Thursday 12 November 2009

Change only in the next Generation?

Why do Barisan Nasional Politicians lie? Do they think that we do not mind that they lie to us? Do they think that we do not know that they lie to us? Do they think that they can get away with lying to us? That they will not be found out?

Or are these Barisan Nasional politicians habitual liars because telling the truth in a difficult situation or apologizing involves a loss of face? They know that we know that they are lying but they calculate that in the long run we will not mind just as long as we the public will eventually gain from these lies. That somehow because of these lies we will have political stability, good economic development and racial harmony. Somehow they are able to convince themselves that by lying they will continue to stay in power and the country will always have the stability of a strong Barisan Nasional Government that will ensure Ketuanan Melayu, Racial Harmony and economic growth in Malaysia.

This premise is slowly unraveling as the facade of a benevolent, fair and just government begins to crumble. In as long as the truth of the matter is kept from Public knowledge all will be well for Barisan Nasional. And this was possible in as long as they have control of the media. But the advent of the electronic media has meant that the Public is now privy to all that the Barisan Nasional government has done in the past, what is currently doing – even what it is thinking of doing. All information pertaining to decisions made by the Barisan Nasional government are there for us to access. We follow the decision making process and we make our own judgment as to whether the decisions made are correct for all or for the vested interest of only Barisan Nasional .

Take the unraveling of the PKFZ case. It is breath taking in its scope and presents to us a new dimension of the ability of these politicians to scoop billions from a ‘business opportunity’ that they created for their own gain. Breathtaking because it involved the direct participation of the highest decision making body in the land – The Cabinet! That means not only the Prime Minister but also all Ministers are to be held collectively responsible. That in itself will mean that until there is another government in power, we will never be able to know everything that happened within the PKFZ debacle. Can you imagine any government impeaching itself?  But meantime they go through the process of ‘investigating PKFZ. The same with MACC, the same with PDRM – all that we see that is now wrong in this country of ours has been done with the collusion, agreement and support of the Barisan Nasional government. So how are we to have full disclosure until we have regime change?

Meantime do we continue with this charade of being surprise and astonished at the audacity of our government to continue saying that it is for 1Malaysia and yet continue to do exactly the opposite? Or do we stop being surprise with the BN Government as it continues with its lies and untruths?

Even if Pakatan Rakyat is to come to power will Malaysia continue to be in turmoil –as it is in Perak and now possibly in Selangor? Is the Malaysian Public to continue to suffer the inability of these Politicians to understand that a change in Regime means just that – a change? Or will all these politicians do is to continue politicking while good governance suffers?   

I think it will be so. It is only with education that we will be able to educate a new generation of Politicians that is different from the Barisan Nasional politicians that we now have. It is a sad indictment of the leaders that we now have but it would be true for us to say that change will only come, at the earliest - two generations away - when we are gone and all the current crop of Barisan Nasional politicians are no longer with us. They are too far-gone to be rehabilitated. Until then our country will continue to suffer under the rule of leaders who are short sighted, working only for their self-interest and putting themselves first before their country.

So what do we do for now? We need to educate our people  of what we will need for the future. We honest leaders. The need for a strong opposition in Parliament. An independent Judiciary. A police force that will be just and work for the benefit of the people then for itself. Make those in government understand that we will not tolerate corruption to any degree. And most important of all – equality for all that calls Malaysia home. 


  1. Of all the worst things UMNO talked about Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Anwar, Nik Aziz, Guan Eng and all other Pakatan leaders, the way they had talked, the way only UMNO had talked, not MCA not MIC but UMNO, had all those people they talked bad about caused any damage to this country? Had all those people caused our country a collateral damage? Had they caused losses in billions RM to the people's money? Had they failed our judicial system? our education system? our financial system? our security system? our syariah laws? our civil service system? our racial integration? our living?

    If all those people are of any threat they are a threat to what UMNO called it National Security which in real sense is not anything national other than that it is UMNO's Security.

    The real threat to national security is UMNO who for 52 years has made our country a failed state where their only success is in never admitting they have made mistakes.

  2. Our PM is an unproven liar in the Malaysian Courts but a 1liar, 1fornicator, 1thief and 1murderer in the Public Courts. So how you want the others to do ah ?

    Welcome to impotent Malaysia

  3. Wellcome back Bro.

    This evening I read a write up of the resurgence of P.I. Bala by RPK,
    I checked again just now, its gone.

    Wow, very interesting la Brothers!

  4. Salam HH,

    Everyone knows all politicians lies all the time, even to their mother. Lies in this case actually refers to their promises. It also goes with PKR, PAS, DAP and the rest.
    Cover ups on the other hand, are not lies they are sheer cheating, robbing, deceiving.

  5. Barisan Najis leaders lie because exactly 49% of the Peninsular polulation and 90% of the Sabah/Sarawak residents are stupid enough to believe them.

    When u have such an amount of blind followers laying on to your every word, why should u stop lying ???