Monday 2 November 2009

Cakap Cakap...THINK !

Has it ever occurred to UMNO what would happen to their corrupt leaders when UMNO is out of power? Will the incoming Government put them in jail and throw away the keys?  Any government taking over from UMNO will have a field day trying to decide what charges to work on first. Corruption, collusion with Government officers to serve the vested interest of UMNO….the whole lot of them should be shaking in their shoes – if not already wetting their pants.  It is amazing for me to watch them all go about with the business of governing Malaysia as if it was their own grandfather’s company. Ok for Najib and Hishamuddin they might claim that having their fathers as Prime Minister does give them the right of abode to Sri Perdana. Think again. Even now all their deeds and every action is being watched, recorded and dissected by the Malaysia public. The cyber world knows no mercy to those that chose to take public office without committing themselves to the path of honesty and accountability. Very very unforgiving as you are finding out now! You see what is already happening to Mahathir and Pak Lah – the cyber world has no respect to title or past glories or position.  And you guys deserve no less!

I am sure in their moments of clarity they will give thoughts to what would be their fate with the coming of Pakatan Rakyat into Government.  It will be a record of sorts – to have the top three or four leaders of the incoming PKR government already spending time under ISA! Can you just imagine how it will be for all of us to be able to put Najib, Mahyudiin etc under ISA?  It would be interesting to see what they do? Go overseas to live and escape prosecution or stay to clear their name? Methinks they will follow Amin Shah and Razak Baginda!

With all the power and arrogance taken out of these UMNO guys what then is left? Groveling for their freedom and mercy? I suggest that they start to think  - and maybe once the fear of God is within them there might be some humility and sanity in the things that they now do to our country and its people.    

Our problems are political problems. First of all we need to make our government responsible for all the people of Malaysia, not just UMNO. After 50 years of UMNO this is what the Deputy Prime Minister has to say yesterday ““I cannot imagine how our country will be if we (Barisan Nasional and Umno) are no longer in power after the general election,” he said when opening the 11th annual general meeting in Kuala Lumpur of Perdasama, an association for Malay businessmen. In as far as UMNO is concern the priority is staying in power – not us. So REGIME CHANGE!

Do we have the courage to take arms against this present corrupt government? Against UMNO? We have the numbers! Do you think without guns and ammuitions – without weapons it would be foolhardy for us to do so? Maybe but it is time for us to begin to think that possibility. That possibility will become a necessity if UMNO continues to do as it does now!

Anwar wants to be Prime Minister? What is the problem with that? He was Deputy Prime Minister before Najib or Mahyuddin. Before Pak Lah even! So what is the problem? Is there anybody better qualified then Anwar to be Prime Minister of Malaysia now? If so then let him stand up.

I keep hearing that Anwar set up Keadilan after he was kicked out of UMNO. What do you expect him to do after what Mahathir and UMNO had done to him? Crawl into a hole and die? It might have been his idea but it was Azizah that did all the work. Do you think Rosmah will be up to the task? Huh ! Anyway you look at it the next General Election is going to break UMNO–because Mahathir took it upon himself to do away with yet another one of his Deputies because he felt threatened! And you UMNO people know that whatever corruption Anwar was convicted of is nothing compared to what any of you have done. No more no less. And we will not go into a Judiciary that asks “How high Sir” when UMNO tell them to jump! For now UMNO better jump before we push!


  1. I often wonder about that. They seem to think that the country is theirs perpetually. We know that many of them stash their ill gotten wealth overseas but looking at the way they splash it, they don't seem to care. Khir Toyol is a good example of this blatant exhibit. Looks like the first thing a new government need to do is build a bigger jail.

  2. What would happen?...emmmm....
    I cannot imagine seeing UMNO's elites Cabut away to Farawayland, then followed by UMNO's cohorts to Midwayland, then all their UMNO's dogs and kataks to the Neighbourlands, leaving only the UMNO's donkeys to Nowhereland but here blending with all UMNO's goats and lembus eating grass. One worst scenario.....

