Thursday 5 November 2009

Cakap cakap...Najib and his "Morally Wrong" effort!

KUALA LUMPUR: Hopes of getting a year-end bonus for civil servants were dashed as the Prime Minister is of the view that it is morally wrong for Cuepacs to make such a request when the Government is making efforts to ride out of the global economic crisis.

So this Najib fellow does seem to know that term “Morally wrong!” Was it not morally wrong for you to fornicate with Rosmah while she was still married to another man? Was it not morally wrong for you to have countless – not one, not two…but countless affairs with Malay models and Malay actress through out your Political career? Was it not morally wrong for you to give RM$500 million to Razak Baginda for services rendered when those services rendered included servicing your vast sexual appetites? Was it not morally wrong for you to submit under pressure from JJ to his “request” for him to be posted to Washington because he knew too much about your sexual escapades? Was it again not morally wrong for you to continue talking against money politics when you yourself use money in politics as Isa and the others do? To buy favors? To get things done? To rewards your people for services rendered?

Please Najib do not talk about morals. Of the political, civil or personal ones! You do not have any at all to be able to preached to anyone else except the converted within UMNO.
We know that Mahathir have got you by the balls because he knows enough of your immoral and seedy financial manipulations and activities throughout your political life. You have no control over your children because they too know of what your life has been. And of course your wife is the mother of all control freaks. People cannot even stand to be within her sight. I wonder what family life must be for you! But then I guess when you yourself cannot be whiter then white what say have you of those who are around you! And you are our Prime Minister? And to think that you are the son of Tun Razak! God help this country because you certainly cannot!


  1. What is morally wrong with asking for year end bonus when BN can throw tons of cash at each and every buy-elections, overpaid for projects or purchases to the tunes of Multi-billion ringgit yearly to a very small group of govt cronies. Unless Najib is insinuating that the civil servants are a bunch of useless, low performance and low productivity morons who do not deserves the bonus!!!!!

  2. So you, governmemt SERVANT, not the Super Scale, the lower rung, are you still stupid not to vote for CHANGE!

    The Super Scale, the Generals in the Army and the Commissioners in the Police are rich enought with all the allowances given. They even have ' pan-tat ' allowance.

    But you, the Pengarah, the Penolong Pengarah, Pegawai Kerja, Clerks and General Duties personnel, The Colonels, the Lieut-Colonels, Majors, Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Corporals and the Privates, the DSPs, ASPs, Inspectors and all the lower ranks are you still blind of your present Government?

  3. Well said. It would be more convincing to give some details of the moral infractions of our "moral" PM, eg who was Rosmah married to then and who were some of the countless ladies who had illicit liaisons with this PM. I'm looking forward to the day PR takes power. There won't be enough judges to try all these criminals and places in jails to house them.

  4. Dear Hussein,

    We have no detailed knowledge of what Najib did which is morally wrong other than this Altantuya tragedies, Scorpian submarine scandal. We have no knowledge of Najis's sexual escapades such as the fornications you mentioned. Can you flesh it out with details? Thank you.

  5. You ask that I give names - yes I have names, I have details - what good will that do? The girls involved will be shamed because they are now married with children and living 'decent' lives now - and I do not want to wreck their lives.

    Even with names Najib will deny - does he not deny his involvement with Razak Baginda with Altantuya?
    He was not even brought into court!

    Anwar was dragged through the courts on sodomy charges which were later thrown out - but the damage has been done!

    In as long as Najib follows what Mahathir wants him to do he will be OK. Just see if he ever goes again the Mother of all Prime Minister!

    No my friend we do what he does to us..he hides behind the Prime Ministership - I hide behind what ever I can and still keep throwing rocks at him for as long as I can!

  6. Dear supporter,

    I can tell of one but I am not sure whether HH will approve this.

    One fine night in the 90s, the PM with unquestionable moral was caught with an actress/singer in a hotel in PD by the enforcement officers of Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri Sembilan.

    The 'Angel' would have been prosecuted for "khalwat" had he been an ordinary citizen. With the clout that he had, he called another 'Angel', the MB of NS at that point in time.

    You know lah Malaysian politics. Only the ikan bilis get prosecuted. The sharks wriggle out of the net.

