Amanah" Don't you agree with me , my friend?  In fact, if we look back he is a "bad" dictator who germinated and grew the malaise  in Malaysia till today.  He destroyed the independence of judiciary, he curbed the power of our Agong,  he used ISA to silence all his credible political opponents (who is suppose to provide check and balance), he was so cruel to Anwar (unbelievable!!!), he enriched himself and his cronies through devious means, he never lift a finger to curb corruption (maybe he could'nt because he was part of the game), the list goes on.. (please complete it for me) 
All the current UMNO imbeciles are actually political children of Dr. M. He is leading them by example. They are leading the country backwards instead of bring it forward to face the tsunami of globalization.

Lastly, let me define what is meant by "bad" dictator.
Bad dictator is a dictator for himself. No freedom, and forcing people to accept his ideas only for his own benefit..... Dr. M
Good dictator is a dictator for the country, No freedom, and forcing people to accept his ideas for the benefit of the country. ...Example is Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. LKY is a good dictator, that is why Singapore is now ahead of us. Just look back at 1965 when S'pore went separate way, S$1=RM1, today with so much resources in Malaysia S$1=RM2.48. This speaks volume of the quality of governance  in these two countries.

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  1. Thinking of it , He is the Grandfather of all corruption in the history.

    Yes, a great Pretender who moulded what the nation looks like today.
    Ironically , he talk so much about fighting corruption.

    It's the listener who feels blush but not the one who tells pretty lies.