Monday 16 November 2009

The Police: When do we say Enough?

We are on the brink of anarchy. Malaysia is on the brink of anarchy! How much more are its people to endure the constant stress of a Police force acting seemingly oblivious to the rules in a civilized nation – that people, no matter what their crimes are, are entitled to a fair trial? Not to be shot like stray dogs?
Of a Police force so corrupt that it would be impossible to meet someone in Malaysia that does not know of at least one incident of corruption committed by the Police either upon themselves or someone they know?
A Police force so despised by the Public that the Islamic Malay themselves now look upon them with the contempt they reserves for pigs! For the Chinese these Malay Policemen are the lowest strata of the Malay society – able to be bought for so little money. And to the Indians the respect they would show to the Policeman is only to their face – for they know what punishment has been done by these Malay Policemen on their Indians brothers when they are in custody.
We are on the brink of anarchy because there is now a Police sub culture that has conditioned these Policemen into believing that the people they are meant to be protecting are the very people they need to physically subjugate to maintain peace and order as required by the government of the day. And in so doing violence is a necessary ingredient to maintain their status quo as the dominant enforcer of the peace.
The public talks about the Police as sub human beings incapable of honesty, empathy or a shred of understanding for the lot that the public has to endure. The Police are being used by the authorities to evict people from their illegally constructed huts, physically subdue demonstrators into submission for peacefully expressing their disagreement on matters of conscience and generally are being utilized as their bully boys by the Barisan Nasional Government eager to keep the opposition and its own people under its odious control.
The contempt and anger the people feel for the Police borders at the edge of open revolt. The tension between the public and the Police will need only a spark to explode. Is that not bordering on anarchy? And yet we have this Hishamuddin telling us that the Police are not effective because they are being demonized by the very people they are protecting! It is like we are living in two completely different worlds. Hishamuddin world is a planet far far away from the reality that we live in. We meet corrupt Policeman everyday. Almost every week there are shootouts between Police and ‘people’ – is Malaysia a frontier town with trigger happy law enforcement officers believing in the ‘kill or be kill’ mentality?
Din maybe the Police force are being demonize because they are demons themselves? A caricature of what UMNO has been doing to the Malays and to the country. With one hand UMNO are pushing the Malays away from what is their due while with the other they are scooping all that is due to the Malays for themselves. The Police also use both their hands to do their jobs. One hand reaching out for the summons book while the other takes what it can take from who ever that gives.
All it would take for the Public to say enough and commence beating these Policemen senseless would probably be that day when the Police decides that the taking of money from the Public had become their right – which is that time when they will no longer accept a ‘no’ from the Public when they are sourcing for bribes – i.e. that they expect to be paid every time they stop a car…and why not? UMNO Politicians no longer consider the taking of money from the people as a crime – it becomes a way of life. …And soon so will the police.


  1. Dear HH,

    You said it and said it without fear or favour and with guts and rigor!

    Carry on, mate!

    Nowadays, the PDRM couldn't care two hoots what the public complain about their bribery, extortion and corruption habits. They have become a way of life for them.

    For 52 years they have been habituated with this addiction and it is going to be very difficult for them to stop the rot.

    Unless something extraordinary happens, this is going to be the daily trend.

  2. Quote:-"they will no longer accept a ‘no’ from the Public when they are sourcing for bribes"

    These kind of situation is already a reality!! Do you know that these days you need to give duit kopi to file a report? Otherwise, they will dilly dally no ends or bluntly discourage you to make any report because they will have to do some real work for a change!!

  3. The fish rots from its head!!!
    Look at how the IGP behaves so do the subordinates!!!
    When apple polishing and incompetency being the criteria to be selected as the head, so the rest will just kaput and become zombies!!!!
    We must say enough and it is time for change!!! All Malaysians must rise, together we throw this UMNO goons out and remember it is now or never!!!