Sunday 22 November 2009

Most Corrupt Leaders

World's Ten Most Corrupt Leaders

Funds embezzled
President of Indonesia (1967–1998)
$15–35 billion
President of the Philippines (1972–1986)
5–10 billion
President of Zaire (1965–1997)
5 billion
 4. Sani Abacha
President of Nigeria (1993–1998)
2–5 billion
President of Serbia/Yugoslavia (1989–2000)
1 billion
President of Haiti (1971–1986)
300–800 million
President of Peru (1990–2000)
600 million
 8. Pavlo Lazarenko
Prime Minister of Ukraine (1996–1997)
114–200 million
 9. Arnoldo Alemán
President of Nicaragua (1997–2002)
100 million
10. Joseph Estrada
President of the Philippines (1998–2001)
78–80 million
Now where shall we put UMNO Politicians? Mahathir alone would rank amongst the top five! Hell if you lump in his sons he could give Slobodan Milosevic a run for his money and -  if you put his cronies together with them then for sure they would get at least a respectable top three listing – something UMNO can be proud of. Families of ex Prime Minister would easily qualify for the top ten without even trying. Samy Velu will easily oust  Estrada’s anytime. God help our country because our Government will not!


  1. That's the difference. Those leader listed in the table took by themselves. Our leaders goes through third party. See how smart are the BN leaders.

    There's corruption in the country and everyone knew it. It's either through experience or association. At the lowest level, it's the enforcement agency. They milk a little at a time until the cow come home. At the highest level, it's all the time until the mighty call them home.

    Thus, the term "Ketuanan Melayu" is very much alive brought about by UMNO and supported by the alliances. Every avenue it's people wanted to do things legally have it's toll collection booth. Otherwise, one can wait for approval that shall never be in the horizon.

    I guess the only place that have no corruption is the tax department. Then again, I'm not too sure either. May be some people are able to get discounts and waivers but I have yet to hear any.

    Technically speaking, there's no free ride in this country. A country full of toll booth, either big or small.

    Who are we to blame. From the day our mind can tick, we are being indoctrinated to be poise and piety if we want to go to heavens. So, by default, we are born to be in hell.

    Even this writing will surely put me in hell as I'm accusing of things or people without being able to produce solid evidences but just hearsay.

    May I have forgiveness. Ameen.

  2. Testing, testing, one, two, three, I've just restored my laptop from virus invasion with the most simplest way...send it to the professional and shoot all the viruses down and do reformatting. Lesson learned, no more trusting all windows updates because they are as untrustworthy as this BN government!

  3. Pak,

    Why is that while you react on my posting like lightning but I have to struggle in sending my posting to your blog as if something is blocking or filtering your tunnel?

  4. ..most probably because I am on the australian net internode - cost me extra every month but high speed - unless I get virus from KL!

  5. Wonder!!! how anak Madey, anak Pak Lah dan adik beradik Najib semua nya kaya at a very young age!!!
    No need to work how wonderful it is!!!
    Ehhhh.... itu rasuah ke Pak HH!!!
    Ya la tu agak nya.... so people!!! apa lagi mari kita sebarkan.

  6. virus VIRUS ! elcole or damn wat attacking my urinary track often since menopause , sigh ...HELP !

  7. nx4get,

    Don't believe tax dept that JHDN is even the best place for corruption to breed. They are not that concern with individual but in businesses and corporate taxes that can save millions ringgit in their profit margins from paying the government. To save that millions they need only to payout a small portion to the taxmen and save the profit for themselves.

    It's everywhere nx4get, everywhere as long as this is BN government.

  8. Talking about corrupt leaders, I think most of us failed to have a vivid sight of who the real top flag bearer in the most corrupted ranking list of Malaysia is. To top-ranked Tun Mahathir in the list is seemed to have over-appraised him, though many may have the inkling that he should be the one after being at helm 22 long years as the prime minister. But do we realise that we actually missed out a powerful someone among the country's political bumiputra elite swindlers? Well, if we rolled our eyeballs towards the East direction we could have noticed that someone, somebody who is the most eligible for the No. 1 standing in Malaysia and he is none other than our Chief Minister of Sarawak, 'Pak Uban' Pehin Sri Abdul Mahmud Taib who has been in the position since 1981, the longest serving chief minister in Malaysia.

    If Tun Mahathir is reputedly being called the 'UNTOUCHABLE' then this daylight robber shall no doubt be named the 'UNQUESTIONABLE'. If we are to recollect back, the first thing we would be asking - How often did we read about this Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud in the news for the past 28 years or of late? I'm sure not many could well remember much about him less of how he has politically and economically run the state for those long years. This would keep us pondering even further - Has he been routinely from time to time submitting report of state affairs to our prime minister or frequently ringing them in the cabinet? I also believe not many among us has ever had a slightest idea of what actually had been planned, executed and transpired in Sarawak state in the period.

    For a 28 long years, this Sarawak indigenous scum has been ruling and living like a mighty king, in this far away land that almost everyone of us and time forgot. He has all that he wanted and has been indulging in an elevated luxury-filled kingdom that not even our Majesty Yang DiPertuan Agung can compare. And within 'some' years, "Taib Empire" was born in the very eyes of all, including our very own prime minister and the entire government. Can we estimately figure out how much a country or a state could have lost within this span of time to this kind of plundering crook?

    Here is a reference of the recent business and political development of this Taib Empire for your own judgement :

  9. So where're those corrupted oppositions leaders are? The selcat, the PKNS, the Hajj package and the others? Don't always point out that Bn/UMNO is always corrupted even though there're some, it's normal in politics and that's y there's MACC to handle such things!

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