    That's why this 'Angel' backed the other 'Angel' to be the candidate during the last by-election.

    Come on maaa, you scratch my back, I will scratch yours laa when the time come.

    Oh, I forgot to mention. The singer/actress was making hell of a fuss denying the incident and this 'Angel' quieeettt like tikus.
    Similar to the incident when Govind Singh Deo linked him to Altantuya during a parliamentary sitting that led to GSD suspension.

    Oh sorry, it is morally wrong for me to talk bad about others.

  7. ..and just to add to that - in another incident :

    The NS State Mufti resigned as a result of the “BUANG KES”. The poor actress was put into a spot, she was black listed by RTM even

    any others?

  8. amboi amboi, cerita ni betul ke tak.
    Dia look innocent saja.

  9. It's becoming sensational ... a bit at a time. That's the thrill.

    That's the kind of guy we need to be the country PeeM.

  10. Want some more ah?

    This singer/actress my taste maa. To my eyes she is beautiful. I think I have similar taste with the 'big angel'. The only difference is I have no position and so she will not even have a 2nd look at me.

    Oh yes, her daddy is a retired cop with pips on the shoulder.

    Why our beloved angel is so quiet...he knows that the Malays and Malaysians are very forgiving and forgetting.

    And he also know that it is morally wrong if his gomen does not impose RM50 service charge on kaki hutang. His intention is noble. He is encouraging us to bring a lot of cash everytime go shopping so that Mat Rempits and the drug addicts can share the spoil.

    RM 50 equals to RM555 million revenue. Brilliant idea. RM 270 million goes to annual maintenance of the two submarines, RM 285 goes to providing facilities for the incoming F1 team. What you think Tony Fernandes not smart ah? He and his gang only look after the team where he can put big advertisement of his company. The facilities? Who cares about it. Television will not focus on it man. So let the Malaysian goven handle that least glamorous part.

    The telecast will focus on the 1 Malaysia Lotus F1 Team being lapped in every race, or when the car spun out or when the car produce 'smoke screen' from the back and then being lifted by cranes to safety.

    Don't believe ah? Ask Alex Yoong to be honest with his assessment. You all should have read "F1 Rejects" interview with him.

  11. Kasturi, Well said, could not disagree with you. These civil servants, majority of them are not intelligent at all. They can be bought over by simple 'kedai kopi' talk by the UMNO politicians. You know all those talk of, ketuanan Melayu, Bumiputra stuff,and making them go frantic with the talk that all will be lost if opposition come into power including bumiputra rights etc, you know all the shit.Anwar will sell the country to the Chinese and blah blah blah.
    Only, if the civil servants, I mean the majority are intelligent,they should be able to see that the govt has already taken away the rights from Bumi's long-long time ago and that was Maha thir's era. These rights were only for exclusive malay/Bumi cronies only. Get that, cronies ( read my lips ), yeah cronies oooonly.
    So, back to intelligence, which is a rare product among the big majority of civil servants, is vital for a change.The top brass are very very very intelligent, you know they are being from MCKK, overseas education, so they are a bit more intelligent and know how to play their cards to survive. The most intelligent among these brasses are the Commisioners from the Polis Raja Malaysia and then the Army. Of course, I am not leaving the PTD out. So, everyone from the TOP BRASS are playing their cards well and they are don keying,the not so intelligent civil servants into submission to their demands. The problem with these top brass, they try to ( pretend only)inculculate Islamic values to their staff, teaching them values MORAL values butu only on paper and theory because at the end of the day they do things that are not according to JUSTICE. U see when you deny justice to someone, it's like you are doing a GREAT SIN. So, no matter how many times IN A DAY you fall on your knees to repent, God WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU. God only listens to prayers of people who are victims of these INJUSTICES. They will pay for their injustices in due time and that won't be too long. Well, punishment from God can come in many forms including punishing your MOST loved ones. eg.terminal diseases, paralyze due to accidents and so on. That's the reason why providing JUSTICE to someone is very important. I would urge these TOP BRASS people to think for a moment. What is more important, submitting to corrupted 'higher ups' or providing Justice to innocent people. You know holding a person in a lock-up for no reason or on some made up charges just to show the 'higher-ups one's loyalty is a CRIME and GOD never will FORGIVE such wrong doers.
    . So, until then God Bless Malaysia.

