Saturday 21 November 2009

Crimes of Politicians

In Malaysia UMNO has total power to break or make a businessman Either to enrich them or destroy them. UMNO is free to do almost anything it likes in the economic realm. And in an UMNO where principles of any kind are widely regarded with contempt and dishonest politicians are many, the businessman are compel to pay money and bribes   to politicians to do business. 

They will also pay bribes to government officials. Bribes paid as extortion money to avoid being harm by these government officials and bribes that are paid to use government apparatus for their own gains. An economy such as what we have now allows the Government Carte Blanc to intervene in almost any situation - which by its very nature allows for much corruption and immorality.
Now add to this mix Bumiputra Status and the “entitlement syndrome” of the cronies of those in power – then what is created is a façade of big business doing well with preferred Malays. But in reality what happens is that a massive amount of capital is put into efforts to sustain the appearance of prosperity – of success – in the mistaken belief that if such efforts were continued long enough – then the façade of prosperity will become a reality and conceal the initial con! And in all these situations the money to sustain these fraudulent facades comes legally from Public Funds – from EPF, from Petronas, from Proton, Tabung Haji – all government controlled institutions.
These Businessmen continue to produce goods and services which contributes to the creation of wealth that sustains and promotes the nations economic well-being. So the existence of these corrupt politicians and government officials has no actual bearing on business activity.
But the activity of corrupt government officials and politicians is destructive. Why do I say so?
The only legitimate use of power in government is to punish such acts as murder, assault, robbery, rape, kidnapping and fraud. When these acts are ban on pain of punishment by the government then it will make it possible for its people to pursue such positive activity as doing business and earning a living unhindered and thus achieve all the beneficial effects they are capable of achieving –  living their lives in harmony and comfort.
However when a government steps out of this zone of legitimacy and becomes corrupt then it becomes a destroyer in the same manner as criminals. UMNO is guilty of this transgression. So while there are many businessmen engaged in questionable business practices, fraud, bribery and corruption -  the Politicians and Government Officials who determine the administration of these business and choose to overlook these illegal activities by the businessmen are committing massive theft by abusing the trust placed upon them by the people – and taking money from these businessmen without producing goods and services that could contribute to the wealth of out nation. 
Hoever these Politicians and Government officials do not see what they do as genuine crimes but as victimless and economic crimes.
And worse still in our country the politicians have now got around to committing murder through PDRM and MACC and Judicial mayhem through the office of the AG.
While economic crimes might be seen to be victimless crimes- not so murder. The recent suicide of Seetha can directly be linked to the Najib. How so? Simply this. Death in PDRM custody and the gunning down of suspects gunman in shoot out situation have become the norm. Not in the last few months, not in the last one-year  - but in a progression of more and more such acts committed by the Police.
Without rebuke from the Government.
Without any questions being publicly asked of the correctness of such actions.
Without due considerations of the criminal rights to a fair trial.
Now Najib understand this. It is one thing for the police to machine gunned Indian gangsters in a so call shoot out situation  - somehow it can be white washed and hushed down as “the police only doing their job” – but when a mother and her four children take paraquat as a result of one of their own being murdered by PDRM in a shoot out: then having the mother dying as a result of that act: then Najib you are responsible for the death of that mother and the condition her children are in!
Why? Because Najib you are the Prime Minister of this country! You should make it clear to PDRM that the government will not tolerate this kind of criminal behavior by the Police. It must stop. Should stop a long time ago!
Instead what do you do? You keep an IGP that should really be kicked out  - because he is responsible for the actions of his people – when you keep him on that means you condone the action of the Police under this IGP.
The same with Kugan. The same with Teoh Beng Hock. All this happened under your watch Najib. The same with the recent death of the three innocent schoolgirls falling into the river because they went for a 1Malaysia course. And do not forget the eighteen that have died under the National Service program. All this Najib directly to you.
So please from today – before you decide on anything at national level do try to understand what implications it will have on the ordinary citizens of this country. What you decide in Putrajaya will have ramifications on the people of this country. Think. The 1Malaysia F1Team will require much money. Billions of ringgits. All for the benefits of a handful of your cronies. Don’t do it. Do it and you will earn the contempt and disgust of many Malaysian. Common sense should prevail.
You see Najib the excesses of UMNO are now impacting in a very immediate and personal way on the people of this country. Almost each and every citizens of this country have individually felt the effect of something that you have done or not have done in this short time that you have become Prime Minister. Now Rosmah talks about Batik Fashion shows in Monaco! What more foolishness are we to expect from her? A satay evening in Paris? Nasi Lemak in New York?
Turun padang again Najib. Go talk to the people. Do not just listen to them. You must hear what they say before they tire beyond tolerance of your administration. Some empathy of the people’s pain and suffering would help. Some public utterances about the excesses of PDRM would be appropriate. Getting your wife to dress down from an empress to being your wife would be good. And no F1…no 1Malaysia Team F1.   


