Sunday 13 September 2009

the blind needs leading...

I have enjoyed developing this blog ‘steadyaku47’ in the past few months – from an initial daily hits of about five to ten in January this year (2009) to what it is now – over 1000 a day and on two memorable days (for me) up to over 5000 hits. This improvement can be attribute to three things – contents, contents and contents. As I like to tell you all - I am computer challenged and technically still in primary school. Only the assist of my son Zack and Shazrina in Bangsar have got me to where I am now. I still do not know how to link myself with any other bloggers nor do I know what to do to get more people to visit my site – except I guess the time and tried way “word of mouth”. Possibly the fact that some Alpha bloggers did link themselves to me did help too.

I am spending quite a good number of hours each day on ‘steadyaku47’ – adding content and more important trying to understand the technicalities of blogging. Either I am a slow learner or I am coming from an era that refuses to comprehend this new found electronic media thing. I am getting nowhere fast – so I am asking for help. What can I do to earn a decent income from what I am doing now? I would really appreciate any advice, guidance or leads that I could follow through to understand this ‘income generating potential’ situation better as I would like to spend more hours on 'steadyaku47'. If you are kind enough to do so I would like you to start with the premise that I need to be taken from the ground level up. Or as Forest Gump might label me “Stupid is as stupid does”. No shame in me accepting that my PC knowledge is just above zero. Please help me…someone.


  1. HH,

    Sorry cant help you here, not a 'pro' blogger!. :)

  2. HH, follow what we humans always did, COPY!

    The following links above could be used as a guide.

    Try to think blogging as a leisure activity (as it was meant to be). It would be difficcult to immediatly assume your blog can earn revenues.

    After all, sites like Malaysiakini and MalaysiaToday have far more advantage than you. You will be hardpressed to beat their content.

    Take your time and slowly adapt. Your style of blog will come eventually.

    Aside that, quality beats quantity. Multiple posts must come with a standard. Spend more time researching and gathering materials.

    Investigate more and put up intelectual post that even the more retarded politician would understand.

    Remember, most blog reader(including me) reads because they have lost trust in the local news network(gov controlled). What we wants to read are reasoned and carefully analysed post of the events happening in our country.

    As this blog name says, be steady. Try not to think blogging as anything more than a leisure activity to share your opinions.

  3. sunwayopal - ok lah. no worries.

    Stormsea7 - tqs. Will go to those website...methinks you are a bit harsh with the "retarded politician" comment. "Stupid Idiot" would have suffice.


  4. Hello and Good morning HH

    I agree with stormsea 7. Go for quality and not quantity.


  5. tqs Lita...will do. Today is my "feelgood" day - nothing on UMNO.