Friday 13 November 2009

Addicted to Money:

What is now happening in Malaysia is a manifestation of a country whose political leaders are corrupt and deceitful.  It also involves those with little morals, those who are prepared to lie in the name of the Holy Koran, the Bible and in Statutory Declaration and those who will sell their dignity, respect and whatever self worth they have in the name of the mighty Ringgit! Not one or two thousand Ringgits, not even one or two hundred thousand Ringgits but for millions upon millions of Ringgit. Here in Malaysia every thing goes  - all you need to do is to find someone prepared to pay you for lying.

Let us look at the latest issue -  PI Bala. From the time he came up with the second Statutory Declaration the day after his first statutory declaration – both contradicting the other – we are looking at a guy who can be bought! It is just a matter of how much.

From the start I do not believe that any photograph of Najib and Altantuya together has ever existed. If there was one it would have been outed a long time ago.  And there was this matter of Altantuya’s father handing over the photos and other incriminating documents to the Police. Just wait up a minute – are you telling me that he just handed over those documents without making copies? Not possible. I believe no documents were ever handed over to anybody – least of all the Police.

Did Najib have an affair with Altantuya? Given his past activities of the sexual kind – yes indeed – until Rosmah found out! Then Razak Baginda took over. While Razak confessed to having an affair with Altantuya Najib held out because he knew that once he is Prime Minister he could sit on the whole case indefinitely. And he did. I would think that Najib would rather lie to the people of Malaysia then face the wrath of a Rosmah humiliated by the disclosure that her husband had an affair with this lovely Mongolian model.

The two UTK officers will not be hanged and will eventually be released with a generous settlement to allow them to see the rest of their life in relative luxury. And they have enough insurance to ensure that they never go broke – when their money runs out they can always sell their story to the highest bidder unless two things happen. They either get killed or Pakatan Rakyat wins the next election. Then we will have two very talkative UTK officers singing about Najib and Altantuya and reveal the story behind it all. And all for money! 

Now this Bala PI. Is he so stupid as to agree to submit a second Statutory Declaration the day after he has submitted the first one WITHOUT getting the RM5 million promised to him? I doubt it. Did he make the first Statutory Declaration because someone promised him some financial gratification and then did not deliver? Possibly. But again these are conjectures. But we know whatever he did, he did for money.

What is gospel is that this PI Bala  can be bought. Now of what value are the words of this person – whether he talks about Najib, Razak Baginda or his own Father or Mother? Nobody believes him anymore. The only reason that anybody is prepared to ‘work’ with him is to use him in order to malign and get at Najib. I would suggest that neither Pakatan Rakyat nor any credible individual should align themselves with this man. His testimony or any thing that he tells will simply have no value or be believed by any right thinking Malaysian. He is a done deal – what is left is to drag him into court and charge him with making a false Statutory Declaration – that is if that is a punishable offence under Malaysian Law – this only a lawyer would be able to tell us.

More important to us is why this sort of things is happening in our country now? Are statutory declarations worth nothing now? And when will Pakatan Rakyat and UMNO stop making these personal attacks upon each other? People in glasshouses should not throw stones. Are we to see endless sagas of Anwar being drag into court for sodomy?  PI Bala being paraded to tell all he knows about Najib despite him having a credibility problem? When will it all stop? Our country has to bear the shame of having our Politicians with nothing better to do then to go into each other’s personal life and put it out there for all the world to see.

Ok what if the first statutory declaration that Bala made was the correct one? Even if it is true it now becomes untrue because he has contradicted himself. The question I want to ask Pakatan Rakyat when they did the show where Bala came out with his first Statutory declaration is this: Do you not have capable people within your organization to advise you on the likely scenarios of what was likely to happen if Bala went back on his first Statutory Declaration? Obviously “NO”. The next time Pakatan Rakyat wants to come out with some earth shattering exposure  - think and make sure you got all the angels covered. Make sure it does not boomerang and come and bite you on your backside.

