Sunday 1 November 2009

cakap this a joke or for real? comment from a friend.

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It's another way of misusing taxpayers money. When we the poor and lonely are left out in the lurch to end ourselves against all atrocities comitted by the UBN govt against us.
Imagine, now, I have to bring my 16 year old and faithful car to a third party to grant me permission to bring my 16 year old on the road again.What do you call this?? You think this third party is just gaoing to have a look anbd say, ok and let you drive off. No way man. They are gonna skulp your head. by giving you orders to do this and that befor e approval could be given.It's proven with the public transport that bring their vehicles for inspection. So it's corruption again. No pay no go. You know how the authorities dwell on their powers. They won't even look at your face when dealing with you. The worst part is they talk very little, like they say in malay language, 'layan tak layan jer'. They would jump to their feet and go an extra mile if money is put into their pockets ahead of the task.
So, I would say the go vt is trying to force down our throats proton cars. But, I don't mind buying one if the UMNO goons are willing to pay my instalments. Of course with their money. Please come 2013 as soon as possible we wanna get rid of these high class govt.


  1. tak dapat sampai 2013 laa ...beware of 20-12-2012 !! haven't watched the movie !?

  2. He..he..he..Anthonymus..Nostradamus ....Armageddon 2012 ya...aha...

  3. aiyaaa .... habis la, iswara ku akan berumur 16 tahun depan ....tolong,
    duit tak cukup !!