Sunday 8 November 2009

Khalid: Another perspective - (Bahasa berikut)

Khalid: Another perspective

I posted an article on Tan Sri Khalid last week. Mr Integrity I called him. And the comments posted by our friends reaffirmed this. But I have also received e-mails that asked me to look at another aspect of how things are in Selangor.

Pak, they tell me, you must understand that Tan Sri is not helping ANYONE! The developers cannot develop their own land. No new business ventures are taking place. Old contracts between State Agencies and UMNO cronies that did not perform were terminated. And yet, our offers to replace these terminated contractors are not considered. Not even when we are financially and technically able to take over from the terminated contractors!   

Others say: Pak I have been with PKR from the start. After many years of struggling with PKR we have Selangor. And we now want economic change and we want business opportunities for ourselves in Selangor. Not negotiated tenders, not inflated tender prices, not handouts from the State Government – just real business opportunities. So that we can have the financial resources to continue our battle at par with those who are in UMNO.

Did I know that TS Khalid had already faced a vote of 'no confidence' from his own bahagian/ cabang? That there was a huge banner placed in his own constituency conveying these feelings amongst PKR Selangor to TS Khalid? He might think he is popular but he may be the cause of PR losing Selangor come the next General Election! So they tell me ....

As I read, I understood what it is that they are telling me: Selangor is the most economically developed State in Malaysia. There is no doubt that Tan Sri has been running a tight ship. The free water for its people was the result of an  effective cost-cutting measure that he has implemented. There was open government and accountability within the state government. But while the affairs of state are moving along, the affairs of PKR in Selangor need to be addressed by Tan Sri.

Tan Sri, you yourself have had your problems with UMNO over the purchase of Guthrie shares when you were no longer their preferred buyer. Can I respectfully suggest to you, Sir, that you should be able to understand the need to look after PKR’s own – not at the expense of the Selangor people, but to give these PKR stalwarts, if not a step up in their business ventures, then equal opportunity with all in Selangor.

If being PKR stalwarts preclude them from participating in business opportunities within Selangor – then for sure there would be rumblings within PKR’s ranks about this 'discrimination'! It puts PKR faithfuls at a disadvantage in Selangor. And if this were so, would it not be ironic? Because we will have a PKR government that does not care about PKR!          

UNNO cares for UMNO. Methinks sometimes UMNO cares much too much for UMNO. TS Khalid, you need to look at this now before it becomes a problem.

You are a politician, Tan Sri . You chose to be one. Do what you must to ensure that PKR Selangor can withstand the mighty onslaught that will surely come from UMNO as they try to take Selangor back from PKR. And they will.

In politics, Sir, you know as well as I do, that more is needed if you are defenceless and facing an enemy many times your strength with many times your resources. You know this as much as I do. I am simply putting it into words so that you can look at what I write and ponder what is to be done, and what your PKR followers will expect you to do -   as their leader in the state.

Article: TS Khalid - another perspective?
              Ts Khalid - Perspektif sebenar?

Saya menulis berkenaan TS Khalid tempoh hari di blog saya. Saya memanggil nya 'Mr Integrity'.

Ulasan/komen dari sahabat kita mengesahkan pendapat saya.

Walaubagaimanapun saya turut menerima emails yang meminta saya melihat perkara2 yang berlaku di Selagor dari sudut lain.

Mereka mengatakan - Anda kena faham. TS KhaliD tidak menolong/membantu sesiapa!

Pemaju tidak dapat memajukan hartanah. Tiada urus niaga baru.

Kontrak terdahulu antara Agensi Berkuasa Negeri & UMNO yang tidak berkesan di tamatkan. Tetapi tawaran/cadangan menggantikan Kontraktor yang di tamatkan dengan yang baru tidak mendapat pertimbangan. Walaupun Kontraktor pengganti mampu dari segi teknikal & kewangan untuk mengambil alih Kontrak itu.

Pak, saya telah bersama PKR sejak mula. Selepas beberapa tahun berjuang bersama PKR, kita menawan Selangor dan kami mahu perubahan ekonomi, peluang niaga untuk kami di Selangor. Kami tidak menagih/meminta tender secara runding terus, tender harga tidak munasabah,
bukan pengagihan/kunia/pemberian dari Kerajaan Negeri - cuma bagi peluang niaga sebenar supaya kami peroleh/mendapat punca kewangan setanding dengann UMNO bagi meneruskan perjuangan yang belum selesai.

Adakah anda tahu bahawa TS Khalid telah menghadapi undi tidak percaya di Bahaguan nya? Terdapat kain rentang yang besar di Bahagian nya menyuarakan rasa tidak puas hati penyokong/ahli PKR Selangor dengan TS Khalid?

