Sunday 22 November 2009

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A good and comprehensive article, outlining the weaknesses and complacency of our arrogant govt in facing the imminent economy danger that's soon to befall the nation. The UMNO stooges are still in a comfy dreamland presuming that the nation is safe in their control, everything they do are perfectly right, all things are in good shape and on the right track to economy bloom. We can't blame these political skunks for they possess the screwed-up mentality either by genealogical inheritance or by infection through the dictatorial bigtime father of corruption. Therefore, all that we often hear from these UMNO bigots are:

  • Saya pantang dicabar.
  • Jangan main api.
  • Jangan uji kesabaran kami.
  • Kami mempertahankan ketuanan bumi.
  • Perjuangan untuk bangsa,negara dan agama.
  • Jangan mempertikaikan polisi kerajaan.
  • Rakyat harus menghargai bantuan kerajaan etc.

Do they know who their real enemies are? Do they realise that the actual enemies are among and within themselves? For all we know, these UMNO goons worry not for the nation, care not for the rakyat but only themselves. Whatever happens to the country is not important as long as it does not affect them, obstructing them any way in plundering the wealth of the nation. The natural resources the country possesses are the fortunate strength that keeps it afloat. It is quite obvious to us that 'ignorance' is very much alive in the govt. As the author says, if the govt do not recognize the Malaysian Resource Curse and do not have the political will to address it, the country will be heading for economic and political disaster.


  1. So damning that this government is one government who keeps harping that the people must "menghargai bantuan kerajaan" forgetting that it is the people who always the one that elect a government, forgetting that the government is the one that serves the people, why? all because this government has been too long in power to appreciate the people and now demand that it is the people that must respect the government even when this government is wrong, forgetting that they are supposed to be the servant of the people.

  2. FMZam
    Welcome back! Do miss your comments and frank views, these last few days. Kurang 'kick' la....
    Anyway, hope yr 'virus problem' was just a 'coincidence' and not that you've been 'targeted'.

  3. gomen actually plans how to finish our hard-earned bloodied money, damn !