Wednesday 25 November 2009

steadyaku47  : I will stop all work on this site
effective today. thank you for all your support.

In response to the emails sent asking me why I have stop work on this site - I have this to say:

Working on steadyaku47 is no longer something I look forward to doing as I use to do a few weeks ago. There have been problems after problems in maintaining this blog – to such an extent that it have become a chore to even go into the site. The last straw was the cancellation of my adsense account yesterday. I have let money I earned through adsense accrued there and when it was cancelled I lost all my earnings there. I know the reason it was cancelled was because of viruses that have given the impression to google that I am clicking my own advertisement – which I do not do. My PayPal account too has been affected and of course you know about my BSN account being blocked in KL.

Recently I have also found it necessary to moderate the comments sent because of the swearing and the rudeness of the comments sent.

There are millions of things for you all to read on the Internet and my blog is but one of the millions – now “steadyaku47” will just be another statistics - there will be other things to read.

In closing I just want to say this. Like others that blog seriously I spent many hours on my blog every day. I was disappointed with the respond to my request for donations to get another computer to use for steadyaku47. For me my time as a blogger in Malaysia is for now over but it would be good if you all can donate just a few ringgit of your hard earned money to the other bloggers – because it would help them to keep going – and by doing so you are showing your appreciation and saying thank you to them all. It has to be a two way street. You read what they write – help support them to keep on writing.

Thank you for reading what I write and I do appreciate the support and kindness you guys have shown me during the time of steadyaku47. As one of you say…Dah tak steady?




  1. Would you please tell us why since when you began you did?

    Thank you for your past posts!

    Best wishes.

  2. wonder what made you decide to stop your blogging activities. I thought you are made of sterner stuff than most other people.

    Your devoted readers will be greatly disappointed.

  3. Another blogger bites the dust...What a shame...

  4. Aiyoh,will miss your writing.If you are stopping because of lack of donation I am sorry.

  5. Sir.
    Your words of wisdom will be missed by all your devotees...the only people to rejoice will be those UMNO morons.

  6. Sir,

    I just want to say a big thank you for your contribution in raising political awareness among the younger generation.

    Wish I could do more for you.

    Hopefully you will come back stronger next time.

    Best wishes

  7. Are you serious? Really serious!
    Suddenly I remember this "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going". Will you?

    My gut feeling says, there are other reasons why you stop.

    I guess you will miss your new found love, i.e. blogging.

    All the best from lading batagar / sitadewi.

  8. Dear HH,
    I'm sad and equally share your disappointment of getting enough fund to continue blogging. I understand how you feel in facing the adversity in the course of blogging because I have done voluntary social work before. Everything of course starts will come to end one day but in your case it is just too soon. Anyway, thanks for all that you have shared with us. My best wishes and regards to you.

  9. Pak HH, I am most dissapointed with you. Look at Anwar Ibrahim. He suffers untold humiliation, friends (so called) dissociated from him and he at one time is just a battered and lonely politician. But he rise from the doom because he dont believe in doom. He fight and strategised and years of learning and finally he is ready for the ultimate battle.

    We chinese businessman suffers more than your lack of a laptop. We fell into deep shit but we conting fighting and stay focus on what we set out to do. Nobody give us donations to continue doing what we set out to do. You will say we are doing for our own survivor but my point is this....A WARRIOIR WILL NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT.

    Anyway we respect yout decision and we do appreciate your sacrifice all this while.

    Have a happy retirement.

    UR1 VR2

  10. sighhhhhhh. one of my favourite sites.

  11. I am gonna miss your writings. Why stopped when you are getting popular? Tell me me why? Is it solely because of lack of donations or is it because of other disturbances? You can still continue, maybe just post 2-3 articles a week as i can understand it is too much to post 3-4 articles a day like you did for the last 3-4 months. Pls remain steady.

  12. I am sad that many readers did not help him purchase a computer.

  13. As a reader, are we oblige to give support in monetary term? Is that the main reason to stop blogging?

  14. Dear Encik HH

    I am looking forward to your

    Remember that YB Lim Kit Siang
    was posting your articles on his
    website too. You were reaching a lot of concerned Malaysians this way.

    Phua Kai Lit

  15. OMG ! Thought you were a different kind of Malay. I stupidly promote you as one but now I know you are no different. You got that Malay money no talk

  16. No lah Pak, how come you quit you are never a quitter. You can stop for a while and I call it dormant until such time you make your comeback. Blog at your own pace, slowly, on your own sweet time and not burning so much until you are burnt out. Take it easy brother, take your time to consolidate your position before launching anew. This is just one of those thing in hard time. I will never believe you wanna quit for you have no time to die Pak.


  17. Nothing is permanent in this world. So its okay if you need to pause and rest. Hopefully your fire will be rekindled and the fight goes on until the war is won. Although deteriorating fast, Malaysia is still worth fighting for until the last breath. We shall soldier on and hopefully, an invigorated Steadyaku47 shall be amongst the ranks of a most glorious victory.


  18. A lot of balls strink when talk abt donations.

    But we do give hundreds per mths to many Malaysians who are suffering due to poverty, sickness, some being murdered, some on the run. Feel like an idiot many times, when all my friends say good job but non willing to step forward, participate or even spend hour or two of their precious time. They will rather go shopping and spend hours in the shopping complex. That's Malaysians.

    I'll continue to be an idiot, hopefully my daughter generations will be better. Will you?

