Monday 16 November 2009

Our Flag ...our country...a comment.

steadyaku47 comment: When ever I get comments that argues rationally what they want to say - for or against what I write - I think I should give them their say - here is one such comment. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Our flag...Our country!": 

Brave talk my friend. How do you propose to do it when the corruption is so steep in the fabric of the culture. Look at every successive wave of Malay leadership, supported by their equally corrupt Chinese and Indian allies. How could we have the bad luck to have inherited an unbroken series of corrupt leadership?

When corruption is so endemic, so steep within the culture, so that every fresh faced leader who surfaces is soon infected, what do you expect to happen to the next fresh faced leader?

Note that the most corrupt and ruthless Malay leaders also claim to be religious and pious. And the Malay / Islamic / religious leadership is sitting quietly, presumably sanctioning it all. If pious, religious, Muslim leadership can be so corrupt, what hope is there for you, raving and ranting as you do from Adelaide? They have Allah on their side. Who do you have?

Get real my friend!! I don't mean to be nasty. But really, is there any hope when the majority of Malays are happy with the corrupt situation?

Only those who feel they've been left out of the looting and pillaging are unhappy. The rest are happy to continue looting and pillaging, directly or by proxy.

The fight against corruption and mismanagement must be based on something more substantial than dissatisfaction borne out of being shut out of the party. Because the solution to that kind of dissatisfaction is a simple invitation to join the party, to be part of the looting, and that will right everything.

Scan the horizon. Do you see any messiah amongst the Malay intelligensia who is bright, incorruptible and gifted? There are many. They are all in the hands of the present leadership.

steadyaku47 response:
If you tell me before the last GE that Selangor will be PR I will laugh in your face. If you tell me that Anwar will be leader of an opposition that had over 50% of the people’s vote – again I will laugh in our face. And if you tell me that there will be thousand and thousand of Rakyat prepared to demonstrate against the ISA I will then ask you to go away and not disturb me with your lunatic rantings!

There are a few people in our Nation’s history that we can be proud of. Honest and incorruptible. Tan Chee Koon comes to my mind. Lim Kit Siang comes to my mind. And among those who have Allah on their side I have some  – Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Ismail Rahman, Tun Ismail Ali and Tun Salleh Abbas and all these Tun’s stand head and shoulders above any Malay leaders that we now have.

Now why am I ranting from Adelaide? One reason is so that people like you will read what I write and put your thoughts for or against what I write on paper. Then I post your comments and others will read it and make their conclusions and if they are inclined  - also make their own comments. And so my friend begins the process of making everybody else aware of our thoughts and our beliefs. Then we know who are with us and who are not and more important their reasons for making that decision. Now because UMNO knows that there just might be enough people to vote them out of office come the next GE they have begun to take note. Yes they still rob us blind but they are more careful how they do it. The process for change, however excruciatingly slow has started.

This process of change will transcend race and religion. Do I see any Messiah amongst the Malays to lead this country? Why amongst the Malays only? Did you think Americans would have chosen Obama for President five years ago? He was a man of his times. There will be one for Malaysia too – a man or women for our times in Malaysia. And all we need is just one leader  - not two, three or a dozen. We just need one leader who will be the leader of our times. He will be our Prime Minister and nobody else – the people will make sure that happens.     


  1. I would fully agree with you that the process of change had started as evidenced from results of the last general elections. There will be changes even among those who supported the change as well as fresh support from those who did not, which is an inevitable process.

    One of the reasons why long serving parties failed must be the accumulation of people who are discontented because of one reason or other. Just imagine those who lost out because they were not with the ruling parties; those who lost out because of unfair treatment in education; employment and business; those whose close family members were killed by the police under suspicious circumstances; and so on and so forth.

    There is no doubt money can buy up some oppositionists, but the people will soon realize who to support to effect change. Just imagine any of the Perak turncoats standing for re-election! Generally, many have already decided that they would vote for any candidate but those from BN! Better a sincere newhand than a corrupt oldhand.

  2. Sir Steadyaku, may I now if you are a registered voter in Malaysia?

    Thank you

  3. Play that Blame Game, blame it on the Malays for being happy with the corrupt situation while the non-Malays who are also happy with corruption are left off the hook when they voted BN at Bagan Pinang.

    If corruption is the sole reason, then why is that all those non-Malays who knew damn well that this government is so corrupt yet they voted Isa Samad?

    60% of Malaysians are Malays and if you said majority Malays are supporting corruption that leave us with 10% uncorrupted Malays. What happened to the 40% non-Malays? Don't the non-Malays see that they cannot afford to give one single vote to BN to keep this country in 50-50 balance and yet they still give? Why? Was it corruption that makes the non-Malays love BN?

    So don't just bash the Malays, bash the non-Malays too and bash them like hell so they cannot stay with that TIDAK APA attitude to go with corruption just because they are not the majority corrupted as the Malays. OK?

  4. I agree with you 110% FMZam.

    The non-Malays though did not vote Pakatan not becoz they like corruption.

    I think in their funny world of theirs, the non-Malays thinks issues like Hassan Ali, beer sales and proposed concert bans are BIGGER and MORE important issues to vote Barisan Najis.

    I have repeated this many times, the non-Malays are just shooting themselves in the foot going around saying they vote UMNO to teach PAS a lesson.

    They dont know UMNO will screw them over kaw kaw with more fundamental issues!


  5. Sir,

    May I know the reasons that you are not a registered voter in Malaysia despite having lived here for so long?

    I hope every eligible Malaysian, especially the young ones will get themselves registered in order to play a vital role in democracy.

  6. Suci Dalam Debu..yes you may know why I have never registered as a voter. I left Malaysia over 30 years ago because of the same reason that i am now writing this blog...

  7. Dear Encik HH

    What do you think of this set of ideas:

    After a regime change, the new Govt recognises dual citizenship; lets ex-Malaysians reapply for Malaysian citizenship; lets ex-Malaysians apply for Malaysian permanent residency

    If we have 1 million Malaysians and ex-Malaysians residing overseas, just think about the great benefits to our beloved nation even if only 100,000 return with their human capital and their financial capital!

    I bet you that most of these returnees will be progressive in their politics and political choices too ;-)

    Phua Kai Lit

  8. Dear Hussein,
    I'm about your age and like you live outside the country, in Singapore. We probably went through the same system and grew up in the same environment when race was not an issue and meritocracy the norm. I share many of the view and hope you expressed, like being despondent and stoical about change prior to August 2008. Like you I felt a glimmer of hope for our country and fully support the idea that Pakatan deserves all our support, if not for anything else, at least for a change. Nothing can be worse than the status quo with all vital institutions of state - Judiciary, Civil Service, Police, MACC etc - being politicised and undermined. I believe the majority of officers in these institutions are good honest and professional officers (witness the anonymous letter on MACC letterhead referring to Teoh Beng Hock's murder)denied of the opportunity to perform their duties honestly and professionally. The problem lies with the few rotten heads at the top. We do have the messiahs in Tok Guru Aziz, Lim Kit Siang and Anuar Ibrahim. They deserve our support and should be given a chance to show what they can do. Lim Guan Eng in Penang has already given us a glimpse of what can be in store if PR is in power. And he won kudos from no less an institution than the Auditor General. If the ordinary Malay Malaysian can be made to see the injustice, even to the ordinary Malay, in the implementation the NEP and the massive corruption that exists, they will probably be able to resist the temptation of selling their votes for a pittance at the next GE. I believe a majority of the non-Malay votes will remain with PR. Therein lies our hope. KAC45