Thursday 19 November 2009

The continuing saga of Najib & Altantuya

This was forwarded to me today. Are we going to have a Prime Minister famous not only for being our Prime Minister but also for having his extra curricular exploits being made into a series in another country? Anybody able to contribute any other 'interesting' story line should send their contributions to TVB. You do not have to write a script - I can help or TVB have got their own writers to ghost write it for you. Ideally we would like the series to have a long run...maybe up to the coming General Elections!


  1. najis to sue TVB over copyright issue? or at the very least seek royalty payment ... say 10% of the cinema takings.

  2. If it is true, it's gonna be a giant hit drama that would smash box-office in Malaysia and Mongolia. If Najis to be given 10% royalty the father of Altantuya would claim at least 30% for his loss and the long ordeal he went through.