Wednesday 4 November 2009

The situation that we find ourselves in - Nik Azam

steadyaku47 comment: An article by Nik Azam (a schoolmate of mine from MCKK says) that will give you food for thought. He writes and reasons well. Read and enjoy. 

We do appear to be divided in many ways. No harm to that in a free democracy as long as we hold to certain basic values. Most will agree that these are Agama, Bangsa dan Negara. It should be that the well being of these be uppermost in the minds of all red blooded Malays.

We are now divided into 3 political parties; Umno, Pas, Keadilan. No harm again as there will always be diversity in opinions and beliefs as long as certain basic principles of engagement are followed. Agreed that in all 3 parties there are honest, upright individuals as well as not so honest. If an individual is honest and upright but belong to a different political party than us, do we have to run him down to the ground?

What are most dangerous to the well being of Agama, Bangsa dan Negara now? I am naive in politics but I dare put forward that they are corruption, disrespect of the law, dishonest and incompetent leaders. Further to what you mentioned on what set us into groups, I like to add that we belong to different professions. Nothing really divisive here but there is such a thing as holding to the principles of our profession. I am not a lawyer, but those in the law profession will understand better about the rule of law, and equality before the law.

For many years now, the span is already 3 PMs, the Auditor General will make his annual report. It has become familiar reading that there are many wrongs on how the gov depts and agencies are run. We read of instant mee costing RM 0.30 being paid at RM 20 to 30. A broom costing RM 1 or 2 being paid for RM 50. These are small priced egs, the big tickets result in wastage of tens to hundreds of millions. We, the heavily burdened tax payers will have to pick up the bill. The poor are devoid of development fund.

As usual after the report comes out, the PM of the day will make pious statements to clean the wrongs, they will not be repeated. After all these years we have yet to see the results of these statements. So far there had only been a deafening silence. We can just say that words are cheap but deeds are few.

We are all very familiar of the 'Lingam's tape case' and the royal commission. A week ago the Attorney General made the declaration that no further action need be taken on the case, no reason or explanation given. The Royal Commission came to nought. Some people are just above the law.

Not all in Pas are just beardies and weirdies, some have proven to be people of high integrity after having held public office for long. This is getting to be a rare commodity in Malaysia, esp in the gov of the day.  

Keadilan at the moment suffer from the rather low quality of their candidates in the last election. Not a surprise, being a new party. Wait and see the quality of their candidates in the next round. These will be honest upright people with high education out to serve and reform the landscape of the political scene. They cannot join Umno because they are crowded out by the riff-raffs which you mentioned that are in there.

We should respect people of high integrity from whatever party they are from. They are going to be the saviours of Agama, Bangsa dan Negara. Those that are going to undo us are the corrupt, dishonest and incompetent, also from whatever party they are from.

azam 64 A


  1. Pak,

    There are talks in our bro zorro's blog he's being hauled up with an appointment with the police this morning. We await outcome and are duely worried about him.

  2. FMZam - is that bro Zorro that is being called or Nik Azam?

  3. Nik Azam is correct about electing the competent politician. We must elect anybody regardless of their race, political affiliation, etc. This way we can ensure right people will do a good job.

  4. Sdr HH,
    I concur with Nik Azam that we should elect individuals who are honest, upright, imbued with high morals and ethical conduct to be our representatives irrespective of race, religion and political affiliation.
    A simple statement but hard to follow, not impossible. With ample resources at the disposal of mafia type poltical organisations , black can become white and white can be turned into black. And grey is what they dwell in most. Unless every voter realises how they have been duped for so long by deceit, propaganda and blatant lies and strive for change for the better, woe betide the country.

  5. Pak,

    It's zorro a.k.a bernard khoo. I suppossed he's there already now is 1000 hours our time.

  6. Agree to Disagree.

    Can we all accept this perspective. If we do, we shall not go wrong in us interecting with one another. Its normal to expect others to agree with our point of view or opinion. However so, it is only fair that what an individual choose to think or act upon shall be his or hers.

    The problems today are, when we do not agree, we forget that we have our opinions and they have theirs.

    What I sometimes even do, which i try to not do is getting unnecessarily upset with things that I cannot change. I can initiate change, and hang on to my ideals, but until or unless others agree with my point of view, what can I do.

    I definately will not go to war with them. I'll smile more.

    You go to MCKK ... well I am a proud Victorian. We are multiracial since the very beginning, except those years when we are known as SMK Victoria.

