Thursday 5 November 2009

the end is near!

Gone are the days when the President of UMNO can pick up the phone and ask one of his “orang kita’ to come up with RM1 Million to finance the Formula 1 Power Boat racing! In return this “orang kita” gets a negotiated tender worth billions of ringgit. Najib can no longer just give his cronies any privatisation project he wants without at least making sure that he covers his tracks  - so that when it later fails he will have his excuses already in place. No more can Rosmah simply dictates to the Generals and the KSU in Mindef who should get what! She still does but in a more discreet manner. A few years back Najib could have appointed JJ without anybody saying anything – except some politicians in Parliament from the opposition – and these too would have been heard only within Parliament and no where else. Now when that happens we all know. Things are begging to change.

Yes they are more careful in what they do now because times have change. Can you imagine what news would have been out in cyberspace if this Najib had carried on the way he did when he was Menteri Besar of Pahang? JJ only got to first base with his raba raba activities but it was already news all over cyber space. With Isa in Bagan Pinang Najib was really was under pressure to not chose Isa – but being the gutless leader that he is – eventually he reasoned that the ends justifies the means. But he did have to explain himself why he made that decision.

Why do you think he appointed Mahathir’s son to the cabinet? I can tell you this. If Mahathir wanted his son to be a Minister – his son would have been Minister. Najib will do Mahathir’s bidding. Mahathir had no control over Pak Lah because Pak Lah himself was clean – not so Najib. We wait for what else Mahathir will ask of Najib. Proton for sale? No if Mahathir says “NO” ..this Najib will say “NO”. 

All this is happening because we the people are beginning to make our voices, our thoughts and our demands heard. We must continue to do this. Every time they do something we do not like – TELL THEM. Do not lie down and take anything they throw at us. Get up and throw back whatever they throw at us. Enough . Enough. Enough.

See what is happening with PKFZ. Slowly…ever so slowly this sordid mess is being unravelled …because the people demand the truth. WE WANT THE TRUTH ABOUT PKFZ! And the more we shout the more they understand that they cannot continue to sit on the whole mess and hope that it will go away! Tell this Najib that we do not want ANY public money to be spent on the Malaysia F1 Tem – and do not call it the “MALAYSIA” team – call it Air Asia or any other damm names – because at least when it fails, it is not MALAYSIA that fails again!

Keep shouting our demand for our government to change for the better. Keep yelling if we have too. Only when they listen and they hear will they start the process of understanding that we mean what we say – and we will not go away until they do as we ask!

As for MCA and MIC…Jangan ganggu musuh anda ketika mereka melalakukan kesilapan! 


  1. Yes, good idea, keep telling the Barisan Najis what we demand of them. I have done that by asking Tony Pua, my MP to help us. Please make another post to ask your readers to tell their MP and ADUNs

  2. It's not easy to change a culture.

    It has been in the BN culture that one phone call or letter of recommendation will ensure things are on your side. Never mind the bank collapse, the bridge collapse, currency collapse, and many more collapse. It's always the act of God and no human at fault.

    Only few can see the tsunami is coming to hit our shore. That's because Petronas still stand. So, many are having a jolly good times with the handouts.

    How many would realize. How difficult to catch up if one fumbles in athletics. So does our in our economy.

  3. How right you are. The trouble with the the shit the country is precisely due to out high tolerance to abuses by the government. So blatant that they even spit out face and get away with it. Look at how the Toyol flaunt his wealth and how he and his family abuse money meant for charity for themselves. How gross can one get? That's why I say thank God for Pakatan. Without the opposition and bloggers piling on the pressure, things will never change. The era of Mahathirism is gone and good riddance too. If Najib think he can do what Mahathir did, he's very much mistaken. Slowly but surely, we the rakyat will rise and re-empower ourselves. And just in time to save the nation from bankruptcy I hope.

    Tua kampung

  4. Pak Lah was not clean at all. In fact, he cleaned up a lot of funds for his family, his cronies and himself. It was Allah' will that his rule lasted for a short while, before he inflicted much further damage to our country.

    sri hartamas