    Bobby Chin

  19. On behalf of my fellow Malaysians, I apologise. For our insensitivity. For our lack of compassion. For the need to dig and know the reason for something that doesn't concern us, and yet feel no shame in demanding the answer.

    And for the person who drew the race card: isn't that just us all over the place? It all boils down to race when things don't go as we want it to.

    It's either race or money with us, Hussein. And you lose on both counts. How sad are we, ah?!

  20. Heck ! For all the earlier bruhaha you are just another quitter. Whoever says the road to justice is easy , as in blogging 10 hours a day behind a secure desk ? You should have taken precautions knowing that you are dealing with powerful people and that most of your readers are just touch n go ringside spectators out for the kill.

    I challenge you to stay fighting , not cry

    realist but tough

  21. uncle hussein, sad to see you go. :(

    another malaysian voice gone.

  22. Maybe steadyaku47 could not disclose the real reasons for having to stop writing.

    Burnt out, lack of support, pressure from family members, pressure from hidden forces, family in danger ala PI Bala.......too much to speculate.

    It was good while it lasted and phew, he was a prolific writer, churning out numerous articles per day.

    Maybe he is wounded at the moment. Let us give him sometime to lick his wounds and come back fighting another day.

  23. Aawwwww!

    I just read that story about the donkey in the well in your blog (was it last week?) and I felt inspired by the story...and now you are gone.

  24. pak hussein,we understand your predicament,stay strong ,take a rest and hope to read your writings again. Salam and regards.

  25. Unfortunately I agree with the last Anonymous comment. When u take on a government, u have to be prepared for pushbacks, and some risk that they'd do something to stop u.

    As for rude comments, foul language etc, surely u expected that even b/4 u began. If u didn't anticipate that, then you'll less sophisticated that I thought. Reflect on this seriously. If rude comments bother you, political blogging to expose govt corruption & incompetence is not yr cup of tea. I say that with the utmost respect.

    As for donations to buy a computer - that is just so lame. Sorry, but come on ...! You're an educated, intelligent man. You know how to search for information, discriminate between right and wrong, ethical and unethical conduct etc. You can't afford a computer, or find a second hand one in Australia? Honestly, again with all due respect, that's a lame excuse.

    As for making money thru ads on your Blog, think abt this: What is your primary purpose in blogging? To make money, or to further the cause of justice? Resolve that question clearly first. The primary objective cannot be subordinated to the secondary objective. Besides, frankly I HATE it when blogs which proclaim to further some higher (political) ideal or justice, trick us with pop-ups and all kinds of ads. It's like prostituting the higher ideal to the god of money. Leave money making ads to those who are blogging primarily for the money. You are driven by a different set of (higher) values.

    Having said all that, one of your commentators said nothing is forever. If you really believe in your cause, pick up your mouse again.

    Unlike many others, you already have a large audience who are critical readers and thinkers. Together you all can forge a solution to the polical crisis, or at least contribute positively to the development of one.

    Leadership is not necessarily being the head of a political party. What you were doing was leadership stuff. You were a thought leader; you were a grassroots leader; you were able to excite and provoke. That's leadership.

    Or am I mistaken?

    All the best.

  26. Pak,

    Kamu ni di kacau/ganggu UMNO/BN ke?

    Biar mereka mampus. Jangan you khuatir.

    You ni di Australia. Tak mungkin tangan MACC dan PDRM gitu panjang sampai Australia.

    Apa UMNO/BN buat pada you? Beritahu je lah.


  27. Reconsider, cut down on your postings.

    Remember, you are not doing a job lah.. unless you have been.

    You should be running this blog out of passion, not as if it's a job or worse, for money!

  28. Please quit being a quitter Sir!

  29. I totally understand how you feel, Hussein. There are days I feel exactly the same - and you have a serious advantage in that you are located in Adelaide and safe from MCMC harassment! Of course, I am unhappy to see you get so pissed off and quit blogging - if only because you have been so effective in such a short time. Can't you take Umno's unwarranted sabotage as a backhanded compliment? Clearly, you are perceived as a major threat - and for that you can already congratulate yourself.

  30. Hussein,

    Do reconsider!

    You are basically a bit burnt out with the number of articles you are pushing out.

    Be selective , Slow it down,recharge and come back.

    Warmest Regards

  31. Pak Hussein,
    Please for the sake and future of Malaysia that we hope for, do not give up.
    UR1 VR2

  32. Pak Hussein,
    Please for the sake and future of Malaysia that we hope for, do not give up.
    UR1 VR2

  33. Sir,

    Hidupku sepi tanpamu.

    Kembalilah ke alam siber.

  34. Pak Hussein,

    Every morning i log on to your web site hoping (against hope?) that you would be back.As SDD said:

    Hidupku sepi tanpamu.

    Kembalilah ke alam siber

  35. Dear HH,

    Apparently u r suffering from "professional burnt-out" syndrome.

    u should take a good rest, and start blogging again when u r recharged, try not to post too many articles in one day, juz post at a "steady" pace that would make u feel "steady" n enjoy ur blogging works...

    Hope we r able to read ur blog again in the near future...

  36. HH,

    Best Wishes for the new year.


  37. Happy New Year 2010 , HH !!


  38. Sir,

    Happy New Year 2010.

    Apa azam baru? Walau apa terjadi sekali pun, semoga senantiasa sejahtera di samping keluarga tersayang.

  39. Pak Hussein, please come back

  40. pak cik steady, bila nak kembali?