I suggest that you leave now Bala to the wolves – to Najib and company. They will know what to do with him. PDRM and MACC comes to mind. Of course we do want to know what he has to say about Najib and Altantuya – but we all know what happened. And Najib is sweating buckets because he knows that Rosmah knows and that is her hold over him. The same hold that Mahathir has over him when he was caught fornicating with that Z girl in Port Dickson by the Religious storm troopers. Isa saved him. Now the favour has been returned. All square.

And this Najib is our Prime Minister! Too many affairs, too many indiscretions, too many corrupt practices to be able to keep paying people to keep quite . There simply are not enough money to keep everybody quiet. And people being people it will only be a matter of time when, like Bala, greed overcomes all other considerations and like Oliver Twist he will tell Najib "Please Sir I want some more!”…more money!

No Najib  - you are simply clueless as to what to do now! Mahathir wants more time to get his son ready for the Prime Ministership. That Din guy (that Minister of Home Affairs lah –who is also Najib’s cousin) also wants more time to prepare HIMSELF for the Prime Ministership…and of course do not forget the other Din guy – Muhyiddin who considers himself the next in line. And just on the fringes of that circle is that son in law of Pak Lah – also bidding his time confident that among all of them he is the anointed one. And all wanting to be Prime Minister not to serve country but for the money they can make for themselves.

And of course in the middle of all this is Najib  with Rosmah by his side – whether he likes it or not!

What all of them do not realize is this. They are all so full of themselves that they forget that it is not they who decide whether they will be Prime Minster of Malaysia – no not them. Come the next General Election it is the people that decides. Now don’t any of you go tell them that. Janggan ganggu musuh anda ketika mereka melakukan kesilapan.

So Pakatan Rakyat forget Bala. Forget about shooting Najib down because if you have not done it by now it is because you do not have the relevant ‘smoking gun’ in as far as Altantuya is concern. In as far as Saiful is concern Najib was caught out telling a lie on why he was meeting with Saiful – but with PDRM and the AG on his side he has no problem in shaking himself free. And whatever Pakayan Rakyat does Najib can do better because he has more money to do things with.

So Pakatan Rakyat cannot get Najib for giving RM$500 million  to Razak Baginda for services rendered. They  cannot get Najib for the murder of Altantuya – nothing will stick to him until he steps down as Prime Minister. Simply because too many people are dependent on Najib staying where he is in order for them to profit financially.  So they will protect him – but once the wall crumbles –  they will desert him like the plague.  Now when will that be? Methinks it will be soon – very soon. Somewhere out there is that bit of factual evidence that will bring Najib down. Whoever that has it can make millions for himself…again that addiction to money!


  1. Another possibility:

    RPK & Bala were having lunch when the call to Bala came from $osmah`s carpetbeggar. What is more likely is that Najib`s brother, thought he could use outdated tricks from Paremaswara`s day to frighten Bala.

    RPK & Bala then figured a way to get as much evidence possible and so now the evidence is coming to surface.

    A few days back cheques of payments made to Bala were posted on RPK`s website.

    I see the whole thing as entrapment of Najib`s boys, and this time the brother is dragged in.

    It is not the money, but the strategy. RM5M would have been nothing compared to the RM500M reputedly received by Najib.

    Bala & RPK set up the whole thing to trap Najib, and for the moment it looks like they succeeded.

    I`m interested in Najib`s swearing at the Penang mosque. It seems Najib insulted Idlam. So what punishment would be meted out.

    -Lim Jit Kit

  2. That was damn good Pak, your whacking on Bala is a matter of principle against a man who played around with statutory declaration and a man like Bala is not to be trusted, he sold his soul to the devil for money, now he is done. When for money he deserted us, now why is he so suddenly brave to pop up again without worrying about his neck? Is it not for money he was lured to come out of hiding? And who cares whose money this time to make him reappear, I will never trust a fickle like him. He is the one man we have to kill first before we kill the snake.