  12. anon 10:34,

    Those people are living in heavens on earth. So, let it be for they believe it's fruits of their labor.

    We can not reveal too much about heaven, aren't we ? As more people enter, it will cause the place to be overcrowded.

    If everyone goes to heaven, who's going help to keep the hellfire burning.

    Cheers !!!

  13. nx4get,

    What is that heaven on earth? syurga dunia la tu...he..he..he..I get horny when everytime someone says syurga dunia I know he means that kind of syurga man...I cannot tahan anymore thinking about syurga and with that 'Angel' in mind. Why are you all hide and seek about the angel's name when in one blog her name was posted so boldly with those prominent UMNO men? Why can't we say out her name here is Ziana Zain?

    Sorry I cannot tahan man!

  14. Ziana Zain? Betul ke?

    Mana buktinya?

    Ada clip? Suspense ni.

  15. Woi Suci,

    I said I happened to read it from one blog so boldly stated not only about Najib and Ziana Zain but on other UMNO leaders too. No clip lah, just story. I said out the name here because that blog had already posted the story I wonder why you all play hide and seek about it, that's all, but you ar....he..he..he...semua mau tengok klip saja ya!....aku pun.

  16. Suci Dalam Debu,

    Zaman tu mana ada camera-phone lagi. Yang ada tu Motorola ketul bata aje. Baling kat anjing pun boleh mampus. Pin-hole camera pun masih mahal. Yang low resolution pun hampir RM 2k dan nak pasang pun susah.

    Sekarang jangan main-main. Tengok lah CSL tu. DVD pana dah sampai ke Hang Kong dan Taiwan.

  17. Haiya flend,

    No video clip maa but if you all so desperate to know, I can take to see the person who was in the raiding party that night. He is residing in one of the housing estate in PD.

    This person is down to earth religious. After that night when he saw with his own eyes how that angel shark wriggle free, he told himself, 'enough is enough'. This double standard is not taught in Islam. It's only prevalent in Malaysia.

  18. aisehman Kelis Mas or Keris Mas...if you got that guy who was in the raiding party give me his email or mobile...I can talk and I can write. You guys if you write sure die one!

  19. IAMKHAN said,
    "There won't be enough judges to try all these criminals and places in jails to house them".

    Don't worry, we still have this PUDU JAIL when PR takes over. All the UMNO/BN criminals will then be chucked into this prison and by that time we call it PKBN Jail(PENJARA KRIMINAL BARISAN NASIONAL)with pictures of all these criminals(headed by TDM)displayed on the exterior gated wall of the prison so can be viewed by all and be introduced as one of the country's tourist attractions. How nice if this materialised.

  20. Dear Bros. all,

    We have to do things big now, we have to unleash any wrong doings or true immoral stories of Najib and let all the people know!

    The Appeal Court ruled agaist Anuar and they are in the process of hauling him for good.

    Whats our chance with our dream of
    killing off BN?

  21. Sam,

    We understand each other's most inner feeling about what you mean by killing off BN. But whatever it is in our mind, to dispose of BN is by no other mean but democratic. That we must stick in our mind from now on till election day, we must maintain the impetus of attack on BN, we must stand firm in our good stead that we must vote Pakatan No Matter What!

    And no matter what will happen to Pakatan's leaders, to Nizar, to Anwar, the more they are oppressed the stronger is our will to dispose of UMNO and banish this BN government forever from this land.

    We are people under UMNO's oppression and we have many idols of oppression and we live with the sysmbols of political persecution in the person of Anwar, Kit Siang, Guan Eng and all Pakatan's leaders who have been condemned to confinement in prisons. UMNO has no such symbols other than the symbol as persecutors and oppressors. Pakatan's will is stronger than UMNO's because we have HEROES while there is not a single hero in UMNO other than all ZEROES!

    Right now we must keep making heroes out of all Pakatan's leaders and we must never stop making all UMNO's leaders zeroes! That is our job and we must keep this job up and up, anywhere, at all time!