Tuesday 24 November 2009

PDRM Allows Mob Justice -with thanks to Cranky Ramblings


PDRM Allows Mob Justice

For those who do not know PDRM is the acronym for Polis Diraja Malaysia, and if you still do not know it is the Malaysian police force. I think this video explains itself, nothing less than a sickening act of violence against a couple of robbers right under the noses of the police who allow it all to happen. What a fantastic police force we have. How are we suppose to feel safe when we have these kind of police working for us?

Enjoy and I hope you're not watching and having a meal at the same time.


  1. at this rate, anarchy matter of time we be screwed...blame nobody ..we allow it we voted this government

  2. Wow!! I didn't think the system could deteriorate so badly. What is in the culture / educational system / belief systems of these people that make them think it is OK to do that?

    Don't they realize that they could be on the receiving end some day (rightly or wrongly) and the System won't be there to protect them. B'cos they've just killed the System of check and balance, and the system of structured justice (as opposed to a kangaroo court & mob lynching).

    The system is seriously broken. And behind this broken system are the leaders, not just the PM and his cronies but everyone down to the Inspector General of Police and the Inspector on the scene.

    When they find a tumour and it's malignant (i.e. this uncivilized form of justice), then they know the body i.e. the System, is sick. The question is - how far has it spread?

    Will it be radical surgery, or just antibiotics?

  3. as much as i wanna be with the "other" side...but that doesnt really look like a "mob" ? is it ? it could probably be an SB guy (the indian) and the one with hammer looks like a tonto with that walkie-talkie on his belt ?