  3. FMZam...I think he is a done deal....he will be looking for his RM5 million ...cannot fault him for trying but who has time for him anymore?

    Lim - I did not hear anything about Najib swearing in any Penang mosque..and I don't think he did. He has more sense than to do that. Anybody heard about this?

  4. Pak,

    When his SD could have changed Najib into history, he blew it. I am not blaming him, I blame our judiciary system that allows Bala and everyone who contempt the court with statutory declaration and yet not taking that as in contempt of court. I don't have to be a lawyer to see one example of:


  5. HH,

    Yes Najib did swear in the mosque. Check this in the internet news archive or can someone post the news article relating to his swearing.

    We have to be consistent in revealing the truth about Najib's integrity and credibility. No one can blame us for being truthful, because he is the country's public servant No.1.

    And as the most important public figure No. 1, he must be subjected to public scrutiny over his repute and integrity. Our nation's image and credibility are at stake, and that being the case, we Malaysians are also looked upon by the international community as a reflection of Najib's kind.

  6. HH,

    Anyone for that matter would succumb to temptation of getting such a huge monetary offer.

    PI Bala could have reacted at that very instantaneous moment that for the sake of his family and future career, perhaps it's worth taking the course of action of retracting the 1st SD.

    Remember, he was under duress and his life being threatened by the C4 people in the corridors of power.

    How would he at that very moment think of the country's image or for that matter his conscience.?

    He thought he might as well take the money, wait for the cheques to clear and then re-surface and do the revelation exercise to tell the truth.

    It is a matter of perception of how one views his actions. And any judgment will always have a personal bias in whatever angle one views it.

    Passing judgment is a free option but always a bias one.

  7. HH,

    I would like to highlight that RPK has an article dated 11 Nov 09 on his new MT website...URL below...which explains why Bala has to write a 2nd SD. RPK was with him then having lunch.

    I have copied and pasted the extract can read the full article by clicking on the URL I have provided below.

    I believe what RPK has recounted.
    The UMNO/BN animal farm played dirty again.....that's what they are famous for.

    RPK wrote:
    "What many did not know is, even as Bala was giving his press conference just before lunch on 3rd July 2008, some security personnel were in front of his house in Rawang. They then kidnapped his family."


  8. HH,

    I would like to highlight that RPK has an article dated 11 Nov 09 on his new MT website...URL below...which explains why Bala has to write a 2nd SD. RPK was with him then having lunch.

    I have copied and pasted the extract can read the full article by clicking on the URL I have provided below.

    I believe what RPK has recounted.
    The UMNO/BN animal farm played dirty again.....that's what they are famous for.

    RPK wrote:
    "What many did not know is, even as Bala was giving his press conference just before lunch on 3rd July 2008, some security personnel were in front of his house in Rawang. They then kidnapped his family."


  9. Yes I have read RPK's article - but was Anwar and his people not able to see this happening? This was an opportunity to break Najib and I am sure that Bala did not do the first SD FOC! It was an opportunity missed. Right now I think Bala is of no use to anybody and more important the Public will not believe anything he says.

  10. It is most difficult to make judgement in cases when the whistle blower being driven to the edge of a cliff. A choice has to be made, to be left alive or be thrown into the ravine. Men are sometimes forced to do something they are so unwilling to do. But in this P.I. Bala's case, he obviously a "Go For The Money" opportunist. There's no doubt about it. Najis is already a PM. Whatever true evidences produced will make no harm to him now. A PM in Malaysia is so powerful that with just a command all the evidences and witnesses magically will turn into rubbish. The only way to get Najis on trial and get convicted (if he is found guilty) is foremostly to have the current UMNO/BN govt toppled by PR. Otherwise, we can just keep dreaming of justice be done in the murder of Altantuya.

  11. Sir,

    I agree with you that the possibility of the picture of Najib with Altantuya in existence is very remote.

    However, I would love to see the port Dickson pics but that would be just as remote too.

  12. MONEY ....