    Don't think UMNO would let that to happen. No way brother, don't dream, don't even think of it! Better get ourselves prepared with UMNO's armed option for they have been preparing the "Serbian Factor" otherwise why do you think they made the military and the para military voted for them and buy their loyalty with datukships to all top brasses?

    We have two options, peace and war but always peace is our first option because with peace we'll win the world sentiment and symphaty.

    I can't imagine having to fight the first civil war of this country. But I will fight with you against my brothers for the sake of the Republic of Malaysia.

  3. In all good conscience , we cannot impose our will on others who do not agree.

    We cannot take up arms boss HH.

    Because 48% of the population still vote UMNO, we must let them be.

    We only take up arms if the majority of the citizens ie say 90% and above is against UMNO and Barisan and they still hang on. Then suggestions like Hartal will also work because nothing can beat people power. But people power is deadlocked right about now.

    UMNO is not afraid because they have already compromised the civil service, the Judiciary, the AG Chambers, the entire govt machinery so to speak.

    Even if Pakatan were to come to power, they would still need the MACC to investigate past UMNO excesses, they would still need the AG to prosecute and they would still need the Judge to rule.

    Alll will just say no case to answer.

    For Pakatan to correct all these, will take more than one generation by which time all the current UMNO leaders I think will be 6 feet underground safe.


  4. They sent JJ to US so that he can negotiate the terms when they want to run from this country. We must make sure they got no chance to run away when Be End is bring down next GE.

  5. You are right Pak HH. Anwar should be the next PM. He was brutally attacked and humiliated in the Sodomy 1 fiction. After the court cleared his name of Sodomy, not even 1 member of BN apologise to him for the evil thing Mahathar Kutty did. Worst still they fabricate another Sodomy 2 fiction. Whatever it is, we the rakyat knows for sure that Anwar is innocent.

    Kick out the evil umNO regime in GE13.

    UR1 VR2

  6. Bro,

    For your reading pleasuere. I think Ku Li is the only sane voice in UMNO. He deserve to be PM. So brother, stay in Adelaide.

    KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 2 — Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has urged the country to shed “crude nationalism” and come to terms with the reality that many Malaysians are losing faith in their future despite the evidence of material progress.

    The veteran Umno man told the British Graduates Association at a dinner here last night that it was a fact that those Malaysians who “can stay away and settle overseas do so with the encouragement of their parents”.

    “Their parents tell them to remain where they are, there is nothing for them here. The illusion of nostalgia does not explain why parents fight to send their children to private and international schools rather than the national schools they themselves went to.

  7. continue...

    The very same politicians who recite nationalist slogans about our national schools and turn the curriculum into an ideological hammer send their own children to international schools here or in Australia and Britain.

    “They know better than anyone else the shape our schools are in. It is no illusion that people do not have the faith in our judiciary and police that they once had,” said Tengku Razaleigh.

    The former Finance Minister pointed out that the country inherited at independence a functional country with independent institutions.

    These included “the Westminster model of parliamentary democracy, civil law grounded in a Constitution, a capable and independent civil service, including an excellent teaching service, armed forces and police, good schools, sophisticated trade practices and markets, financial markets”.

    While he pointed out that the challenges of nation building were serious, but the country “faced them with an independent judiciary, a professional civil service and a well-defined set of relationships between a federal government and our individually sovereign states.”

    Indeed we were able to face these challenges because these institutions functioned well.

    “Institutionally, we had a good start as a nation. Why is it important to recall this?

    “For one it makes sense of the feeling among many Malaysians and international friends who have observed Malaysia over a longer period that Malaysia has seen better days. There is a feeling of wasted promise, of having lost our way, or declined beyond the point of no return.”

    He said that such a feeling was too pervasive to be put down to the nostalgia of always finding the good old days best.