  7. Mr A. Alshukor,

    Agree to disagree.

    I don't disagree with you!

  8. FMZam - yes now I know - he is to meet the Commercial Crime people behind Bank Negara at 3pmMalaysian time - Harris is with him. We pray that all will be well.

  9. Yes Pak, Behind Bank Negara is where the Commercial Crime Dept is Bukit Aman lah tu.

  10. Not Bukit Aman, Bukit Perdana, soryy thousand apology! Aiyahh who cares man, so many bukits I pray one day all bukits where the police dwells will collapse, Amin!

  11. Not Bukit Aman, Bukit Perdana, soryy thousand apology! Aiyahh who cares man, so many bukits I pray one day all bukits where the police dwells will collapse, Amin!

  12. How true what Nik Azam said.

    Just curios, if all the big guns of UMNO, MIC, MCA were to loose in the election but win the majority of the Parliament, who's to become the PM.

    Anybody to take.

    If UMNO were to stcik to the core principles of "Aa" "Ba" "Ta", we would not have come to the mess we are in today, ie CORRUPT TO THE CORE.

  13. Hi none 4:18 pm

    Usually, in a parliamentary system, the leader of the winning party (or the leader of a particular party in a coalition of political parties) would be the PM.

    But if the leader of the winning party loses his/her seat, this person will not be acceptable as the PM. Another high-ranking leader in the party who won his/her seat will be the PM.

    (But this being Bolehland, losers can still remain unashamedly as
    "leaders" e.g. Samy Vellu and Koh Tsu Koon)

    To complicate things, sometimes, a "minority govt" can also form.
    Because the other side (opposition parties who collectively won more seats) just cannot agree to form the new govt.

    Phua Kai Lit

  14. Victorian,MCKK who cares. We got ourselves in a mess. Now, how do we get out of it is more important. Waiting for GE 13 just aggravates the damage. I suppose it all depends on the threshold of our limit of tolerance.

  15. It was an esthatic view, just after the GE12 was completed. I volunteered to be a polling clerk with the GE12. I was on leave and I thought, why not.
    Having delivered the polling boxes to the centre hall, after having counted in the school classroom, I saw the 1st vision, of a drooped face of this MIC agent, whose candidate lost after 5 straight victories.
    I approsched her and she said "My MIC Adun has done so much, for the people and they still did not respect him", I said somebody was going to win.
    After counting in the hall, and there it was announced that DAP had swept all the MP and Aduns seats.
    I saw the jubilance on peoples faces, who wanted CHANGE and the drooped faces of the loosers. As I was returning home, I saw a crowd of 50 over supporters chanting and enjoying their walk, along the road and chanting away slogans. I stopped by and asked one of them, whom I knew and he said "Samy Vellu has been thrown out of Sg. Siput, just like we threw the MIC candidate here and handing me a can of beer,,cheerrs".
    I am looking forward to that very wonderful day when Barisan Nasional CANDIDATES ARE THROWN OUT OF THE MAJOR CONSTITUENCIES. WITH A 2/3 MAJORITY HELD BY PAKATAN RAKYAT.

  16. Short and sweet article Dr Armit. Remember to post the same article again before GE13 to remind people of the corrupted regime and the sweet victor.

    Still remember in my home town up north people lighted up fireworks ... ya fireworks at 12am to celebrate collapse of the corrupt regime. In the morning all kuih-muih in the market fully sold, every men on the street, hawkers in the market all smiling and greeting each other in celebration mood irrespective of races or religions.

    Tats what we call Malaysia ... tanah air ku.

    Not 1Malaysia, 1Crony and bunch of crap lossers.


  17. Hi Beng 3:43 pm and Dr Amrit Sekhon

    Ironic, isn't it?

    The kleptocratic UMNO/BN regime is uniting the (fair-minded) people of Malaysia ---- in opposition to them and their corrupt regime!

    Remember that we are the majority.
    They are the minority! (my rough estimate is 20 % of the population i.e. the racists/fascists, corrupt,
    and their supporters and apologists)

    Phua Kai Lit

  18. Hi Beng and Phua,,

    As a memory, I will post this, wonderful feeling of GE12 victory, before GE13.
    I like Abang HH's formula "You are 1, with me we are 2". Looks like, I thought I was 1 but with you 2 with me, we are now 3 and many more who are reading this, CHEERS..