Tuesday 3 November 2009

Cakap cakap..Mahyuddin and Malay traitors.

I think we should give Mahyuddin some space. Najib has put the anus...ooopps sorry ...the onus  of keeping the opposition in line on him. Lately we have seen him lose his cool a number of times- the most recent was when he had that outburst about Malay traitors. I know that he did not mention me by name but I knew he was talking about me. Not Anwar as everybody seems to think. But me! I know Mahyuddin very well…he does not know me but I know him! 

“It has become my responsibility,” Muhyuddin was reported to have said, “to oppose these individuals who are only after their own political interests at all costs. Well I hope that he will not expose himself…I mean oppose the individuals himself at all costs because he is talking about money politics again…costs, money…paying what price asked! I believe that UMNO has declared that there are against money politics…. Well at least in public they have! 

As DPM he has control over all the organs of Government to ensure that they will work towards keeping the numbers of these traitors down….in the process I hope he will also make sure to keep HIS organ down…focus on the job at hand! Don’t be like that raba raba Minister! 

I wish him fuck…sorry I mean luck in his endeavours. It is no easy teats…I mean feat for him to go look for these Malay traitors. For start he would have to travel back into time to catch the first Malay to be called a traitor by UMNO- none other then Datuk Onn Jaafar – who insisted that UMNO accept as members people of other races who were prepared to give their all to the country. For these thoughts he had to part company with UMNO. So if Mahyuddin is looking for traitors then good luck to him. Can you imagine him trying to tell Dato Onn what to do? Huh!


  1. Pak,

    Don't worry, when he comes looking for you, I'll stand up and say "I am Hussein".

  2. Ok..I just hope you are as handsome as me..if not they are not getting value for money !

  3. Muhiyddin is such a hopeless minister !! being a DPM cum Education minister,what has he been doing all this while !! Our education systems are still in a mess !!

    Muhiyddin, hang memang tak boleh pakailah,baik undur saje, rakyat dah muak tengok muka hang !!