Thursday 12 November 2009

Utusan Art Harun


Utusan Malaysia is the stupidest newspaper in the world – the proof By Art Harun

I laughed my head off. The mee rebus which I had for lunch is now threatening to make its way upward and later, outward.
Many Malaysians have given up with the mainstream media. That is because their so called responsible journalism entails nothing more than the act of extreme spinning of facts and events to suit their political masters or their own not-so-hidden agenda.
I have ceased reading the local newspapers for a long long time. I have for example, berated against the NST for their treatment of the Bersih rally some time ago.
Despite all the lies, untruth and skewed reporting that these newspapers have been carrying all these while, the Prime Minister recently saw it fit tohail Utusan Malaysia for, among others, “being the voice of the people“.
Well, I now have proof that Utusan Malaysia is nothing more than a loyal servant of their political masters. I now have proof that Utusan Malaysia will not stop at almost anything in order to protect its political masters. For whatever is deemed necessary to protect its political masters, Utusan Malaysia would stoop as low as physic permits to do and execute. And that includes misrepresentations and even downright lying. It will even doctor photographs!
The thing is this. They are not even good at doing it!! To lie and misrepresent an event is something. But to do it in a really stupid way is another thing altogether. Do Utusan Malaysia think that all of us, Malaysians, are as stupid as themselves?
We are in a globalisation era. We are in the cyber era. We are not in the 60s or 70s anymore. Nowadays, stupidity is easily exposed.
What am I ranting and raving about? Well, I received an e mail from a friend of mine just now. It contained a picture of an event which took place on 9.11.2009. The same picture was published by many local newspapers while reporting the same event.
As the story goes, a man in his 70s was arrested for allegedly killing his wife. The following picture was published by Berita Harian:
Berita Harian
This was in the Star:
the star2
And this was in Harian Metro:
Harian Metro
Notice the blue umbrella? That umbrella has the Barisan Nasional emblem on it. Quite obviously, that umbrella was distributed by the Barisan Nasional during some kind of election as it has the “vote-BN” emblem on it.
Utusan Malaysia, thinking that the stupid masses of Malaysia might equate Barisan Nasional to a person arrested for an alleged murder because of that blue umbrella, quickly exercised its responsible journalistic discretion by DOCTORING the same photograph and published the same in its report as follows:
This is my proof that Utusan Malaysia is the stupidest newspaper in the whole world!


  1. Salam HH,

    Never read this paper at all, just hate the sight of it. This picture is nothing compared to what they wrote in their filthy paper about DSAI's sodomy case way back the last millennium. In any case, however good photo editing is employed, you always remain a LIAR period!

  2. Dear Encik HH

    "Utusan Malaysia" should be renamed

    "Pravda Malaysia"

    (pravda = Russian for "truth")

    Truly the voice of the people,
    the UMNO people.

    Phua Kai Lit