Mungkin TS Khalid perasan dia masyhur tetapi beliau mungkin menyebabkan Selangor terlepas/tewas di PRU 13.

Mereka mengadu/memberitahu saya....

Setelah di teliti saya faham rungutan mereka.

Selangor ada lah negeri termaju di Malaysia. Tidak dapat di nafikan TS Khakid menguruskan perbelanjaan yang ketat/berhemah.
Air percuma untuk Rakyat adalah hasil dari penjimatan perbelanjaan yang di ambil.
Keterbukaan & ketelusan menjadi amalan Kerajaan Negeri.

TS Khalid perlulah mengurus PKR Selangor selari dengan mengurus Negeri Selangor. TS sendiri bermasaalah dengan UMNO mengenai isu pembelian saham Guthrie apabila TS bukan lagi di utamakan.

Izinkan saya mencadangkan YAB supaya memahani perlunya memenuhi keperluan PKR - tidak dengan membelakangi Rakyat Selangor, tetapi memberi peluang samarata kepada penyokong kuat PKR untuk  berniaga di Selangor.

Sekira menjadi penyokong kuat PKR membuat mereka terpinggir – maka timbullah sungutan/rasa tidak puas hati di kalangan PKR terhadap diskriminasi ini.

Ia melemahkan penyokong PKR di Selangor. Sekiranya benar, tidak kah pelik kerana kita mempunyai kerajaan PKR yang tidak peduli akan PKR?
UMNO peduli akan UMNO. Pada hemat saya UMNO teramat peduli akan UMNO.

TS Khalid, anda perlu menangani isu ini sebelum terlambat. Anda adalah seorang ahli politik. Itu pilihan anda. Lakukan yang perlu untuk memastikan PKR Selangor mampu menghadapi serangan hebat dari UMNO yang akan cuba menawan/merampas semula Selangor dari PKR.

Dalam politik, sebagaimana YAB dan saya maklum, persiapan yang rapi  diperlukan bagi membetulkan/mengatasi kelemahan dan mempersiapkan diri bagi menghadapi musuh yang lebih hebat berbanding kekuatan/kemampuan YAB yang sedikit/terbatas.

YAB tentu lebih arif dari saya bahawa apa yang saya sarankan perlu di lakukan dan itulah yang penyokong PKR tagih/harapkan dari YAB, pemimpin mereka di Selangor.


  1. There are two things as I view it.

    The first, it takes time to look at existing plan and to reinstate projects. That is, in term of cost and benefits.

    The implications of this is the contractors or businesses are suffering staying idle and costing the company to sustain.

    The second part is the civil services are colluding with the previous ruling politician to sabotage the present ruling party. With the present ruling party, the civil service could only earn their salaries and perks as defined. But, with the former, they earn side income from the projects that they oversee or initiated. The side income is more to allow them to even retire at forty if they wish.

    Either way, TS Kkalid is damn. It's only the public that wanted change but the machinery doesn't want the changes as it reduce their personal revenue.

  2. This type of pressure from PKR men could be the start of the whole trouble for PR in Selangor. PKR cronies asking for favours bcos PKR's TSKI is now MB, instead of lobbying for jobs but through clean open tender. What difference does this makes between UMNO, MCA, MIC and BN component parties - all cronies, abang & adek family affairs way of business conduct. Are PKR people asking that they go the same root? If TSKI were to cave in, soon DAP and PAS people will be fighting for their cakes as well. We must also not forget MACC is now watching like a hawk. Any slight mistake PR make it could be another story of Teoh Beng Hock. Next person to fly out off the window could be TSKI for what we know!

  3. Methink Khalid is intimidated by MACC lurking in Selangor's troubled water waiting for the slightest chance to smear Pakatan Selangor with another corruption case. He has to freeze for the time being, just too bad that in freezing, he froze himself. We have to bear with him.

  4. I think its more a case where the state govt machinery and civil service is dominated by UMNO monkeys.

    They are clearly so very clearly sabotaging the Pakatan state govt of Selangor.

    Just like the Perak State Sec who showed his true colours once the frogs jumped.

    Khalid should sack these jerk-offs NOW or put them in cold storage and appoint Pakatan freindly people to head up the state govt machiner.



  5. kalau tak de projek abis tu yg peruntukkan 2009 sampai tak cukup. siap kena buat bajet tambahan kan. kalau boleh cerita 2 yg kita dengar tu kena lah ada support figure & fact. Tp kalau bajet kerajaan negeri sampai dibuat tambahan mustahil lah projek semua dah stop.

    mungkin bajet dari federal maybe sbb federal akan bg duit melalui pejabat pembangunan so kalau diorang nak projek pergi la kat pejabat pembangunan.