Wednesday 4 November 2009

Zorro unmasked - with PDRM !

"Sieg...Heil! sieg...Heil! sieg...Heil!
"Heil, mein Führer!"

And now they have asked Zorro Unmasked to be their guest at Commercial Crime behind Bank Negara today at about 3pm! Harris was with Bernard.

Always these UMNO bastards ask PDRM to do their dirty work for them! Of what danger can an old man like Bernard do to them? God be with him.

Always we must remember “KEEP THE ANGER!” For their sake let us hope that we will never have to SHOW our anger. For now these Nazi’s who call themselves UMNO will have the upper hand over us. Sieg Heil ! Sieg Heil Mein Furhrer ! But in the end we know what  happened to the Third Reich! Their time will come!


  1. We will fight UMNO, we will fight BN, we will fight this government, WITH or WITHOUT Zorro. They can take Zorro today, they can take Zorro tomorrow, until they fill every lock up and jail with Zorro but they cannot take Zorro away from us, because I am Zorro, you are Zorro and WE ARE ZORRO.

  2. The time will come when some of us cannot tolerate the celaka anak haram Umno anymore. Then the some of us will terminate them one by one. Don't say we never warn the bastards Umno. Everything got its limit.

  3. I suppose Najib will call for a general snap election right after sarawak state election which I think will be pretty soon. My reason is simple....1)Sarawak election will see a big swing towards the opposition front...maybe BN sarawak might be toppled 2)To catch the opposition front unprepared in Sabah 3)with an early elections, more youth will be caught unregistered as voters.

    However my friends...always remember this in every elections....UR1 VR2. Together we can destroy umNO.

  4. HH and FMZam.....thanks....I am one...with both of you WE are THREE. Salute.