Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Request...Nasi Dagang/Nasi Lemak!

Can somebody out there please tell me how to make Nasi Dagang! It does not matter whether it is the Trengganu Nasi Dagang (which I think is white in colour), the Kelantan Nasi Dagang or the Nasi Dagang that your Mother makes…I have not had Nasi Dagang for so long. Any decent Nasi Dagang will do. I intend to make Fish Head Curry with Terong and Lady’s Fingers this weekend and instead of having it with white rice – Nasi Dagang would be fantastic. Would also appreciate some info on how to make Nasi Lemak. Please make the instructions simple because I am the one who will have to cook it – my wife is a vegetarian and Greek – so the only Malay dish she can cook well is ……..( I really cannot think of anything here !). Saya menuggu dengan hati yang berdebar debar ! which means my heart is already beating very fast just thinking about Nasi Dagang and Nasi Lemak. Please no recipe from cooking books...only the real deal! Either from your  mother or some Mak Chik who knows what she is doing. Salam.


  1. On the mention of Nasi Dagang Trengganu, you made my mouth watery for that is the best of all nasi dagang, white rice with just ikan tongkol (not any other fish)wrapped in coned banana leaf, been ages since I last ate it 30 years ago. And of cause keropok lekor Trengganu, not keropok lekor tipu sorry Pak, I too miss it so much as you do..made me think of driving up 6 hours there.

  2. Bro,

    Nasi Dagang?Wow!
    Nasi Dage wei, di Tenganu, kak Kg. Ladang sedak!
    Kawe suko make jah wei, masok dok reti, he he.

    Nasi Lomak?
    Nasi Lomak kat Tanglin jo sodap, tapi kat Antara Bangsa, Kg baru pun boleh cubo trai!
    masak den tak rhoti do!

    Alai hai, baru balek kat Bagan Pinang ha!Torok den.

  3. good , fish-head & not the 'bodoh head' curry !

  4. Sorry, can't be of help. I knew how to dig into own plate and self served only.

    The thought that came to my mind through your posting ... it's just yummy. Now thinking where to find good one in KL area :)

  5. Best Nasi Dagang in KL is in kampong Baru - if you enter by the road with the arch (not with the mosque) and drive right to the end of the road - then as you turn left the stall is right at the corner on your left .Owner are kelantnese. In front of the stalls are kelantanese cakes ! Enjoy!

  6. nx4get, Pak HH,

    So far there isn't any best nasi dagang anywhere in KL, not in Kg Baru no where in KL, because I haven't found any Trengganu nasi dagang there in KL other than all nasi dagang in KL are Kelantan nasi dagang. I wonder why we cannot find Trengganu nasi dagang and Trengganu keropok lekor there in KL.

  7. Hi HH, you are in luck today. I have the pleasure to share with you the Trengganu Nasi Dagang, ready? jeng..jeng..jeng...

    1. soak 1 kg of fragrant rice (preferably beras Siam)minimum 2 hours and drain all water afterwards.

    2. Prepare coconut cream (santan) - you can use the powdered form - in 2 portions - 1st portion thick 200 ml, the other portion more diluted - 500 ml (2 packets is ok).

    3. Steam the drained rice for 40 minutes, take it out and mix the rice with the 500 ml santan until all are absorbed.
    Put back the rice in the steamer and steam for another 15 mins.

    4.Take it out one more time and mix with the thicker santan and this time add some slice onions and some 'halba' and steam again for another 10 minutes and you are done.

    By the way you will like to add 1 teaspoon of salt(the sodium kind) in the santan before you mix with the steam rice.

    For the Curry:

    Get some decent tuna cutlets put in 500 ml water to boil with 2 slices os asam keping or you also use sour plum sauce 2 tbl spoon. (availabe in chinese groceries),
    50 grams of gula kabong or some honey (a very good substitute) for 10 minutes. Set aside while you will prepare the curry paste to be added later on.

    2. Use another pot to 'tumis' some curry powder (2 tablespoon mix with some water) with a couple of onions and a some garlic (onion and garlic can be poundered or if you prefer to slice or dice them). Stir for 3 minutes and add some concentrated santan 200 ml.

    3. Now add the tuna cutlets with all the water into the curry mixture pot, add salt to taste... cookj for 5 mins more and walla..your Nasi Dagang is ready to be devoured.

