Sunday 8 November 2009

cakap cakap...keadaan terkawal...


I have started to receive abusive comments on a regular basis in the comments column and through my emails too. My BSN account in KL has been blocked and I no longer have access to it. I guess it all is part of this game that we all play with the powers that be. I have no problems getting comments that are not in agreement with what I write but draw the line when it is simply abusive. From today I have activated 'comment moderation' -  which means that I will read all comments and decide if I want them to posted. I will play to their rules. I have taken a few days off for now to refresh my thought process. Regards.



  1. what a relief to see you posting again. glad to know that you're still around to kick some butt!

  2. Hussein, I totally agree with you.Being as old as you are I am suprise with the words being used to put forward a point or two. Lets keep it civil and above all be FAIR.No TIT for TAT.Things dont work that way.Pohon maaf jika menyinggong persaan tuan.As for now, I will keep my peace and I will post my future comments under the name SUNRAY.This much I promise you. Salam

  3. Anthonymus Ipoh you're Sunray, wilco, roger out to you sir, Hello Hotel Hotel this is foxtrot mike zulu, reporting for duty sir. Roger out.

  4. FMZam...who the hell is that Roger? I know foxtrot is a dance...Zulu some people from Africa...but you mention Roger twice...must be somebody important ka?...steadylah...

  5. Hi Mr.HH,good to know that you're ok,a bit worry from this morning since no new story coming from your blog.any way keep up the good job and may god bless and protect you and family,salam from Dubai.

  6. Wise choice.

    Too many anon with profanity ... not healthy.

    But, anon miss your posting too ... may be no pay without comments.

    PS: Have a good rest.

  7. Dear HH,
    Do not be discouraged by the abusive comments. If you feel strongly about it, just delete them from your blog. Keep on writing and expose the impropriety of the BN Government. Hopefully all these information that were written on the BN misdeeds will eventually be spread to all levels of the Malaysian public so that they are continually reminded and thus help them to make the right choice in the next general elections.

  8. It's your blog. You should have some control over it. You know that there are Malaysians who are quite uncivilised and downright uncouth. And then there are the paid so-called cyber-troopers whose job is to destroy enemies such as yourself. So keep writing my friend and to hell with those who cannot take the blows from you. You are not alone as many of us are with you.

    Sarawak man

  9. HH, keep whacking..I enjoy reading. Don't worry of those uncivilised clowns

  10. 'just walking in the rain , getting soaked & wet .....' cheers,
    I-kopi !

  11. No matter what happen, keep the fighting spirit brother until UMNO is brought down.
    Keep healthy!!!

  12. Dear Foxtrot Mike Zulu,

    Correct me if I am wrong. Shouldn't it be Roger & out and not Roger Out.

    This is Lima Alpha Delta India November check, over.

    To brother HH, please allow me to sign off under anonymous this time just to check on FMZam.

  13. Lading Batagar,

    In as much as a rusty blade (lading batagar) is getting sharper in aging like wine, I sure am getting rusty and blunt in aging like a sledgehammer, for we all are old soldiers, to never die but fading away....Tango Yankee sir, Roger and out.

  14. '...tolong2...Roger & out ! '
    " hey, wat r u Rogering about ?"