Monday 28 September 2009

 There has been so many ‘unsolicited’ but welcomed and eye opening contributions to the “I know. U know. UMNO don’t know” list that we will have to seriously think about putting together another list. 

Therefore contributions are now required from all our friends so that we can all put together a more comprehensive list. This way as many people as possible from UMNO can lay claim to the boast that “I was on that list!”. 

So please can we do the necessary so that UMNO and its Barisan components are not disappointed with our effort. Any contributions from Sabah and Sarawak would be greatly appreciated.  


  1. Abandoned QE hospital in KK, but govt purchase a private hospital with rakyat's money RM?? million

    The Smart but UNsmart tunnel build at a cost of RM2.4 Billion (I guess)

    The bacteria infested Pandan hospital in Johore

    The cracked MRR2 Kepong interchange repair at a cost of RM??? million

  2. can consider creating a corner for Msia's Hall of Shame?? what, when, who, how much $$$ ...

  3. I'm surprised that the Patrol Vessel Scandal involving Amin Syah is put in cold storage and hasn't become a national issue yet's 6 billions and counting and i heard the 2 vessels 'completed' have not been able to be commisioned for use yet as there are myriads of technical problems

  4. For some insight about what is happening in Sarawak, welcome to visit Sarawak Headhunter at