Thursday 5 November 2009

Cakap cakap..the UMNO goons! Damm them!

It would seem to me that the UMNO government that we now have under Najib sees its enemies to be everywhere. It is not enough that they use all the machinery of state to suppress the opposition, the ISA to stifle dissent in the most barbaric manner, the Judiciary, Police and MACC to harass and beat its own people. All this I see as an affront to the democratic principals that the government profess themselves to champion. And all this I see from afar and commented from afar. And it all seems to me to be a world apart because I see but I was not part of it. Until now. Yesterday they called in Bernard of Zorro Unmasked for reasons best known to those goons from PDRM for questioning. Today I finally realized that money can be deposited into my Bank Simpanan Account – but it could not be taken out. So I am out of a few hundred dollars – but I think in the long run it is BSN and the government that will be the loser.

I have had people ask that I use another Bank for them to deposit donations for steadyaku47 because they were uncomfortable in using BSN. I did not heed their advice. Now their fears are realized. I am out of a few hundred dollars but BSN loses some more of its credibility, its customers and of course my service.

If by doing this they think it will make my life difficult – yes they are right. It is causing problems for me to go on with my blog, harder for others to access my blog and harder for me to access my own blog. Emails sent and received are going haywire. And maybe I might have to stop for a while because this is my son’s computer and I do not want what I do to compromise his computer and affect his studies. I have not receive enough donation to do what I want to do to ensure that steadyaku47 proceeds without interruptions. And if I do stop they can say that they have succeeded in putting me out of business. But it will only be for a while until I get my resources together again. All that this will do is to make me more determine to be in business against those bloody goons and bastards. I will not stop.

All that I want is that through my writing bit by bit it this will go towards turning another one Rakyat against them – and for me that is enough. If one of those that read this is turned against opening an account at BSN, at doing business with BSN and at condemning at the manner in which the government conducts itself: that will do for me. That is all that I seek – just one a day turned against the government of Barisan Nasional – of UMNO – that is enough for me. One a day against UMNO is reason good enough for me to continue with this Blog. One a day is good enough reason for me to lose a few hundred dollars from the closure of my BSN account. All this will add up  - come the next general Election let us hope that this one a day can make that difference. The difference between Pakatan Rakyat an UMNO being in Power!

You are ONE, with me we are TWO   


  1. Dear Encik Hussein Hamid

    Your excellent commentaries are making a splash over here in Malaysia. YB Lim Kit Siang
    posts your commentaries on his blog.

    So ... you are indeed making a difference! Keep going please!

    Phua Kai Lit

  2. HH you and your GOON can go to HELL !!! PERVERT

  3. BACING (HH)serve you right. Ha! Ha!

  4. Mua hua ha ha ha

    Here we go again. The ruling elite show "might is right."

    If BN seriously wanted feedback from it's people, blogs are good starting point to get feedback. Unless, they are not interested in getting real feedback. The feedback from their strong supporters are artificial as those only interested in "what's in for me." Resolve those public grouses, things will just fall in place.

    Yes, it's not going to be easy to pleased all the the people at the same time. But, a step at a time, surely all will get there.

    Using might to suppress all those public sentiments will not work. It's going to cost more as time goes by. No amount of public relation work going to solve the problem of the so called "anti-establishment" or the "unpatriotic" lots. It's the good deeds that will allow those in the opposing views to embrace the aspiration to nation building.

    Otherwise, each will lead in their own ways and nothing get done.

    Cheers !!!

  5. Hello Anonymous Pervert and Anonymous Bacing, don't worry we'll go to hell and be damn sure you and all UMNO Malays wait for us there, for we will keep you all burning even in HELL! All filthy rich Melayu UMNO know they will burn in Hell, Neraka Jahanam punya Melayu ialah UMNO!

    Burn UMNO for they are fit to be the fodder for hellfire!!!

  6. FMZ,

    Chillex !!!

    We should be thankful to Anon Pervert and Anon Bacing. They've come to read what's going on at this blog. They've must enjoyed the post and comments here. Surely, they come and visit more often either as active participants or viewing on the sideline.

    What's more revealing is that their mind had been short-circuited. That's why every sentence comes with profanity. They don't believe what they stand for but accusing others of being wrong.

    Well, there's a quote that says go to heaven if one want serenity and go to hell if want company. By the look of their writings, they want company. So, bienvenue à bord ... ha, ha, ha.

  7. Yes FMZam,
    Don't give a damn to these UMNO cyber troopers. Welcome them. The more they curse, the more their blood pressure rises. The more they read and hate this blog, the more their pulse palpitates. They will eventually one day kill themselves. It's a SUICIDE. Why worry, it's an ideal suicide ground for these stupid fools, Anonymous Pervert & Anonymous Bacing.

  8. anon pervert or bacing = hantu yg sama2 !