Sunday 1 November 2009

It was the best of time....comment by monsterball in LKS blog.

#15 by monsterball on Sunday, 1 November 2009 - 12:16 am
One forget why DAP..keDAILan and PAS won so many seats in the 12th GE..winning to govern 4 States plus one…showing the biggest win for Oppositions against UMNO…are basically due to Malaysians have found a strong alternative to UMNO government..and Anwar will be a good PM.
For years Malaysians were never happy with UMNO…suffered and kept silent.. voting for peace and harmony…not because they love UMNO…but because with DAP and PAS together..not strong enough. PAS is also unreliable opposition..therefore best keep supporting UMNO.
Out come Anwar..and Malaysians can see that he should be a better PM than anyone from UMNO.
Finally Malaysians can see a great alternative to UMNO…and above everything else…Malaysians are fed up with UMNO double standards…race and religion massive corruptions…stealing our money openly….without fear…to land in jail….so much so…UMNO is openly telling Malaysians…they own the country and people.
Yes…corruptions is the main reason…why voters gave PR ..strong support.
One totally forget….UMNO is still governing and from day one after 12th GE…never give any co-operation to PR….to create a win win situation for the benefits of Malaysians.
I wonder why are those so expert to judge…PR performances…..or lack results from PR.
Are they…voters .who voted for PR in the 12th GE? Are they really disappointed…or lack of understanding on PR’s difficulties.
Certainly…PR did not show much results….why one forgets…Malaysians do trust them ..especially in Penang…Selangor and Kelantan,…huge millions corruptions no more.
So many smart discussions….which puts some commentators…in show…they are flexible and may or may not vote..change of government..due to this or that shortcomings..faults…found and judged by them.
Some use their political science degree or show how smart they are….yet how stupid they will be…if they do not vote change of government in 13th GE…as PR is surely a good alternative to try out new management…for the sake of no huge billions lost…year in year out…by tax payers…YOU!!
Who knows…PR maybe worst than UMNO…and so we vote them out again in 14th GE…to show politicians….voters are all powerful.
If you have such attitudes…which means…all are FOR change in government…you will not be talking like what I am reading from so many smart tongue twisters and expert judges….which I suspect few are here to agree to confuse in favour…..not to change the government.


  1. Much have been exposed by many profound writers over the blogs on UMNO/BN and this government, there is nothing more the people do not know of the dire situation of this country, that we are more than convinced to stick to vote UMNO/BN out of power come GE13 and change to a new government of Pakatan Rakyat.

    No matter what's going on in Pakatan that we say, we comment and we discuss with all honesty, the end result must not sway our vow away from a solid stand to ship in Pakatan and ship out BN.

    Leave it to god to help us only after we have helped ourselves to vote Pakatan.

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