Thursday 19 November 2009

Cakap cakap.....Syariah Court

Wednesday, 18 November 2009 Super Admin
(The Edge) - Barisan Nasional's (BN) Datuk Mohamed Aziz today issued a stern warning for non-Muslims to stop interfering in Islamic affairs and laws in questioning the controversial sentencing of Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno for drinking beer in public.
Woi Mat I am a Malay…so I am also a Muslim. You say that you “cannot stand it when non-Muslims insult the law of Islam”. Ok what about when Muslims insult the law of Islam? The Syariah courts have sentenced Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno to be caned six times and fined RM5000. What happens?

The muslim model sentenced to be caned for drinking beer won a surprise reprieve when religious officials delayed her punishment until after the fasting month of Ramadan”
Prime Minister Najib Razak, meanwhile, urged the 32-year-old mother of two, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, to appeal her sentence, in the strongest sign yet that the Malaysian government was seeking to head off a punishment that could badly damage its international reputation.
The fasting month is long over. Those Religious Officials have still not carried out the sentence. And Najib has also asked her to appeal her sentence. Are these Muslims not insulting the Syariah Court because they dispute the decision of that Syariah Court? Go and invoke the contempt of court action against these people – Najib and the Religious Officials!
Have you asked the Syariah Court what they are doing about putting Razak Baginda on trial for his admitted affair with Altantuya? What about our Chief Justice and his illegal marriage across the border? Did he not commit Khalwat too? Or maybe nothing happened between those two? What about the Sultan of Pahang and his daughter, whom he begets out of wedlock – go ask the Syariah Court to do a DNA and resolve the matter once and for all. If the Sultan Of Pahang is not the father then he can sue the girl and her mother for defamation (after all he does need the money!). If he is the father then do the right thing and take care of her and her mother…should you not marry her Tuanku?
And then there are the other Sultans and VIPs who are fornicating outside their marriage all over Kuala Lumpur! Go make some noises in Parliament Mat and get the Syariah Court to do their duty. And do not forget that Raba Raba Minister in Washington. Recall him and cane him because he has been a naughty boy!

Then you can bring up in Parliament the many many Muslim girls in the Karoke Bars, the Night Clubs, the Spa and Massage Parlors who are under the protection of IPK Selangor and the Vice Squads goons.
When you have finished with them you can start with your fellow MP’s. You do not have to go far…there are some within the Cabinet itself. And they are all Muslims!
That is why Mat people are commenting on what the Syariah Court is doing. Have you not heard people say that Justice must not only be done but it must be seen to be done? Going after a 32 year old women drinking beer in a hotel lobby in Cherating Kuntan is not the way to go if you want to get respect.
So do not tell the non Muslims not to interfere in the business of the Syariah Court. These people know better then to interfere in the affairs of the Malays…what more their religion. It is when people like you who  makes political capital out of religion that brings shame to us Malays and the Syariah Court – because when you do that you only bring attention to the workings of the Syariah Court – which should be best kept within the Islamic community. You stupid git!   


  1. Salam Pak HH,

    In 1Malaysia, there is 1 set of laws (or above the law) for UMNO muslims and another set of laws for non UMNO muslims and a third set of laws for non muslims and non malays (aka pendatangs).

    Only UMNO muslims are true muslims. Only UMNO malays/mamaks/arabs/indons are true malays. All non UMNO muslims and non UMNO malays are second class citizens. All non muslims and non malays are third class pendatangs (note: not even considered citizens because UMNO muslims/malays say so).

    Pak HH, any idea what has happened to Islam Hadhari since our sleepy PM vacated his seat. I remembered every UMNO muslim/malay was parroting and echoing the sleepy PM's Islam Hadhari until kingdowm come during the sleepy PM's reign but it looks like Islam Hadhari had it's day (Had Hari) and it's dead now. Islam Hadhari has became Islam Harakiri because it died with the sleepy PM's departure.

    Long live 1Malaysia, Truly the World's 1Big Joke.

  2. This Islam Hadhari sudah pergi or sudah mari...I really don't you say it must have committed Harikiri because it cannot mari mari...

  3. Kah, kah, kah

    Yeah right, no one can question about Islamic affairs. When people question of their action, it's always stern warning, like they the only ones doing the right thing.

    I got two questions for these so called champions of Islam. Sorry, I can't afford to offer RM 1 million for good answers. First, how come after more than 50 years of independence, these UMNO can't even standardized the syariah law under the federal government. The country is so small in term of it's geographical boundaries and Muslims population.

    Second, why two sets of law of for the ruling elite and one for the opposition and common people on the streets. Is that stated in the Quran or Sunnah ? Perhaps, these champions like to seek clarification from their mufti's and syariah law practitioners. Otherwise, the syariah law itself is a joke.

    I embraced Islam at my will and wholeheartedly but to you Datuk Aziz I like to say POODAH !!! ... you say things without thinking and hide behind religion for Allah doesn't need you to protect his religion.

  4. Saudara HH,

    Steadyaku47 Blog has become my premier blog to visit every time when I switch on my computer.

    Your incisive, no hold barred comments set far apart from the rest of other blogs on the question of being candid, forthright & honestly blunt.

    Yes mate, sock it to them. You are epitome of all the expressions of rationale and sober minded people who dare to say as it is- from the heart.

    You should also comment on the recent statement by the Deputy Education Minister - that Fuad fellow - who said that speaking English in Malaysia is a weird culture!.

    By the way, can you install an icon where one can enlarge the icon for reading visibility, just like the A+ A- that MT has on top of the screen page?

  5. u muslims there termasuked pm & dpm , dun u campur tangans in the non-muslim MCA internal affair, ok ?

  6. dun intervene in mca feud kalau lu olang moslems , ok ?