Sunday 1 November 2009

cakap cakap...the Goons are here !

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Sun, 1 November, 2009 9:49:59 AM
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To:Hussein Hamid 
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Hi Friends ...Just sharing this with you. This is one of the ways these goons are trying to give me a hard time They send me the above e mail and when I go to open the email my virus filter will tell me "Virus Detected" - been happening almost everyday now!

Also have not been getting some emails send to me and e mails sent by me have not been received by some of our friends. So bear with me if if seems that I am ignoring your emails. 



  1. Bro

    Have problem accessing for past few days unlike earlier on when can get in very fast. Now it take ages and to overcome the slack I normally jump Zorro's sidebar link.

    Kena sabo lagi kah?

    Golden Boy

  2. Confirmed! I too having same prob as you Anthonymus I guess others too, thinking it's the normal heavy traffic glitch, but been too long on-going.

    And Pak, be careful with that Peter, don't trust him too.

  3. FMZam...I will be password is staying in my head..and will need to keep changing it to stay least i am making them work even on a Sunday!! Hoooray !!

  4. tahniah when u getting famous !

  5. No wonder !!! I've accidentally posted three same comments at one time due to slow response. Anyway, I've deleted the duplicate posts. I thought it was my streamyx. It was on your side too.

    Kah, kah, kah ... you getting famous as day goes by.