Tuesday 3 November 2009

MACC - See the elephant?

MP among three charged
A Member of Parliament and two aides of politicians from Selangor were slapped with charges involving false claims and cheating, at the Shah Alam Sessions Court today.

please see this video:


How come MACC cannot see this big elephant that is in their corner?

Palatial residence of Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, the former Chief Minister of the Selangor state.

  another angle of the same elephant

And one more for the road

And the guy who owns this was formerly MB of Selangor. This is how he looks - in case you do not have an image of him!

If MACC still cannot see the elephant then try look up the defination of GAJAH - it is the same thing! And to save you the trouble of doing investigative work because you are too busy chasing Pakatan Rakyat's people - I attach herewith the relevant information that can put this greedy Menteri Besar in Sungai Buloh for a great deal of years.

DAP’s Ng See Lim on July 6, 2009 revealed documents which allegedly confirms allegations which first surfaced over the Internet months ago that Dr Khir owns the mansion on Jalan Suasa 7/1L in Shah Alam, that costs upwards of more than RM23 million. He said the resort-like home of the former mentri besar had been built on two plots of land measuring over 50,000 sq ft or 1.17 acres, dwarfing the infamous Istana Zakaria built by the late Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros.

In his rebuttal, Khir Toyo said he took a RM3.5 million loan to buy a sprawling Balinese-style mansion in an exclusive neighbourhood, brushing off allegations that the property is valued at RM24 million. He has threatened to sue Sekinchan Assemblyman Ng Swee Lim for making the claim, pointing out that HSBC would not have approved the loan if it was not above board and also countered claims that he could not afford to purchase the house on what he was being paid as mentri besar at the time.

Ng continued focusing his attacks on Khir’s finances, and argued that it was also not possible for the Khir to afford the RM3.5 million loan he claimed to have taken from HSBC to buy the mansion. He alleged that Dr Mohd Khir would have to pay RM16,000 a month to service the loan, while his allowance as opposition leader was just over RM8,000 a month. Khir explained that he was able to pay the housing loans as his side income as a dentist was high because he not only specialised in dentistry but also specialised in cosmetic dentistry and that the cost of a dental implant was anything between RM40,000 to RM50,000. This was however disputed by PR assemblyman and state executive council member Dr Xavier Jeyakumar who said there was no way Dr Mohd Khir could have been practising dentistry legally while still the mentri besar. He had made checks with the Malaysian Dental Association showing that Khir did not have a licence to practise during the eight years while he was mentri besar and only just renewed his licence. When Dr. Khir was a Menteri Besar he earn about RM48,000 per month. Before he was a Menteri Besar he earned about RM60,000 a month as a dentist. After 2007, he own a few business which include a dentistry clinic and a pharmacy 


  1. History has shown that all great empires fall because the leaders and it's machineries are defending their corrupt ways of life.

    In Malaysia, UNMO and the malay official thought they are defending the malays and it's rights. But, the forgot they are looting the nation. That is, make whatever and as much as they can and never mind the rest. A time will come where their wealth is worthless.

    Is this empty talk. Look back during Japanese invasion on Malaya or the Vietnam war ... the answer is there.

    For us, it may not be war per say, but globalization. We are lacking defense. We are lacking knowledge and do work with know who.

    Ultimately, we'll be colonize and enslave again.

    Still not convince ... answer this yourselves. Which local company gives better perks than MNC operating it the country. Secondly, when Tesco and 7-11 open their outlet, local retailer are feeling the pinch.

    To my malays friends, can you stop these with corruptions. Good luck, if you think it's possible.

  2. Pak,

    That aerial photograph of his palace, if it can be clearly taken from the air, it can be dropped with a bomb from a small plane, say a 10 gallon pigsheet bomb would be enough to smash through its roof and landed right into the house. He sure would not want to stay there anymore.

    Waste my time talking about this motherfcuker...

  3. Wait a minute folks!
    The MACC is actually leaving all the big fishes and big cases for PR gormen to deal with lah.

    They are not running away, becos all of them will lose their jobs and they will be investigated too!

    We shall see the fun, who will jump down from 62nd floor?

    Incidentally the new MACC office will be at 62nd floor at KLCC better fung shui more airy and better for high jumpers !


  4. MACC is full of shit. Why only Selangor? why not Sarawak where the Taib's family openly secured big contracts from the state govt. Go check CMS. Maybe a few other UMNO states like Johor and Pahang. Dont tell me MACC, that no other states is capable of corruption. It's so pathetic to charge the Sabak Bernam umNO MP just to show that they are independant so that they can engage full gear 'to go fishing' in Selangor to try topple the PR govt on Najib's instruction.

  5. Thank goodness MACC is curbing corruption. We need to start from small and work on big fish few years later.

  6. Malaysian,

    OK lah ... start small grow big. Let it be a training for those in MACC.

    Let us see, many are charged but how many and who will be convicted.

    Cheers :-)