Saturday 26 September 2009

cakap cakap.....

I no longer trust our Prime Minister to do what is best for our country. I no longer have faith in his ability to take care of our interests, our hopes and our aspirations. As with all incoming PM there is the grand gestures of turun padang in the first few days in office – going walkabouts in Brickfields, China Town – the obligatory intent of “looking” at the ISA, the intent to clean up Puspakom…but slowly the rot starts creeping in. The appointment of Mukriz into the cabinet is for services rendered by his father, the ground sweel of support in Johore for a revival of the crooked bridge is again also another payback for services rendered by the old man. Already money has been spend on newpaper advert to welcome Rosmah for visit to God knows where…all these grand gestures that precedes the reign of a new empresses.

We have seen it all before – the excesses of Mahathirs cronies, the excesses of Pak Lah’s Family and now we will see the emergence of Najib’s hangers on who will want their pound of flesh on for the reason that their time has come to taste the glory of “kebendaan” that Mahathir introduced the Malays and UMNO  to.

Cospicious consumption will be the order of the day. I can already see Rosmah with her “social circles” whose avarices will surely rival that of Mahathirs cronies. At least with Pak Lah and his crowd, with the possible exception of KJ, the others are quite inept in amassing serious wealth. There were mostly there to take what they can from commissions, hand outs and whatever comes their way – whereas with Rosmah I think we will see the same greed but in a more polished mode honed from years of skimming off Mindef many tenders and now more the wiser after the Razak Baginda’s episode. Mrs ten perecent will ingrain a culture that will hasten the bankruptcy of our national coffers by the time Najib has to go – whenever that will be. This is a vindictive women who is not beyond twisting the knife into those that crosses her path – just ask those that are already in the recieveing ends of her vindictiveness since Najib became PM.

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