  1. The need and wants of the human keeps growing. In the 60s, taxi, school bus, and lorry permit does wonders in gaining support from the branch of nay party, be it UMNO, MCA, or MIC.

    Then they wanted more of those. So, in the 70s and early 80s, those permits were given in bulk to bumiputra companies. By mid 80s, it become bigger. There they to under the pretext privatization and to reduce government burden in expenditure and employment. Unfortunately, those never happens. The government expenditure and civil service employment bloated.

    It's smooth sailing as the economy is growing during those time. With the new found wealth of Petroleum, no one realized the whirlpool ahead except for Karpal and Lim Kit Siang. Now, with globalization and uncertainty in world economy, we are seeing the crunch.

    But, the present BN politicians are having the paradigm that they still have rights to rape the nation wealth and it's people as their predecessor did.

    Until there's change in government, there's nothing much can be expected in term of justice, law and order, or economic growth. Whatever being said by those in the corridor of power are just hot air.

  2. You think Pink Lips will pay your words of wisdom any heed, Hussein?
    If you can persuade him to have a change of heart, you deserve the key to the city (any city!)... but, even so, that doesn't make Najib a PM we can admire, respect, love or trust. Waaaaaay too much baggage from 33 years in Umno!

  3. Hi HH,

    Your article just appeared on MT.

    And I commend you on the article presentation - with photos and interlink icons etc.

    This shows you have taken great pains to do research into the article.

    As predicted, your blog will be a potential premier Blog for cyber readers to view.

    Keep up the good work! And I am sure more advertisers will gravitate to your blog.


  4. Malaysia is a country of mediocrity - this is true of all countries that embrace corruption. I can't see how M'sia can be a high income country when a small group of people continue to rape the nation's resources for their own enrichment.

  5. There is nothing but steady diet of bad news daily. A Govt that is supposed to work for the people is busy emptying the country's coffers and creatively finding new ways to extract even more money from the rakyat..not a single project is for the rakyat and we still have over 50% dullards voting for them.

    With all our national resources, our ringgit today should have been on par with the USD but instead, we are 2.5 times LOWER than Spore$$. Rampant and blatant corruption is the cause; the PKFTZ debacle alone would probably devalue our $$ by 20 cents and there's lots more of such shit out there. Where are all the true Muslims who fight for their religion? I am sure Islam does not condone corruption but we do not hear of anyone angry enough to make police reports or demonstrating at this national shame. WHY???

    angela ooi

  6. When the government has complete hold on The Judiciary, we can say the rot is complete.
    That's the situation we have today today.
    Judges are supposed to be man of integrity but what we have are scums who have sold their souls for the 'perk of the bench'.
    The real criminals in Malaysia are the government leaders, Judges, Police, Macc, EC and the senior civil servants.
    Even murder is a plaything to them.

  7. Dear Pak Hussein,

    Allah itu maha kaya dan adil. As a military officer and a leader of men, I have always been reminded that that my actions will be questioned in the hereafter. I have always been guided by this, and if I were to punish a soldier for an offence, I will picture in the mind his family members first. This gives me a reason to be passionate and to accord a just punishment to the soldier.
    In the case of our leaders today, they too understand the same. So let it be Pak Hussein; dan sebagai saorang Muslim, jawab saja lah di akhirat nanti.

  8. Pak HH,

    Thanks for the write up. Wish that 1Najib Jibby will pay heed to your writings but he is too busy counting his money and finding a way to cover his backside following the latest PI Bala's expose.

    On the side, the photo of this 1Couple is really gross. I've never seen such an awful looking couple with the 1Missus looking so horribly stunted and hideous. Both of them looked like paper effigies accompanying a funeral procession where eventually the paper effigies are burned to accompany the departed to the after life.

    Was the photo taken for the Mongolian Lady's funeral and the 1Couple were in fact the paper effigies?? This would really be poetic justice if is is true and the 1Couple will be the Mongolian Lady's slaves in the after life!!!

  9. HH,

    How do you expect PM to reprimand or sack IGP, AG, Judiciary or the boss of MACC? These 3 institutions knows so much secret of the PM and the powerful BN politicians/ministers.

