Sunday 1 November 2009

I am ashamed to be called a Malaysian.....Sanusi mckk batch 68 ahmad hse

It is not a question of one man's ambition to become Prime Minister, but it is a fight against tyranny, arrogance and abuse of power by one party who claims to champion Malays supremacy in disguise. We have seen how these leaders are using the position and powers in the government to amass illegitimate wealth through corruptions, some even going to the extent of murder. Yet, you are so proud to continue associating yourself with such evil deeds. No, no not me, thank you. I am terribly ashamed to be called Malaysian with a PM who is alleged to be involved with crimes and womanising. The fact that he is persistently using the police and judiciary to elude himself from being trialed, is a proof that what have been said about him are not mere allegations. Just that he has not and will not be trialed and convicted in a court of law yet as long as money plays god in our "democratic" political system  and his party still rules the country. The truth is indeed being obscured. 

Collaborators, will inevitably, be unswerable to the Almighty at the Judgment Day. There is no two ways about it. But while we are still in this real life  world, it takes some one external to the party to bring about  Justice and Prosperity to Malaysia. It doesn't matter, if he is DSAI or anybody but rest assured the objective will never be achieved by some one within that same party, given the custom and practice for all members to be of "yes-sir" and "loyal" attitude.  Why do we see corruption will never stop especially with the political leadership, it is because money is regarded as a tool to buy and retain power, consequently, the turmoil status quo will remain for ever. 

Please wake up from your slumber, and save our country from this calamity. I am not at all stupefied by what is happening in PR today. There are those within PR whose main objective in politics is for power and monetory gains, synonym with the ruling party leadership. That is the bait being used by the enemies to fish these "trouble makers" within PR to stir the unity and cooperation in the coalition in return for what they desperately need. It is a prudent move by PR leadership to weed out these "troublemakers" while time is on their side lest they will be caught by surprise when GE13 is at the dawn.  By no means  God willing that this is to be perceived as a melting point for the PR coalition. 

mckk batch 68, Ahmad Hse,
mcoba life member 00054
Seremban N. Sembilan


  1. I salute this man and he really has courage to say that and he is here in Seremban and he said that. While we hear every now and then that we all are Malaysians and fight to be called Malaysian, not Malay nor Chinese nor Indian, but Malaysian, now when we haven't finished fighting to be Malaysian, here come a man who said what he has said, ashamed to be called Malaysian.

    I guess we are many like him, not less than him to say we too are ashamed to be called Malaysian as long as Najib of the bloody hand is in power until Najib of that bloody hand is DISPOSED OF.

    Until then, I am with him and with all the people who say We Are Ashamed To Be Malaysian.

    Paint Najib posters with black X anytime you see one!!!!

  2. ha ha ha this is the most funniest thing i've ever read, well done sanusi for being a great clown, ha ha ha