Wednesday 18 November 2009

All the usual suspects....Again?

“Risda chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik today suggested Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad be given the post of Senior Minister in Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s cabinet”

Those dark secrets of Mahathir’s regime will not stay hidden forever but he will do his best to make it so! To do this he must have power himself or control over those that wield power.

Mahathir had nothing on Pak Lah. Nothing he could have used. Yes Pak Lah had his faults but he did not knowingly involve himself in corruption, in money politics and certainly no weaknesses of the flesh. There simply was nothing that Mahathir could throw at Pak Lah that would stick…. until after the last General Elections. After UMNO abject performance at the polls Mahathir went after Pak Lah with the same vengeance he went after Anwar. It was vintage Mahathir –a man so consumed by hatred and evil that I marveled at how these UMNO goons need no help from us to destroy themselves!

Everything that a spoilt child does when throwing tantrums Mahathir did…whimpering, pleading, jumping up and down, holding his breath (but not long enough!) …..but Pak Lah ignored these tantrums completely. He did not offer Mahathir a cookie to keep quiet. Did not throw water on Mahathir’s face when he held his breath until he was unconscious. And did not reward Mahathir with a hug even when he went away. He simply ignored the old man. And Pak Lah could not be moved because he was clean, honest and had done his best for the country – in as far as he could.

Najib is God’s gift to Mahathir. I have said before then when you have a man by his balls, his heart and mind will follow! With Altantuya hanging over his head only the Prime Minister could save him. And he was not Prime Minister! Mahathir had by then ceased to have any serious political influence. He was like a puppy snapping harmlessly at nothing in particular. The day that Najib persuaded himself that an early ascent to the Prime Minister’s post was an attractive proposition was the day that Mahathir got his second lease in his political life. And he went about reviving himself with relish. Najib will certainly come to rue the day when he allowed Mahathir to once again dominate his life.

Mahathir had preferred to have Ministers who are flawed with personal greed and other human weaknesses working under him, as they would do as they were told. Any dissent would mean you are out of a job quicker then you can say MACC. Najib was one of these Ministers. And now it looks like it would be just like old times.

This Chairman Of Risda – the one who is still awaiting trial and judgment for having sex with an underage girl Malay girl - today suggested Mahathir  be given the post of Senior Minister in Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s cabinet. If anything you must give credit to Mahathir for timing and having the decency to not rush things. His son is in Cabinet. Najib is beginning to settle down in his job. All is quiet on the western front. Time for the old man to move back into contention and secure himself a position where he is most comfortable at….looking over the shoulders of Najib.

If Mahathir can make Putrajaya, KLCC and KLIA happen – he can make 1Malaysian F1 Team happen! Of course he can! All it takes is a few billion dollars over the next two or three years. And when we count the cost many years from now of this lunacy to invest in something as unsustainable as F1 where will Mahthir be? 

Are we going to let this happen again? Yes we can bring all these criminals to justice eventually but have we not have enough of their crimes now? Here we have a man equally dedicated to wrecking havoc on our country finances whether under himself or Najib being given the opportunity and power to do so again! Are we mad to allow this to happen? Mahathir more then anybody else have held to the belief that the ends justify the means. Does Najib think he will rest until his son is Prime Minister? And that would mean getting Muhyiddin and Hishamuddin out of the way as soon as it is possible. That Chairman of Risda as DPM? Heavens forbid!  

We can ask who knew what, who did what and who failed in their duty  - but this will not possible until the nation have again lost billions. We have not seen the end of Mahathir. Of that I am absolutely sure.  What I know is that what this Chairman of Risda has just suggested that Najib should do is not the last act of this manipulative Mahathir. Najib is no match for him. God help our country for our government certainly will not!   


  1. If this Thambi is willing to do a DNA on him and the child he is accused of fathering and he is cleared then he can talk.

    Otherwise ask this Thambi to keep the bloody mouth shut before right thinking citizens of this country unleash their fury....was it because of him that LGE went to jail?....and look where is LGE now...God is great. UMNO masih tak sedar ke? Lama sangat dah bermimpi...

  2. Well it doesn't say we have nothing to throw at Pah Lah, after all he allowed the corruption index to soar, kept Moos Ass as the IGP, fail to reign in his corrupt SL.
    I guess you wanna say, Mahathir couldn't call-out PL because he Maha and his greedy children stand to loose greater if PL dared investigate Maha the Brute.
    I do agree though that MAHA is a; conniving vindictive jealous lying sometime childish mischievous pathological pretender.
    God wouldn't help us until we help ourselves; which means getting rid of this **ck face and the gang of thieves.

  3. Very stange and unusual.

    TDM - At his age that is conventionally considered as one who exudes virtuousness and wise counsel, he still continues to be constantly demonstrating the ugly side of his egoistical nuances and contrived righteousness.

    One wonders whether his previous heart by-pass surgery could have contributed to his vanglorious stance and toxic unconsciousnsess.

    He is still an egnimatic person and students and researchers of psychology and psychiatry would find this personality material a useful specimen for thesis compilation and dissertation.

  4. 'Criminal' is being appointed as GLC Chairman !!

    mampuslah MALAYSIA !!!!

    People, please get rid of UMNO before too late !!


  5. It is heartening to still see articles written in lucid, succinct prose, without the modern affectations of illiteracy. Beginning from 1969, a steady neglect in the teaching of language has rendered the populace largely deaf and blind. The special efforts to pollute and kill off English have been central to cutting us off from the mainstream of international thought, aspirations, developments and standards. Anyone who thinks this is unrelated to the subject of this article should reconsider.

  6. Bro, this Rahim is okay....only his Thamby Kecik is a little bit difficult to control sometime. That was not him propossing, it is his Thamby Kecik.

  7. Please let the old man retire once and for good. we have had enough of him...

  8. Thamby Chik and TDM are shameless UMNO-nites who profess to be Muslims and defenders of "Ketuanan Melayu". UMNO-nites are above the law and they know there is nothing anyone can say or do about it. The word "shame" does not exist in their UMNO vocabulary.

    So we should not be surprised when they shamelessly suggest positions for their fellow shameless UMNO-nites in the 1BN government, 1GLCs or 1Whatnots. Even on their deathbeds, they will be unrepentant and will show no remorse.

    There's really nothing we can do about it except to hope that they all drop dead soon. No matter how much money they have, they cannot take it to hell. Their descendants will not benefit from their ill-gotten wealth because God Almighty is fair.

  9. wat ! his criminal case of 'raping underaged girl' belum over kah !!??

  10. looking at the situation seriously I would recommend Najib to appoint Anuar as advisor to the govn rather, the likes of muhyiddin, Thamby, TDM,AG,IGP etc,etc corek corek corek also. and politically he would be in a better position to control UMNO malays. I think the public wld not mind.

  11. His underage konkek girl is not over ke? What AG has to say.. USUAL La case belum masak lagi..still under investigation.