Thursday 5 November 2009

Cakap BSN account in KL.

Just to inform you friends that I have been denied access by the powers that be to my BSN account  and whatever funds deposited there - thankfully it was not much. The problems with my blogs continues. The nature of what I do requires that I still have to trust people - but I will verify first. Regards.


  1. Pak,

    Of late I sense some kind of blocking by who else with some measure that makes internet so sluggish and blogging is not without struggling in and out.

    I believe the government must have started to use that act to impose control and restriction over internet in the guise of porno filtering as a mean to stamp anti government blogsites as well.

    By the time we realised it, there will be no more freedom of expression in internet.

  2. HH,

    I wanted to forewarn you earlier about publicising your BSN account so openly, and true enough the government authoriities wasted no time to block access to your account.

    Anything relating to funding or monetary matters should be handled with security and confidential measures. I suggest you review your existing method of soliciting for donations.

    Do not underestimate the intelligence network of those in the corridors of power. They are not going to sit tight and let you continue to bash them and let you scot-free.

    Sometimes too 'trusting' may not serve to the best of your interest.

  3. Sir,

    I am so sorry to hear that your BSN AC has been blocked.

    Hope some of your readers will be more generous in making donations to your other more secure account.

  4. i thought BSN account is 'dijamin oleh kerajaan ' how wrong i was .

    They must include a footnote ' only if you support us BN '

  5. Yes HH,
    You need to find an alternative account that the govt can't touch or reach to. It's better be the one from where you are, in Australia.