    Malaysians, Tengku Razaleigh contends, are losing faith in their future despite the evidence of material progress.

    “We have lots of infrastructure. Lots of malls and highways. Especially toll highways. It is not for want of physical infrastructure, dubious as some of it is, that we feel we languish. It is a sense that we are losing the institutional infrastructure of civilised society.”

    He said that if Malaysians felt a sense of loss, or tell their children not to come home from overseas, or are making plans to emigrate, it was not because they did not love the country, or were ungrateful for tarred roads and bridges.

    “It is because they feel the erosion of the institutional infrastructure of our society. Institutional intangibles such as the rule of law, accountability and transparency are the basis of a people’s confidence in their society.”

    He said it was time to shed the “crude nationalism” which refuses to acknowledge things “not invented here”.

    He pointed out that Malaysia had a good start because it had inherited from the British a system of laws, rights and conventions that had been refined over several hundred years.

    Malaysia, he said, also inherited the English language, and with that a strong set of links to the English-speaking world.

    “There should be a rethinking of our attitude to the English language. By now it is also a Malaysian language. It would be sheer hypocrisy to deny its value and centrality to us as Malaysians.

    “Do we continue to deny in political rhetoric what we
    practice in reality, or do we grasp the situation and come up with better policies for the teaching and adoption of the language?”

    He urged Malaysians to reconnect with Britain as it is today instead of recycling stale colonial era stereotypes.

  8. why dun the present penang & s'gor
    governments take actions against previous gomen's wrong doings then !?

  9. Abt the Ku Li speech, you can read the original in his blog where your alma mater -MCKK- was mentioned. The one I sent you was from Malaysian Insider.

  10. Race & Religion ( R & R ) were used as de tour de force starting 1957 under UMNO supported by mud carriers MCA n MIC and then honed to milked $$$ perfection under the Mahathir Regime , with hell breaking loose heavenly ( thank Allah )under the sleepacookoodoo PM , and now the playful son gets ready to play out the final closing chapter ( peace be upon him )

  11. Only by changing the old government can a we herald a new dawn in Malaysia.

    As for pay back time, I would do a Nelson Mandela but for corruption and abuse of power, TIADA MAAF BAGI KAMU SEMUA.

  12. We will hang ALL those guilty of crimes against humanity & liberty!

    The so call MURDERERS:
    1. Memali's.
    2. Altantuyah's.
    3. Kugans's.
    4. Teoh's.
    5. Al-Maunah's.
    6. Kampong Medan's.
    7. Devalued Samy's SON.
    8. NORITA's.

    This is the first group only! Also not to forget all the past ISA's stories!





    Kalau depa dah lari we go hunt them down like dogs..they must be brought back & to face justice for all the INJUSTICE DONE TO THE RAKYAT OF THIS CPUNTRY!



    Let the others who think of doing it after this be reminded that they will face the same in PAS, PKR or DAP !

    Not all in the POLICE Force and THE Armed Forces are bad guys! Only a handful rotten apples, this group we shall also deal with them accordingly!

    If there is DESIRE to bring changes, we shall prevail, the innocent and good will overcome the evil & the BAD...either by death or otherwise!

  13. This time the saying is the Ultra Malays against the Liberated Malays!

    Malays that can see the right from the wrong and the good from the evil!

    The "Haram and Halal", from reasoning and the clear guidelines from the Almighty!

    The bad apples are not many left, only a handful only!

    They will and shall all perish one day or way or one or the other...!

    IT IS A MATTER OF TIME...stay cool and kool....

  14. The Malays who once benefited from UMNO are still loyalist and they thank UMNO for all the goodness they and their children have had!

    BUT if they think carefully how much did they really benefit and how much UMNO have damaged this country, maybe they will have second thoughts!


    The Malays will have the last say !
    Whether UMNO is good or BAD!
    Lets hope that they will come to their senses soon!