    I use to prepare this for our 'Open House' functions

    I Hope this helps to satisfy your cravings.

    Good Luck!

  8. Ok Bro...have to go get some ingredients esok - will report what happens after the weekend. tqs.

  9. Oops, forgot to add a cup of glutinous rice together with the beras siam.

  10. nasib baik aku kaya...ok lah will get the glutinous rice too!

  11. Hi HH
    To be honest, tho I'm from Tgg, I'm not an expert at cooking nasi dagang. Dekat sini, it's so much easier to go to the pasar/stall and buy a packet, hehe. Its 'rich' and not something that I can eat too much at a time and it is quite a hassle to prepare.

    You are rite, Terengganu nasi dagang is 'white', it uses pulut & normal rice - something like 1 cup beras pulut and 3 cups beras biasa or you can just use beras siam wangi.

    Ya, go ahead and try Zamberi's recipe (he's so detailed). Just to add a bit, can also add halia/ginger and a bit of sugar to the sliced bawang merah, halba and salt (which are to be added to the thick santan).

    I think the 1st part of following Youtube can give you some idea of how to prepare the rice.

    Good luck!


  12. Will do Mak pain no gain.If I can do curry kepala ikan I can try and do this Nasi Dagang. tqs.

  13. FMZam.

    You can get the Kelantanese nasi dagang in Tmn Tun. No shop, just selling on the "mini truck" as sometimes the bandaraya come and kacau them. Is opposite Gardian pharmacy (old Jayajusco area).

    Besides nasi dagang, they also sell nasi laut, nasi kerabu (comes with keropok), nasi lemak, lakse and some kueh-mueh. And on Saturdays & Sundays, they sell the pulut with coconut & sweet beans, jagung with coconut & sugar and if you're lucky, you might get the buah jering with coconut & sugar (but not that very often).

  14. Aisehman need to go into detail lah...aku dekat sini macham mana nak pergi kat Taman Tun???

  15. Pak HH,

    Not me lah saying that, it's Rainstorm lah....hahaha...aku jugak yang kena.

    By the way I thank you Rainstorm, I really like to eat from that kind of simple stall, especially the mobile type you mentioned, like the nasi kandar van in Jelutong next to USM Penang. I remember I was in the midst of eating when they suddenly packed up my table and "cabuted" while I was still holding my plate and had to eat standing....hahaha...

    I want to thank Zamberi and Anthony and Mus (Anonymous) too for the recipe, maybe one day I will try preparing the nasi dagang trengganu myself.

    A word of caution Pak HH, when you take Zamberi's recipe better crosscheck with details by Anonymous too for there are things these two recipes can complement one another to make your nasi dagang a complete one.

    Bon Apetit.

  16. I just check with Special Branch in Bukit Aman - they do not know this Zamberi guy - so should be safe to use his recipe....and will cross check. Tqs.

  17. opps sorry FMZ was Rainstorm...what do you mena by Buah Jering with coconut and sugar? Is that a drink or another tongkat ali drink?

  18. Donno how to say it in english, Jering rebus cecah dengan kelapa parut yang di gaul dengan gula pasir, bestnyaaaaa....very very rare you don't get it everyday because not any tom dick and harry will want to take the trouble to prepare it.

    Pak, don't tell me you never tasted Jering rebus in your whole life? the Rebus part is what makes the Jering so soft to eat and taste good.

  19. Jereng and petai is a no no for me...budu pun no..tempoyak no.....but chincalok A ok! Can get chincalok here in Adelaide.

  20. hey, wat about McCurry ah !?

  21. Many thanks to all responses.

    Now, I have choices to enjoy nasi dagang this weekend and the coming weeks ahead.

  22. This is the best BLOG that I have ever read, follow and participate with. This is the first page I open to every morning to make my day. Recipes, music, lyrics, name it!
    Semoga Abng HH dipanjangkan umur dan direstui Allah SWT.

    Abdullah Sani
    Galing Besar, Ktn
    SABS (1972 -1978) much your junior sir.

  23. p/s

    Whenever and wherever possible I will do my best to assist you with my meagre donation.

    Abdullah Sani

  24. Hello guys, there's more than one of you are Anonymous donno which Anonymous is Anonymous, gee..we'll get confused in no time.

  25. me = anonymous bukan 'Anthony mus' la !