Monday 9 November 2009

Comment from FMZam on "What now Pakatan?"

FMZam has left a new comment on your post "cakap cakap...what now Pakatan Rakyat?":

BN has been a political party to win in its maiden race and ruled as the first government of sovereign Malaya, then Malaysia. BN is the incumbent. Pakatan, in starting as a rookie contender against a well established title holder, will definitely need to blend its raw courage, and breed and groom it with maturity, to be a worthy opponent to BN.

It is no longer BN against individual PAS, DAP, PKR like before the 2004 election. It's BN against PR. It is a two party system now and PR must understand the reason why it must stand as the 'united half' of this country, and it must maintain it that way if it ever really serious in wanting to rule as a government, not as a mere opposition of Malaysia. The day of the race based party is over, it's now the dawn of a multiracial party that we rakyat will pick which multiracial party is the true party for all Malaysians.

Pakatan must win the hearts and minds of all majority races as well as all minorities. While Pakatan can identify who are those majorities and minorities and start to focus in winning them to its side, Pakatan must not leave any stone unturned by its idleness to misinterpret the power of the minorities, thus failing itself in addressing a solution for a good government that is void of viable political strategies and tactics.

While Pakatan major concern is on the majorities of Malays, Chinese and Indians which has to be divided with BN, Pakatan must reengineer its influence on the minorities with more "grips" to give Pakatan that cutting edge when everything else with BN is equal.

And that minorities are not just race, that minorities are not just those races we call "others", when that minorities are that unique communities of the military and the police that had been giving the cutting edge to BN all these while. Pakatan can no longer take them for granted for their numbers are growing each year, into millions on both sides, the serving and the veterans. 


  1. BN government made rules to its advantage. When they see it is to their advantage to let the military and police with voting power thus involving these uniformed bodies into politics whereby they should remain neutral. Therefore it's very blur now to say the military serves the government of the day when their political inclination will decide who is their government of the day. And as soldiers obey orders, military generals are that Red Indian Chief of which goverment of the day he wishes to serve and all his braves will follow.

    There will be a time when the military and police tides are with Pakatan, that will be the time when this government will revoke the rule to abstain them from participating in politics and relieve them from their voting power. That's the way with BN government, they make the laws.

    Until such time, Pakatan must work to make every military and police personnel counts into its voting numbers.

    It is no secret in Indonesia that certain party is said as to have the backing of the military and police. It is not too much to say that in Malaysia BN is backed by the military and police. We can no longer say it means nothing here that it has meant everything in a country where political balance has to be decided by the minorities.

    There's no other minority group that is more powerful than all the majority people combined than the military that installs a tyrant into power.

    Neutralise the military and the police from politics!

  2. The minorities are not critical for PRU 13.

    I mean, its important to the extent that without them, we wont have a movement , so to speak.

    But looking forward, they are not the key question Pakatan must answer.

    The key are still :-

    1) The rural Malays
    2) The Sabahans and the Sarawakians.

    Of course , in a way, No 2 can b considered minority also.


  3. sunwayopal,

    My advise is not to wait until that factor becomes critical, you never know when only to act when it is too little and too late. You cannot swing the military tide in a short radius and so is other minorities. We have to take into consideration all factors and work for it now while we have the time.

    While we have not gained decisively on the majority, we have not gained much either in the minority, then we have no margin to win.

    In war we must consider every aspect. Even in military appreciation methodology, we always have a clause under the heading "Civilian" to weigh on its influential factors on any battle.

    Don't give that impression that Pakatan only needs military when in desperation.

  4. sunwayopal,

    Sabahans and Sarawakians are minority? Keep thinking that way and pigs will fly sooner than PR ruling the country!!

    Members of the so called PR - PKR, DAP and PAS - should not emulate BN parties by going into Sabah and Sarawak. But they should encourage Sabahans and Sarawakians to have their own parties, then have these parties joining PR. DAP, PKR and PAS should be honest about their missions, that they are not trying to colonise, but rather consolidate through alliance. This is the way. Otherwise their will always be the Jeffries to content with.

  5. I think you misunderstand my point.

    When I said, the minorities are not critical for PRU 13, I meant the chinese and indians in Peninsular. These 2 groups are mainly in the bag.

    We have to figure out though 2 issues :-

    1) The rural Malays
    2) The Sabahans and Sarawakians.

    I dont think the answer for 1 is as simple as the urban Malays will advise the town Malays to go along with the tsunami. if anything, the reverse is likelier to happen.

    And 2, the above may very well work. Whatever it is, Sabah and Sarawak is KEY to the whole issue. Without it, we can all forget about all these hot air blowing about punishing BeeEnd in PRU 13, its a pipe dream.