Sunday 15 November 2009

Pakatan Rakyat we are with you...but....

a brand new day nears
How would a Pakatan Rakyat government confront the grotesque and depressing reality of bringing to book massive corruption, hidden outright manipulation in the use and abuse of power by the Barisan Government? Are we going to be treated to the spectacle of past Prime Ministers and Cabinet Ministers shuffling through the court to be poked and exhibited for all to see as the judiciary deliberates on their fate?  How many Tuns would be indicted? Off the cuff I would say at least four! Menteri Besar? Each and everyone of them! Then there are IGP’s, Generals, KSU’s, AG’s…it would be a sad parade of who is who in Malaysia – only this time there will be no bravado, no arrogance no spring in their walk as they walk handcuffed into the courts.

For those who are out of the country there will be hunted down to any corners of the Earth. All the money they have plundered from this country shall be made to pay back – if not them, their children and then their children’s children. It will be a traumatic episode in the history of our Nation but an episode we need to have so that no other Malaysian will be tempted to do to their own country what UMNO has done! No more. No more. No more.

Now what of Pakatan Rakyat today? If you do not know it yet then let me tell you what I think I know. I am not PKR, not DAP not PAS. Not even a Bumiputra, a Chinese, an Indian or Others. I am a Malaysian and I will speak as a Malaysian.

If you do not know it yet let me tell you that UMNO is no longer in denial. UMNO understands that to win the next general elections they must change. They have started the process. They did away with Pak Lah. Brought back Mahathir. While Najib is still struggling to establish a credible link with the people of Malaysia on the practical side he has already started implementing policies that will benefit Malaysia. Yes he still is grappling with the remnants of the old UMNO but he compromises only when he musts – as in Bagan Pinang.

He still makes stupid mistakes – as in the F1 Team Malaysia but it is not a fatal mistake that will kill him. He can manage it to his advantage in the time to come. Can you imagine what a podium finish for Team Malaysia will do to his image amongst the ‘mudah lupa’ Malaysians – if it ever happens? He can also act Presidential by killing the whole Team Malaysia idea later on and save Malaysia a great deal of money. By then the people will already forget that he was the one who agreed to the whole thing in the first place. This will gives us an idea of the problems Pakatan Rakyat will face in going against an incumbent Prime Minister.

Now back to Pakatan Rakyat. You have a lot of old warriors and heroes out there but we are still waiting for someone from amongst you that will lead not only Pakatan Rakyat but also more important Malaysia into the next decade.

Some non –negotiable qualities required of this leader.
·     Integrity
·     Credibility
·     Accountability
·     Trustworthy
·     Courage

Absolutely no hint of any sexual impropriety or the whiff or corruption must be associated with this person. Race, religion or gender will not be of any importance in the final analysis. If you do not have someone of this calibre within your ranks now – then go find someone and prepare him or her for what is to come. The people of Malaysia will not accept anything less if they are to vote Pakatan Rakyat into office come the next general Elections.

This will do for now. Just a wake up call to Pakatan Rakyat and to tell you guys that I am with you all the way – but you got to do things right! 


  1. Despite TDM in his eighties and "retired", he is still a dominant force in Malaysian politics. But once his Maker decides his time is up, that's when another mini earthquake shall sweep Malaysia. UMNO warlords will intensify their in-fighting as the fallout amongst TDM's shenanigans dominate UMNO and the Malaysian landscape. I think PR will become stronger, much stronger as many of his silent detractors suddenly find extra testosterones to boost their vocal cords.


  2. Bang Hussein if only malaysia has more people like you .We can live peacefully and harmoniusly as malaysian.Bcos of the divide and rule policy used by the dirty and moronic government for the past 30 years we are heading for doom.If every one start talking and thinking as malaysian rather than as malay, chinese,indian and others, we will prosper .Our leaders are really so moronic and imbecile hypocrites thinking we malaysians as stupid and dumb.So fellow malaysian must rise and unite to vote these parasites blood suckers out.Well Malaysia will be a better place to live in when every malaysian start respecting each other rather than feeling suspicious on one another.Its easy said than done but if we try hard the good day will come soon.

  3. I believe even Pakatan rule after GE13, there will still be another tough fight for the rakyat. The govt machineries are a failed institution. Will take 5 to 10 years to liberate the country from corruption and another 5 to 10 years (if we are lucky) to have an efficient govt institution. So, my bet is, I will not see the prospect of us taking action against those BN corrupts untill the day they die. Tough luck. We will need a huge revamp on especially the PDRM, MACC and Judicial. And nevertheless, we wouldn't know how many 'Kataks', Hew Cacat Yit Fong, Zul Nordins, Hassan Alis, Badruls, Khir Toyols, Semi Vellus, Mahakutty wannabes will Pakatan put as candidates next time around. Ahhh.... so bloody sick of all these politicians. Hope the lightning strikes and killed them off at one go. Whats the odd?

  4. What matters most is not a perfect Pakatan Government, what is paramount to us all is to dethrone this regime of UMNO led government first and foremost and then we let Pakatan rules till we rid this country from all shadows of UMNO. And we shall let Pakatan unite all citizen of this country as a single and equal race called Malaysian.

    We shall not be worried with the change of government as other civilized countries has shown us their ways of government change, unless UMNO behaves like a deposed African dictator, we shall not let UMNO behave like one for Malaysia is a civilized country too.

    If ever we want to change this country, first we must change this government. We must be brave, be very brave, to change to Pakatan. Remember, we have learned for more than 50 years that there will be NO CHANGE UNTIL WE CHANGE UMNO WITH A NEW GOVERNMENT. Don't waste the opportunity to change, do it in the GE 13 and make GE 13 the unlucky 13 for UMNO.

  5. I agree with FMZam that no matter what we have to fully support PR to pack UMNO/BN off to take over the govt. PR is on the right track and platform for a paradigm shift, that is.. to forge ahead the united formidable coalition front to realise this. Some internal coalition set backs in the running of PR states is quite normal (likewise to disputes among siblings in family) and should not be taken as the dividing confrontations or blockages that could weaken the PR political force as the Malay saying.. Bersatu Kita Teguh, Bercerai Kita Roboh. Besides, the evil UMNO/BN govt is attacking incessantly to bring down the PR governing states with all their doggy machinery and agents (PDRM, MACC, MCMC, MSM & Judiciary) by destabilizing the political climate in all the PR states. We have seen the wind of change had swept many countries and it is time that it has to come to Malaysia. I pray that all PR supporters do not give up hope of seeing this change that one fine day will come to pass. We must always remind ourselves that 'When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going' a song presented by Billy Ocean.