    And the politicians also know so much secret of the heads of these 4 institutions. There is simply too many skeletons in all their closets. Both will not dare take action against each other. There is simply too much at stake. It is like - if you scratch my back, I will scratch your back too. This is FACT.

    If the government of the day is really sincere an honest to effectively reduce corruption, follow ICAC H.Kong in the flwg aspects. Hong Kong is now ranked 12th in the CPI.

    1. Make the MACC independent i.e reporting direct to Parliament not the PM.
    2. Offer amnesty except for those cases involving substantial amount of money i.e close old chapter and open new chapter and move forward steadfastly from thereon- no compromise.
    3. Empower them to investigate, with or without reports, those who are known to live way beyond their known legal income. If they cannot find any evidence of corruption charge them under the IRB Act for under declaring their income. Many corrupt individuals in this country falls under this category.

    e.g Salary + other legal/legitimate income = 6k/mth but with fixed expenses and living a lifestyle like those earning 50k/mth. You can find many such individuals in this country especially those who have the power from the lowest rank to the highest.

    Honestly with the way things are going,I do see a light at the end of the tunnel for this country. There is simply no political will to change. Do these politicians realize that corruption will breakdown society and ultimately destroy the country? Their future generation will suffer too. History has shown that many civilizations collapse because of corruption.

    The only alternative is for a regime change. I just hope more right thinking Malaysians can do something - through the ballot box. We have to do it for the sake of our children and our future generations.

  10. HH,

    ArshadRaji commented:
    .......'So let it be Pak Hussein; dan sebagai saorang Muslim, jawab saja lah di akhirat nanti'

    Sorry, my Bahasa Malaysia not that good. Just wonder what was he trying to imply? Is it 'Just answer in the hereafter?' Care to comment?

  11. Steady la your analysis!! This is exactly what I don't understand why someone such as you with a clear feel for the pulse is outside the system whereas the f..morons who no clue are in it!!

    Steady my friend! Stay Well..

  12. I guess if you believe in God answer to him!

  13. The split between action and claims grows wider. The recourse to religious, racial, political and other flavours of propaganda grows more shrill, in attempting to distract from the neglect, atrocities and plunder. Emblematic is the facade of a "green" land. Stop along any road and look through the trees. In a "developed" state, you see more suburbia, or exposed earth and pools of water. In a "backward" state, you see the achievements of "sustainable" forestry.

  14. Aiyah why waste your breath on the PM? This PM so untrustworthy and so many his own deeds including the c4 murder involvement still a suspect, unsolved. Might as well concentrate on changing the PM come next GE

  15. What???? We "The People" wants NAJIB to listen to commoners on the Ground???? You mean NAJIB???? How could a Two-Legged PIG going to commoners when he knows that he'll need up in Pork Stew and Bak Kut Teh?????

    That SHIT-HEAD will only listen to "The People" Commoners when the Malaikat Maut knocking his Forehead and ripping away the "Pink Lips".

    "The People" had chosen a faggot and being faggot, the Commoners deserved what leadership they voted for.

    One SHIT-HEAD still smells Shit even in disguised as Human!

  16. There is no way Malaysia can be saved from being doomed unless a change of govt is realised. But the question that often popped up among the skeptics is - Can we live to see this happen? This is in view of the pathetic situation in the PR coalition where PAS is constantly failed to see big pictures, to differentiate between the trees and the forest. All PAS leaders care about are the petty Islamic issues that often ending up at loggerhead with own allies rather than to look into the serious national threatening issues that UMNO/BN have been abusing, putting the whole nation and the people in jeopardy.
    PAS is not a mere Muslim-Displinary Organisation but most importantly a Political Party which has very much graver responsibilities, as to look after the people survival needs and the whole nation in general to make sure that it is righteously governed. All these are supposed to be given the highest priority but the usual impression of PAS to the people is - PAS doesn't have what it takes to partake together with DAP and PKR in dethroning the current evil regime of UMNO/BN and they are more concern to introduce talibanization of the states it has power in. Thus, this resulted the faith in PAS is simply not concrete enough to garner a wider strong support from the people even from among the moderate Muslims. Do PAS leaders know what the people want? Will they do what expected out of them? We just let the time tell us.

  17. It is asking too much of him. How do you expect him to understand the realities of life when he has never lived life as a normal working man? He has been privileged all his life! I cannot fathom a man who will not bail out water from a leaky boat. This is truly hara-kiri! Somebody should relieve him of his duties - however the grass isn't so much more greener on the other side.