Sunday 1 November 2009

Corruption in the BN government ...comment by ilham73i

Where are the promised changes and betterment for the people? 

Corruption in the BN government was clearly shown in the recent Auditor-General’s Report which revealed the astounding RM1.14bil loss in the electrified double-tracking project from Rawang to Ipoh, the purchase of a single laptop for RM42,320 and a nine-inch computer monitor for RM8,500 as well as a RM7.1bil loss that was possibly due the government’s Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd’s failure to fulfil its bond commitments.

Besides the loss of funds, corruption has also caused thecollapse of buildings like stadium and the mosque in Terengganu

Umno & Co divide and rule concept had served their personal coffers 

for many years and succeeded in blacking out the truth to the people.

This is why for 51 years of their rule, the Malays are still poor and in fact, 

at least 90 per cent of the hardcore poor are Malays. 

One PR State Gov, even in its infancy, showed a sterling performance as proven in the A-G’s report.
The report praised its administration and showed how a people-centric government had managed to save RM36mil and increase the state’s assets by 21.1 per cent or RM178mil.

PR parties will come up with a new plan and a new front 

that would benefit the people.
PR wants the people to have ownership in their own states, 
in the place that they live.
Thanks to LGE.


  1. Morning Pak,

    Steadyaku47 your number is up, we are No.47 the least corrupt country in this world. With this AG report we will move further up next year and remain long there, corruption will get even worse.

    Malaysia is RASUAH TEGAR country.

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